LG G5 packaging leak shows modular port, removable battery

Patrick O'Rourke

February 19, 2016 10:30am

With the LG G5’s February 21st Mobile World Congress reveal only a few days away, leaks about the device are trickling onto the internet at a fast pace.

The latest leaked picture, which shows off the G5’s retail packaging from a new angle, seems to confirm the smartphone will feature a modular base, as well as a removable battery. Images posted earlier this week to a Dubai gray market reselling site gave observers their best look at the G5 so far, but unfortunately didn’t give us a glimpse of this modular port.

The image above, posted by French mobile website NWE, shows off what looks like the G5’s retail packaging, giving a clear look at the phone’s modular base. It’s rumoured the G5’s detachable bottom edge will be used for more than just swapping batteries. Speculation indicates the company could be planning to release a physical camera control accessory that slides into the port, giving the G5 controls that more closely resemble what is present on a traditional point-and-shoot camera.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, the G5 is expected to feature a smaller screen than the G4’s 5.5-inch display, possibly measuring in at 5.3 or 5.4-inches, and adopting a 2560 x 1440 pixel (QHD) resolution. The smartphone’s rear camera is rumoured to be somewhere between 13 and 15 megapixels, with a front-facing 5 megapixel snapper at the front. Other rumours indicate the G5 will adopt an all-metal build, USB Type-C, Android Marshmallow and a fingerprint sensor on its rear.

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  • Jason

    Can’t tell overall design yet, but definitely a creative approach. Nice work!

  • Crossed

    Now THIS is innovation.

    Perfect or not, gets the job done for a removable battery.

    • Brad Fortin

      Technically this is just invention.

    • Crossed

      technically, you are correct.

    • Brad Fortin

      The best kind of correct.

    • mobilesugar

      You guys should get a room, there is way too much sexual tension here!

    • thomas nguyen

      that’s the best kind of tension

    • mobilesugar

      Technically, yes!

    • Jaycap4

      Wait until you try it, feels like you’re loading a gun. Beautiful.

  • Orage42

    Can’t wait to see what the camera add-ons might look like.

  • Eric M.

    Very interesting design I must say, I own the LG G4 and I love it!
    Can’t wait for the announcement!

  • TP

    While it is an innovative idea and looks very interesting, I am not sure how it will succeed. Basically, these modular accessories (e.g. modular battery part) will be much more expensive than just a spare battery. Unless successors of G5 keep the same modular form factor, all these modular accessories will be obsolete after one generation..which is 1-2 years. Would regular non-techsavvy customers be willing to spend significant money for some extra accessories? I am pretty sure most will end up just buying phone case, and mayyyyybe screen protector.
    A lot of us want removable battery and microSD slot, but in real life I’ve never seen (not just your friend, but your parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, classmates or colleagues) anyone who actually buy an extra battery or really care about micro SD card slot. I am very doubtful they will spend even more money to buy something extra, while the phone will just work out of box.

    Talking about modular design, HTC had Legend a few years ago, did it succeed? I don’t think so.

    • Eric M.

      Very interesting point of view TP, by the look of the image it seems that the battery connects to the modular part which means you would only have to replace the bottom part.
      As for accessories for it, depending what they are might be more for a niche clientele but I don’t see why it would be a problem for customers who just want the phone and nothing else.
      In my point of view LG is trying to have a more versatile device and add capabilities to it. It is far more than any other manufacturers has shown us so far.

    • TP

      Double-checking the photo, you are correct, it seems the bottom is just a picture on the package.
      Having said that, I don’t know how this is more beneficial than just simple back cover, and how LG can build an ecosystem out of it. ‘Modular’ accessories for one single flagship phone that is not even big market share like Samsung or Apple….very doubtful on the success.

    • thomas nguyen

      This just might be LG’s way of having a secure cover over the original “removable” back cover design. hoping that the modular battery has different capacity to make this a good invention.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Whether it succeeds or not, or was the first or not..it remains interesting in a segment where the rate of innovation is slowing. And true about the removable battery and microsd not being for the masses…but if you can put it in, then it keeps everyone happy. This is part of why I like the G4.

  • Ali F.

    it is now 2018. Apple shows its iPhone 8s … for the first time ever, a new invention … MODULAR BASE … Millions of consumers stack outside Apple stores and buy the device. The next day, they start teasing others how their iPhone is always ahead. It works all time, after all that is what counts.

    • Brad Fortin


    • thomas nguyen

      Tim Cook: “We have reinvented the phone, made it amazing…. better… faster… bigger… Now here we are again showing you something forward thinking, not just evolutionary… no, this is REVOLUTIONARY…. We give you iChange, a way to easily replace your current internal battery with a higher capacity battery, or a way to make the battery smaller. We designed each iChange module in the state of the art testing facility to ensure that all the modules that goes in your phone will maintain the perfect weight ratio from top to bottom, so that you can continue to use your phone in comfort. I want to show you how easy this is, a simple removal of our slim machined bezel lower cover and slide out the current battery, replace it with a new battery designed especially for the iChange system and your phone will feel like it got new life! Every purchase of the iChange module will also include a case which will come in a variety of colors to help you organize, and exhibit your modules in an easy and creative way… iChange everybody”

  • southerndinner

    No retailers in Canada are going to take the chance on carrying these modules, hopefully they have some way to sell these online. Looks interesting, hopefully there are several more modules available near launch.

  • Mo Dabbas

    While it looks like a promising idea, I’m really concerned about the durability of the connectors. Is this gonna be the type of thing that breaks (and makes the phone semi useless) if the phone falls? How durable the attachment of that base is?

    • thomas nguyen

      I have the external hard drive enclosures for all my 3.5″ hard drive. the connectors are plastic and on an end that connects to a 2 pound hard drive. I had one for 5 years now (without the hard shell enclosure, I just use the connectors in the open) and no issues yet. Unless you are very bad with technology, I don’t think the durability of the connectors are really that concerning IMO

  • thomas nguyen

    If the modular battery you can buy has a higher capacity, this might be the next “big thing” in terms of flagship. If it was used to just have replacement battery, I don’t know if it will have that much of an impact on sales.