Here’s the best look yet at the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge

Rob Attrell

January 29, 2016 5:08pm

Evan Blass (of @evleaks fame) managed to get his hands on these new images (seen below) of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, which will reportedly be announced at Mobile World Congress in February.


The smartphone looks very similar to the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in terms of design. Blass also says that Samsung’s new smartphone is bringing back the microSD slot, will be water resistant, and reduces the camera sensor from 16 to 12 megapixels in order to make each pixel larger.

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  • St. Misery

    You must be kidding? People gave HTC a lot of flack for the A9, now this comes out? Too funny.

    • southerndinner

      Except the S6 is arguably the nicest looking phone and the A9 looks identical to an iPhone, this looks like an S6

    • josh

      Lol no, the iPhone looks identical to the M8 and the M9 is just an iteration up.

    • ShaBi

      Looks more like an S5 to me…. or is it S6…. whatever, they all look the same.

    • Longtin

      Because looks of a phone matter. The S6 got sued for copying the bottom of the iPhone. If the iPhone sells so well and customers love the feel and look of it, of course samsung and htc are going to do that same.

    • thereasoner

      Wtf did I just read? “The S6 got sued for copying the bottom of the iPhone”, Lmao! You’re funny !

    • Longtin

      Google it haha even mobile syrup covered this story. It was a patent lawsuit because the bottom of the S6 is identical to the iPhone 6. Samsung used the line “There’s only so many ways you can drill into metal.” Also I would agree HTC would want to follow suit and blend both of those high selling devices.

    • thereasoner

      That would have to be a very new lawsuit and nothing is coming up from Google search. Got a link? Or the title to the article you claim talks about it?

    • Longtin

      Search iPhone Samsung lawsuit 2015 , the verge covered it also.

    • thereasoner

      Still nothing about the bottom of the iPhone, just older cases being reduced answer Apple wanting interest etc.

      You’re imagining things.

    • southerndinner

      No it didn’t

  • monkeymo

    So when everyone said Samsung you need to look more premium, it didn’t mean just copy Apple, you already did that with the software once upon a time, do you want to to deliver more pennies to Apple’s HQ?

  • Sean-Paul

    Take my money lol

  • Mo Dabbas

    Maybe this will be the “Samsung Galaxy S6S” (try saying S6S 5 times really fast).

    But adding water resistance is nice IF they can keep that same slim design

    • Garrett Cooper

      I don’t see why they can’t. My Z5 is pretty sleek for being waterproof.

  • Mike R

    For anyone who is interested the LG-G4 Rogers/Fido devices will be updated to Marshmallow February 3rd 2016..To bad Samsung cant get it together sooner

    • josh

      Lol who honestly cares? Marshmallow doesn’t really bring a lot to the table.

    • southerndinner

      All 5 people who have a G4 that isn’t bootlooping on Rogers will be thrilled

    • thereasoner

      So far, Samsung has just rolled it out in Korea, other than those European betas that is. That said, you don’t buy Samsung for fast updates, that’s what the Nexus phones are for or Motorola if a short wait is all you can tolerate.

  • h2oflyer

    WOW… Waterproof with a micro SD slot. Definitely not copying Apple here. Sony’s been doing that for years. There must be something they can copy from HTC or LG.

    • southerndinner

      Except no one buys Sony phones

    • h2oflyer

      Only those that don’t follow the crowd and buy a waterproof phone with SD slot and good battery life

    • Garrett Cooper

      Yup, got my Z5 launch day. Love it. Just wish Bell offered the green one, it looks amazing.

    • josh

      Well, Samsung has done it for years, too. Up until the S6, they’ve always had SD cards and the Samsung Rugby line has always been waterproof. Even the S5 was water resistant.

    • h2oflyer

      The S5 was a waterproof disaster. The Rugby line is a low spec phone

    • josh

      The S5 was not, in any way, a waterproof disaster. It was water resistant, so it can’t handle pressure as well as something that is waterproof.

      I don’t think it matters if it’s a low end tier or not – it’s something that they’ve done. They’ve also made the S5 Active, which was waterproof and still looked fairly nice.

