Withings’ Year in Review breaks down your health outcomes from 2015

Rob Attrell

January 28, 2016 6:45pm

Health is one of the most important priorities when it comes to making positive lifestyle changes, but it can be very difficult to measure the actual impact of a set of health-related choices.

Withings makes a variety of products that measure and track users health information, like sleep, weight and activity, all in order to improve overall well-being.

As part of Withings’ year in review, the company has compiled various statistics about its users, and prepared a breakdown of each statistic as measured by the company’s products. For instance, users who track their step counts with the Withings HealthMate app, or on one of the company’s Activité smart watches, averaged 5850 steps per day in 2015.

Withings also found that customers who purchased the company’s connected scales and sleep systems weighed themselves an average of 10 times per month, and slept about 7.75 hours a night, respectively.

When viewing your personalized report, you’ll be able to see your personal bests for step counts, low weigh-ins, and details related to sleep habits. Of course, the company encourages users to acquire their products when you don’t have measured data in a given section, but if you’re trying to keep track of your health, the Withings’ line of devices certainly has you covered.