CIBC’s iPhone app gets fresh new design and Touch ID support

Igor Bonifacic

January 22, 2016 12:09pm

CIBC’s banking app just got a major update for the iPhone.

Now at version 7.0, the most notable change is the app’s new user interface. It’s definitely a noticeable and welcome change; previous versions of the app overemphasized CIBC’s branding, often to the determinant of the overall user experience. On the app’s iTunes store page, CIBC says it tailored the new design for the iPhone 6 and above, so CIBC customers with newer iPhones have particular reason to look forward to this update.

On the feature front, the most useful addition here is Touch ID support. Anyone that has used one of the other banking apps that supports Touch ID will know how much this small feature improves the usability of the app in question.

In addition, overall navigation has been improved so that user can more easily access details on any outstanding mortgages, mutual funds and loans. Setting up recurring bill payments and transfers, as well as managing INTERAC transfers is likewise easier.

Download the updated CIBC banking app from the iTunes App Store.

  • deltatux

    I think this is one of the few times where the iPhone and Android versions have similar designs but still follow their respective UX guidelines.

    • casey

      I feel like the two designs are starting to merge. The company I work for ported their iPhone app to android, and the design is fairly identical, with the exception in a few smaller places and some icons. I’d say about 80% is the same.

  • dirtyKIMCHI

    President’s Choice Financial updated their Android app to this look yesterday as well. Cannot speak to the iOS version due to not owning one.

  • Shawn Light

    ya and it sucks. bugs on login box’s and bugs with transferring. and that’s the only thing i have done so far. want the old 1 back now please and thanks

    • arsonity

      Where the hell do you take pictures of your checks?

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