HTC One M10 to debut at April event, might have a new name

Rob Attrell

February 10, 2016 7:45pm

In the early days of Android, HTC was one of the premiere mobile device manufacturers.

In the intervening years, the company has struggled to keep up with the increasing pace of development, and as such has been hemorrhaging money in recent quarters. Still, so far HTC hasn’t given up, and is preparing to release a new flagship this year.

So far, we’ve heard bits and pieces about the new phone coming from HTC this year, including the possibility of a better camera and leaked images of the new device. Today, a report has come out that says the new smartphone from HTC will likely be introduced at a launch event on April 11th, and not at Mobile World Congress later this month.

In addition to this launch delay, the report also claims the new device will not be called the One M10 as previously thought, but will come with a new name that still includes the “One” branding. Other than this new date in April, and the fact that the launch event would reportedly be held in London, not much else is known about the timeframe for the HTC event, but the company needs to bring something different to the table if it’s going to change its fortunes.

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  • Techguru86

    Now will the canadian carriers carry HTC or not is the big question

    • neo905

      Telus recently stopped carrying them. Maybe it is because HTC is going to follow the A9 route and sell it online unlocked and be able to update the device quicker and more efficiently without the carrier bottleneck. The carriers don’t want to support that. They only really support Google Nexus devices that do that.

    • Tuan Bui

      Would be amazing here in Canada, since no one else does that. But no support from the carriers is bad, main consumers sometimes just go into the stores and pick it up through contract because they don’t know any better.

  • Mo Dabbas

    HTC Last One!!!!

    • Crossed

      hahaha love htc but that is funny.

  • Crossed

    Please HTC make something great. Your phones and software are second to none in terms of durability and ease of use. You always make one glaring mistake though… year after year.

  • Garrett Cooper

    I’ve always been a fan of HTC. But camera quality is something that is high up on a lot of buyers’ list, and every iteration of the One M_ has gotten worse in that regard. I hope they put out an amazing device and it sells, but they REALLY have to fix/improve camera performance.