Apple announces voluntary recall of select AC wall plugs

Patrick O'Rourke

January 28, 2016 5:27pm

Just days after issuing a recall on specific Surface product power cards, Apple is following suit with its own AC power adapter recall.

However, it looks like U.S. and Canadian Mac users have nothing to worry about. The recall only involves two-pronged wall plug adapters sold with Macs and the 10-watt adapters shipped with iPads between 2003 and 2015, and only in Argentina, Brazil, Europe, New Zealand and South Korea. It’s also worth noting that the recall doesn’t include USB power adapters, but does apply to Apple’s $29 USD World Traveler kit.

In its recall information, Apple says that affected adapters have “either four or five characters or not characters, on the inside slot” where it attaches to the main power brick. Apple says that 12 incidents have occurred regarding broken adapters in the last 12 years, although the company doesn’t specifically say what these events involved.

The news comes roughly a week after Microsoft recalled many of its Surface Pro power cords.

Recalls are a rare occurrence with Apple, though the company did recall some iPhone 6 Plus models due to camera-related issues. Back in June, however, Apple issued a recall for Beats Pill XL speakers for fire hazard-related issues.

Apple is pointing users affected by the recall to its official support website.

  • Minh

    Oh I though this was a Canadian website for Canadian Mobile tech. My bad…

    • Word

      Never a bad thing to let the Canadian readers know they’re not affected by the recall.. You can move along now

    • systemupdate

      Maybe you bought the device in Europe or one the other places mentioned? Does that sound impossible to you?