New patent reveals Apple is working on integrating peer-to-peer payments into iMessage

Igor Bonifacic

December 31, 2015 3:05pm

Apple is planning to integrate peer-to-peer payments into a future version of iMessage, according to a recently published patent filing.

Unearthed by Quartz, the patent reveals Apple is working on a way to allow iOS users to send and request payments throughout its mobile operating system, including via phone calls and emails.

iPhone payments patent

Should Apple follow through with the idea (and it should be noted here that the company has a history of sitting on its patents), it will follow the likes of Tencent, developer of the popular Chinese chat app WeChat, and Kik among the list of companies that want to position their messaging platforms as a viable way to conduct commerce. On WeChat, for instance, users are able to pay their bills, as well as shop online all while within the app.

  • gommer strike

    It’s a start.

    Platforms such as LINE, WeChat and others have long established an entire platform, wherein there’s an entire ecosystem within where you can buy stuff and do all kinds of things. Oh, and chat with others.

    Maybe it’s the new paradigm, maybe not, but being able to send $$$ to each other without having to use PayPal is a start.

    • neo905

      That is Facebook’s ultimate goal with Messenger. They want it to be the platform not IOS or Android.

    • gommer strike

      I guess. So far in terms of Messenger functionality…it works, it’s not bad, the way it’s laid out sure reminds me of Apple’s iMessage app.

      I’ve never looked into the whole sticker purchase thing(if memory serves me right, you can buy stickers from within Messenger right?). It doesn’t seem like they’ve done a whole lot with Messenger in terms of adding in virtual storefronts, but it’s not impossible that’s for sure.

  • Tom Adams

    if you could send money without paying fees to paypal that would be awesome but alas someone has to pay the CC transaction fees and its not going to be Apple

    • It’s Me

      The original rumours about this said that Apple was planning to eat the costs, at least initially, to drive adoption. This would not only include the per transaction fees but the account validation fees, which were said to be about $3/account.

  • Marco Bairos

    Doesnt BBM already do this and it is already secure?

    • Wilhelm

      Who cares about BBM. It’s a dying platform. Secure? iMessage also uses end points encryption so BB has no monopoly on that anymore.

  • Elton Bello

    God forbid they give us a better battery; go for the useless stuff apple lol