Mobile document reader Doculus gets Office 365 integration

Rob Attrell

January 27, 2016 7:00pm

Working with Microsoft Office documents on a mobile device has never been easy. Since Microsoft has actually started paying attention to iOS and Android, things have improved significantly, but difficulties still remain. For instance, while creating and editing is a straightforward process, reviewing longer documents on a smaller screen often feels like an exercise in madness.

Today, Doculus, an app designed to be a mobile reader for contracts, announced new integration with Office 365 for Word and PDF documents. The app connects with email accounts and cloud document providers, sorting email attachments and documents into a list within the app. From there, text documents are quickly viewable on a mobile device, with easy access to comments and section headings, as well as the ability to review and sort tables.

Doculus is very useful for reading contracts or other formal documents on the go, but the app’s potential is much broader than that. Reading a Word document without having to pinch and zoom or scroll to find a relevant section makes long documents easier to navigate.

In addition to today’s Office 365 integration, the app connects with Exchange email, Gmail, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive.

The app is available for free now on the iOS App Store.