How to add multiple accounts to Instagram

Ian Hardy

February 9, 2016 12:47pm

The latest version of Instagram for iOS and Android adds a long awaited feature to the photo and video sharing service. Account switching, which gives users the ability to operate multiple Instagram accounts without logging out to switch between them, is now available to all users.

Instagram has over 400 million users whom share an average of 80 million photos per day. In making it easier to post photos from multiple accounts, Instagram likely hopes to make its most prolific users even more engaged with its app.

multiple accounts on Instagram1

Here’s how to add multiple Instagram accounts to your iOS or Android device:

1. Ensure that you are running version 7.15 of the app.

2. Tap on the profile icon, then tap on the options icon — on iOS, the latter button is represented by a gear, whereas on Android the three dots leads to the app’s settings menu.

3. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Options screen to Add Account.

4. A new Instagram login screen will appear for you to enter your username and password of the new account you’d like to add. Then press login.

5. To switch between accounts, tap the profile icon and a drop down menu will appear with the list of available accounts. This screen also gives you quick access to add another account.

multiple accounts on Instagram

6. Once you received likes on a specific post, notifications will come with the account in brackets and the followers name — such as [mobilesyrup]: Ian Hardy liked your photo.

Instagram is available on both iOS and Android.

  • gommer strike

    1) Uninstalled, and then reinstalled Instagram fresh from the App store.
    2) Confirmed my version of Instagram is 7.15.
    3) Logged in with my primary account. No “Add Account” under options found.
    4) Logged out, and logged in with a secondary account. Once again “Add account” nowhere to be found.

    Sigh WTF’s going on? Oh I get it, Instagram’s rolling out this feature only in stages. Damn you news media.

    • Tye Hille

      Mine didn’t show up either even though I had 7.15 but then I closed the app and did a “Force Close” via the Application Manager in Settings and then tried again; the Add Account option then showed up for me. I’m on a Galaxy S6 Edge. Just adding my experience as it could help others.

    • That explains what happened with me on Android today. I saw I had 7.15 but I couldn’t find that “Add Account” option until a short while ago.

    • gommer strike

      Checked my wife’s Galaxy S5 and oh look – the “Add Account” is there for her. Her Instagram account was created far later than mine.

      Much gnashing of teeth here.

  • Tye Hille

    Finally! I have a lot of clients who run small businesses (with a business and personal Instagram account) who have been waiting a long time for this.