New Twitter tools take social media customer service to another level

Rob Attrell

February 19, 2016 11:30am

Twitter is quickly becoming an important service platform for major brands, with some companies stating that almost 80 percent of their customer service-related interactions stem from Twitter. This style of service results in more cost effective support when compared to a phone line, and studies show it also leads to increased overall customer satisfaction.

Twitter is rolling out tools designed to help businesses and customers connect more effectively through direct messages.

The first tool is a deep-linked contextual popup that businesses can use to send customers directly to a DM conversation with a single tap. This makes following up with customers a significantly simpler process, especially for users unfamiliar with Twitter’s intricacies.

The second tool allows businesses to solicit feedback following customer service interactions on Twitter, through established tools like the Net Promoter ScoreSM and Customer Satisfaction ratings. When a business turns on this feature, customers in a DM conversation will be able to leave anonymous feedback to businesses regarding their service experience, as well as rate the interaction.

These features have started rolling out with the direct DM link feature available now. Twitter’s customer feedback service will reportedly make its way to major brand accounts over the course of the next few days.