    • h2oflyer

      Water resistance and water proof are interchangeable marketing terms. What really counts is an IP (ingress protection) rating. Any phone maker can make a clunky waterproof phone.

      The S5’s waterproof failure was the flimsy removable plastic back secured with a serpentine o-ring, that allowed battery removal.

      It’s a bit more difficult building a slim waterproof flagship. Sony has proven the waterproof headphone jack and usb socket and that it’s possible to build a secure door/flap for Sim and SD cards.

      Let’s see what Samsung can do with waterproofness. It’s either copying Sony or pulling a water proof rabbit out of a hat.

    • josh

      Lol the IP rating is how this terminology is determined. If your device is only IP67, you can’t claim that it’s waterproof. You can only claim that your device is waterproof if it meets the IP68 tier, which is significant. The difference is how well the device can handle pressure. When people got their S5s, they were testing it by blasting it under a tap. IP67 isn’t meant to handle that. It’s meant to withstand being taken out in the rain/shower, maybe being lightly rinced off, or being dropped in a shallow pond.

      I think that anything they do will seem as though they’re “copying” Sony (which is a funny idea considering Sony has almost no marketshare).

    • h2oflyer

      You still don’t understand IP ratings. I suggest you google the different ratings. The water part covers depth, how long and direct water jets.

      Fresh water is usually used as a test medium. Different fluids could attack the sealing material or leave a residue. Salt water is not good for opening flaps/doors as salt crystals left behind will damage or foul the seal. Educate yourself on water resistant engineering principles.

      Having a very tiny market share has nothing to do with designing and building water resistant phones year after year.

      I buy my phones on how well they work for me, not on how popular they are.

    • josh

      Yup, went directly to the source. The only real difference between IP67 and IP68 is depth due to water pressure, which is what I said. Thanks for being condescending, though.

      The point that I was making was that Samsung already has the biggest marketshare by a landslide. There would be no reason for them to rip off the design of a competitor with very, very little.

    • h2oflyer

      I wasn’t being condensending, I was pointing out your misunderstanding of depth/time and water jet impact.Glad you looked it up.

      Market share says nobody was buying Sony phones for the waterproof feature because they didn’t give a crap.

      Interesting that Samsung now feels that is an important feature.They will offer whatever they think the market wants. The difficult part is delivering… my bet is a wet rabbit pulled out of the hat.

    • thereasoner

      Samsung always had water proof phones. Even the Active version of the Galaxy S6 is IP68 certified (submersible to 1.5 M of water for up to 30 min), same as the Sony Z5. The regular Galaxy S5 had a IP67 rating which the regular Galaxy S6 lacked. They are probably just returning to that for the S7 but even if they go to IP68 they would only be doing what they already have done before so no, NOT copying.

    • h2oflyer

      As I said before, anyone can build a clunky waterproof phone with an IP68 rating and butt ugly. Their attempt at a non ugly waterproof phone, the S5 was a disaster.

      The S6 Active is a stripped down flagship in an ugly armoured body.

      If the S7 is to be a slim flagship phone with fingerprint sensor, pressure equalization system, opening door/flap for Sim /SD, decent waterproof speakers and be IP67 or 68, they will follow Sony. Nothing wrong with that, if they can pull it off.

    • thereasoner

      Thats subjective . I haven’t seen the GS6 Active in person but a friend of mine did have the GS5 Active and it was a very nice phone. The thing about your Sony is that I’d still want to put a case on it making it thicker as well, not necessary for the Active series and they are a more rugged build overall .

      Don’t get me wrong, I love Sony phones but credit due here. The Samsung Active series phones are tougher builds, have better Amoled screens vs Sony old school LCD and they don’t require extra protection.

      Somehow I doubt that Samsung will drop the Active series because, as I said above, these phones go well beyond simple water proofing so to me it’s a given that the regular GS7 will stick with the lower IP67 rating. If they did bring the higher rating to the regular phone the it’s splitting hairs to call it copying imo, it’s not as if they don’t do water proofing on that level already.

    • h2oflyer

      We’re talking apples.and oranges here. The active series are rugged construction site, fishing boat phones. Different market.

