Tapp Smart Padlock passes Indiegogo funding goal in just three days

Rob Attrell

January 29, 2016 1:31pm

The Internet of Things is all about connecting devices to the internet as well as to one another.

As components like batteries, Bluetooth chips and integrated circuits become increasingly small and affordable, various new products that incorporate these electronics can be created. Outside of resource-rich large companies, one of the easiest ways to fund experimental concepts is via crowdfunding sites like KickStarter and Indiegogo.

This week, a new product called the Tapp Smart Padlock launched on  Indiegogo, developed by David Tao out of Toronto. TappLock features an integrated fingerprint sensor capable of storing up to 100 different prints, and can also be unlocked via mobile app over a Bluetooth connection. Access rights for individual fingerprints are controlled by the app as well, so users always know exactly who has permission to open the lock at any given time.

Interestingly, the lock features a rechargeable battery that reportedly lasts up to three years, yet the lock weighs no more than a standard combination padlock. Tapp Smart Padlock’s battery can also be used as a backup battery in an emergency, charging a typical smartphone up to 70 percent of its standard capacity. The lock also purports to be the fastest opening padlock in the world, requiring just 0.8 seconds to unlock via fingerprint authentication.

Tapp Smart Padlock’s Indiegogo campaign launched earlier this week. The company aims to ship the final product by November 2016. The company’s original goal was to raise $40,000 via its Kickstarter campaign, but Tapp has already surpassed this milestone in just three days.

  • Jeff Thibert

    It’s getting harder to justify these types of purchases with the US dollar exchange. *sigh*

  • fruvous

    How late will this one be. Noke still looks better and has more failsafes against dead batteries.

    • Ben Sanders

      I ordered a Noke lock 6 months ago and still havent got it. wack. also, fingerprint > bluetooth

    • fruvous

      Noke has a fob option. So what happens if the Tapp runs out of battery?

  • Deathdearth

    Looking at the picture, what’s the point of a 50$ padlock on a 50 cent chain. Weak

  • Frostz

    This company is entirely incompetent or its a scam. The sensor in that lock alone sells for 1/3 of the price of the lock(at volume), and metal casting and welding will make that lock very expensive. There definitely going to run into DFM issues and get delayed over a year before they run out of money and run. Also to add, WTF do they have a Fuji Camera battery in their lock. Those things self discharge fast (ever opened a low end Olympus camera, its the same battery). This is downright laughable.

    • Ben Sanders

      pretty sure they would use a different battery in the final product if they’re claiming three years. y u mad huh.