Twitter wants to use your tweets in advertisements

Patrick O'Rourke

January 11, 2016 4:53pm

Twitter plans to take user tweets and then sell them to advertisers as part of a new ad platform, according to a recent report from Digiday.

The platform, which hasn’t been confirmed by Twitter, was reportedly shown off last week at CES behind closed doors, though it’s being referred to as a “brand enthusiast gallery,” which will allow companies to hand-pick tweets pulled together by Twitter, or by the company in question.

The gallery format will reportedly consist of a tweet from a brand that’s part of the still-unannounced advertising program, followed by a slideshow-like carousel of positive tweets from various users. Twitter will likely charge a fee to allow companies to opt into the service.

The report indicates Twitter will contact the Tweet’s author for permission before it is pushed out to advertisers, although it’s unclear how long the social network intends to wait for a response from users.

For years, brands have reached out to high-profile Twitter users and asked them to promote their products. Twitter’s brand enthusiast gallery seems to be a way of standardizing this practice, although given how lucrative sponsored tweets often are for brands, it’s unlikely all companies will adopt the social network’s new promotional strategy.

  • Matt

    Wonder how many people will stop using Twitter after this Announcement.

    • Very few I imagine since Twitter plans to contact people before using the Tweets.

  • GPman

    Who the hell in their right mind would actually buy any product because @somerandomnobodywhopostscrap tweeted something positive on it?

  • Hue

    People still use Twitter?

  • I guess Twitter will have active promoters. Kinda like how Youtube has original content creators.

    Will Twitter pay them? That is the question.