Reminder: BBM Meetings shuts down today

Igor Bonifacic

February 10, 2016 2:33pm

Today, BlackBerry officially shutters its BBM Meetings app.

BlackBerry has removed the app from the various app marketplaces it was available on, including BlackBerry World, iTunes App Store, and the Google Play Store. The company is also recommending anyone still using the app to remove it from their device, and uninstall the previously available BBM Meetings Microsoft Outlook plugin (instructions how to do so can be found on the BlackBerry support website).

Announced back in late 2014, BBM Meetings launched with a $13.75 CAD per month price tag, and allowed users to schedule and host conference calls that involved as many as 25 different participants on a variety of different devices. BlackBerry announced it was shutting down the service back in December.

BlackBerry has yet to state its reason for shuttering the service, though it’s likely the platform did not generate enough revenue to justify continued development and support.

  • rick

    This is good and bad. Focus is key for BB. If this wasn’t making money then time to kill it.

  • St. Misery

    Can’t even remember the last time BB had a win to report on.


    This is terrible news.

    • Whaaa Whaaaa Flagging Cowards

      Awwwwww…. trolling a BBRY article. You’re so fuqqing pathetic