      My original and subsequent posts state that the only history Samsung has with a waterproof flagship was the S5, and it didn’t matter what the IP rating was, the usb flap and the back didn’t work.

      If the S7 is going to have accessible SD and SIM cards and be water resistant to some standard, AND have a working pressure equalization system…. It’s been done already.

      Im looking forward to their original water resistant design for a flagship that works this time.

    • thereasoner

      The Active version of a flagship is still a flagship. Like I said, you’re splitting hairs.

    • h2oflyer

      OK…. The S6 Active minus fingerprint sensor and a bigger battery in an ugly body is a construction site flagship.

  • Brad Fortin

    Damn. By this point I was hoping a company other than Apple would have figured out that you’d get more brand loyalty by keeping the exact same design for more than 1 year so that people who can afford to upgrade regularly can keep the same cases and accessories. It’s not as profitable if you also sell first-party cases and accessories but customers love that stuff.

    • southerndinner

      Believe it or not I completely agree with you

    • thereasoner

      Why would people who can afford to spend a $1000 each year on a new phone give a hoot about a $20 case?

    • Mr Dog

      Because people are not spending $1000 on a $1000 phone. Most people pay anywhere between 100-400 for this phone on contract/loan/whatever carriers call it now.

    • thereasoner

      Yeah , but you still have to pay out the balance of the year old one AND pay for the down payment on the new one. Either way you’re a big spender who cares little about your case. If anything, people like that buy new cases all the time just to change the look of their phone from time to time or because they found one they like more.

  • Do Do

    Samsung has so jumped the shark. This is going to be another flop. Last decent phone they made was the note 4, minus the bloatware. Samsung needs to understand that their customers aren’t typically fanboys but rather customers looking for the best bang for their buck. Note 5 was a joke other than the camera and this looks to be another joke, s6 was no better. SD card isn’t enough of a reason to be impressed. They typically fail anyway. More built in memory would be far more impressive. Water resistant? pfff. I don’t typically hold my phone while standing over the toilet so that is never an issue with me. Next.

    • Laer

      I do a lot of things with my IP rated phone (Xperia). This includes washing it under the tap when dirty, conversations in the shower, and standing in potentialky gas rich atmosphere with it knowing the phone isn’t going to kill me.

      IP ratings are massively valuable. One of the best features of any phone or electronic device ever.

      Sorry to hear this is a negative for you.

    • FlamesFan89

      While I agree with your post, I thought I would point out that unless you are using your phone in some special, work related, gas-rich environment that you haven’t detailed, you needn’t worry about your phone killing you. In other words, if you are talking about using your cell phone at a gas station, stop worrying.

      While not always the most reliable source, Mythbusters did a pretty good job of showing how ridiculous it is to worry about a cell phone causing an explosion in a gas rich environment.

  • thereasoner

    Rumored upgrades include;
    A slightly thicker design with a larger battery, reportedly 17 hrs of video on full screen brightness.
    SD card and water proofing return
    Curved glass back on the standard size phone
    Improved low light pictures with a main camera that features a industry leading f/1.7 aperture, improved camera sensor and “Canon like DSLR auto focus”
    4 GB RAM
    USB type C with 30 min to full charge
    Improved sound with a ” high quality audiophile grade Stereo D / A converter ”
    Google colabritive effort in TouchWiz optimization
    Force touch screen with on screen keyboard implementation
    Stronger magnesium alloy build

    Other less likely rumors;
    4K screen for VR accessories
    Heat sink for heat dissipation
    64 GB starting point for storage
    Iris scanner

    The Galaxy S6 is already an excellent phone, any combination of these will make the S7 absolutely unbeatable!

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      It’s all of these pros that make the S7 that much more desirable in my opinion.. Especially trading my S6 in for a 6p it’s a possibility Samsung may snag me back for another half year or so.

      The G5 looks promising and I’m curious to see what HTC brings to the table.

    • thereasoner

      Yeah, I may sell my GS6, we shall see. I too like what I’ve seen from the G5, it’s a much nicer design on paper anyway.

    • Mo Dabbas

      wow. those specs are insane. If they hold true, especially the battery, camera, the time to full charge and the google collaborative touchwiz I think this would be a good update to what is already an excellent device. I tried the S6 and it is an excellent phone. This would fix a lot of the things I don’t like in it.

