Could this leaked image be the Samsung Galaxy S7?

Patrick O'Rourke

February 8, 2016 11:38am

Update 02/08/16: Another image has surfaced, courtesy of Weibo, showing what could be the Galaxy S7 Edge with a curved display.


With the official reveal of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 just around the corner – the device is set to be announced on March 11 at Mobile World Congress – new leaks are beginning to trickle out at a brisk pace.

The picture seen above, sent to us by a reliable Vietnamese leaker, appears to show Samsung’s newest device. Similar to the 2015 Galaxy S6, the phone captured in this image features a rounded body construction, though it doesn’t include the S6’s trademark camera bump.

Interestingly, the lighting conditions in the picture make it look like the S7 is made from plastic, which would go against early rumours. However, the numerous smudges on the body of the phone could also indicate an exterior made from Gorilla Glass. Absent from this picture is a microSD slot — a feature that, according to multiple rumours, is set to return to the S7 after being absent from the S6 family — though the slot could simply be located on the other side of the device.

Other rumoured technical specifications include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor (or possibly Samsung’s latest Exynos SoC, a USB Type-C port and a body that is water resistant. Other rumours indicate that the S7 will feature a battery capable of 17 hours of video playback at full brightness.

While we’re not certain this is a picture of Samsung’s still not official Galaxy S7, given the similarity to renders that leaked earlier this week, courtesy of VentureBeat’s Evan Blass (@evleaks), there’s a good chance the leak is legitimate.

Let us know in the comments section what you think. Is this an image of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone?

Also worth noting is the half eaten Apple located in the bottom right corner of the image.

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  • Jaycap4

    The S7 is made of the same materials used in the S6, definitely not plastic.

  • Sean-Paul

    Take my money already. S7 Edge….can’t wait

  • Emil

    Beautiful ! Iphone user right here.

  • Mo Dabbas

    This back plastic does look cheap. Is this the final unit or a prototype??

    • thereasoner

      I’m pretty sure that it’s still glass. An earlier leak showed the glass being curved on all four sides now instead of just two sides like the Note 5 .

    • Mo Dabbas

      That would be a nice design. Kind of like the Note 5 but also on top and bottom.

  • Mo Dabbas

    Also, is that an apple!!! looks like a guava.

  • thereasoner

    I like that they went with a black grill over the ear speaker, much nicer than the current one!

  • Omar

    The phone does look kind of cheap. Maybe it’s the lighting? Because it looks more plasticy than glass. Or maybe it’s not at all.

    Also, there’s a leak of the Apples new product, the Apple iFruit Apple Edition. It looks and tastes like an apple, but it only has one nutrient, Vitamin A. They sell iVitamin adapters, er I mean supplements, for $100 each, to go along with it if you want more nutritional benefit from your iFruit Apple.