App of the Week: ProShot

Igor Bonifacic

January 24, 2016 11:02am

Between services like Gmail and Chrome, Android users don’t need to download a lot of different apps to get a new smartphone off the ground.

The stock Google apps included with almost every Android smartphone are excellent at their dedicated purpose. Well, all except for one app. I’m of course talking about the stock camera app, which, despite numerous iterations over the years, has yet to evolve into something indispensable.

It’s fast, sure, but lacks almost any type of advanced functionality. The alternatives aren’t much better, either. I’ve made it my quest to find the ultimate camera app, and while I haven’t found the perfect one just yet, my latest discovery is pretty good.

While not for everyone, ProShot is the perfect app for those who have experience with a DSLR. The app’s suite of manual settings allow the user to adjust their smartphone’s exposure settings to take the perfect shot; everything from aperture, shutter speed, ISO to colour balance is represented. There’s also the option to add a histogram and multiple custom capture modes, rounding out ProShot’s suite of DSLR-like features.

However, its most interesting feature is one called Light Painting mode. Currently in beta, Light Painting mode allows the user to easily take long exposures — think shots that take about one to six seconds to snap. Without a tripod, the subtle movement of your hand is going to cause these photos to come out a bit blurry, but it’s a fun and easy way to take pictures at night without investing in hundreds of dollars worth of equipment.

As I alluded to earlier, ProShot isn’t perfect. I’ve tried it on three different Android phones — a Sony Xperia Z5, a Moto X Play and a ZTE Axon — and my experience with the app varied greatly between devices. The app was unresponsive when used with the Z5 but fared better with the other two devices mentioned above. So, as this is a paid app, see what other users are saying about its performance on their smartphone before investing into it.

Download ProShot from the Google Play Store. The app is currently priced at $3.99 CAD. ProShot is also available on iOS.

If you have alternative camera app suggestions, leave them in the comments section.

  • cartfan88

    Interesting suggestion and review. Will check it out.

  • robinottawa

    I can’t find info on whether or not it does HDR. Anyone?

    I currently use HDR+ with the stock camera app on my nexus 6 with M, but switch to Open Camera when I need some exposure or other control. Maybe I’ll do the same with this app.

    But I’m not sure I see a good reason to switch from Open Cam.

    • Rise Up Games

      HDR is only available on a limited number of devices at this time (mostly Moto and Samsung). I’m hoping to add an HDR+ mode that will work with more phones.

  • Rawrrr

    Tried this app couple months ago on my 6P. HDR+ was a little unstable, but all other options worked well. Being able to save as raw is a bonus!

  • Rise Up Games

    Hi I’m the developer of ProShot, thank you so much for the great write-up! I’m glad you’re liking the Light Painting mode, it’s still in early beta, but it’s something I’m going to continue to develop and improve.

    Unfortunately, there is a bug in Sony’s firmware that prevents the app from running on the Z5, still trying to figure out if I can get around it. ProShot should generally work well with most devices, but having Android 5.1 or higher is recommended due to some serious bugs that shipped in Android 5.0.

    Additionally, only phones with camera2 API support will get certain manual controls (like ISO, manual focus, shoot RAW, etc). Google didn’t do the best job communicating this to it users so I just wanted to make a note of it here. camera2 API support is something only phone manufacturers can add. Despite these limitations, I’m still doing everything I can to add as many customization options and fun modes as possible to all devices 🙂