    • thereasoner

      Yeah, I agree. I have never bought a new phone from the same manufacturer twice in a row and I stopped buying a new flagship every year with my excellent HTC ONE M7 but the Galaxy S7 could make me do both if it’s as good as rumors suggest.

      That said, I do love my GS6 and the Gear VR that I recently purchased to go along with it so it will have to be really good to get me to sell those.

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  • systemupdate

    This is a great looking device. Too bad I am gonna stick to my 6P. Sami makes great phones with great cameras but until they figure out their update schedule for Android I am not buying Sami again.
    Give us pure Android Sami and intall your apps through the Play Store so we have a choice on what we want and we do not want. Also that would make updating so much faster.

    • thereasoner

      It doesn’t work that way. Many of Samsungs features are hardware related (IR blaster, fast launch camera, Samsung Pay etc) heck, even the finger print scanner that came before Google put one on Android .Other features require integration on the OS side of the partition to work seamlessly and those features that do work as an app are presented as such and can be deleted or disabled and hidden.

      All Android OEMs aren’t ever going to make nothing but Nexus devices, it’s a pipe dream and that’s the only way to ensure fast updates. They won’t for obvious reasons like competition through differentiation and because they are always trying to add useful features to Android that Google hasn’t yet or their competitors lack, especially Samsung , many of which just won’t work as an app.

      The best that fast update lovers can do is stick to Nexus devices or to near stock like Motorola if waiting for a short time is tolerable but even then carriers can still choose to hold back updates so Nexus is your best bet. Other than that, push Android OEMs to make Nexus like GPE versions of their popular devices but they will be dumbed down and lacking in features that apps in the Play Store alone won’t fix.

    • systemupdate

      That was a well written and to the point argument. Thank you. I agree with you and I see how it makes sense.
      I guess that is why Samsung takes so long to update. But I think they still need to figure out a way to release timely updates. I do not have the answer but I think it is important for their customers.

    • thereasoner

      They could certainly do it faster, they have the resources to dedicate and other OEMs have managed to do it faster as Samsung is one of the slower ones. That said, even if Samsung picked up the pace carriers could still slow things down that’s why Nexus devices will always be the best bet for fast updates.

      Maybe if the Nexus branded phones get even more popular, like the Nexus 6p reportedly is, then OEMs will take notice and start making more Nexus like GPE versions of their popular phones.

    • systemupdate

      I do not understand why they let the carriers tamper with the devices and the OS. Why not just release their own OS directly and not let them ruin it.
      Samsung certainly has a lot of phones and I personally think they should limit the number. They just release some devices and after one update or two they forget they exist.
      I don’t get why they have so many many devices. I guess they want to sell as much as they can.
      Thank you for the reply. It is a pleasure reading your opinion and response.

    • thereasoner

      They are working on their own Tizen OS but it’s a long way from replacing Android and/or duplicating Google services.

      Many of Samsungs phones are region dependent. I was in the Philippines this past summer and Samsung is very popular there but I saw models of Samsung phones we don’t get here. That and of course Samsung likes to fill all the voids in its attempt to make a phone that suits everyones wants/needs and price point . They have the resources to do so and perhaps they feel that they wouldn’t be the #1 manufacturer of smartphones in the world without this strategy.

      As far as updates and Android goes, you really need to buy flagship quality devices from established Android OEMs to get them for a couple of years. Some quality midrange devices get decent support but it becomes a crap shoot the cheaper the device gets.

      Good talk, thanks for the chat.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Either way, for those that might find this new offering enticing, I will suggest they way for the unavoidable S7+ and S7edge+

  • Garrett Cooper

    Wait, so we’ve finally reached the point were OEM’s are reducing pixel count because pixel count isn’t the end all be all of image quality? But how will all the mega-pixel touting mouth breathers explain this one?

    It looks just like an S6 to me. Not that that’s bad, it’s a great looking phone. I’m just done with Samsung as I’ve had a faulty S2 and S4. Nice to see they’re bringing back the card slot and waterproofing though, both things people want. If they give it a good sized battery, it would actually make me slightly interested.