Huawei reports a 35% jump in revenue for 2015

Rob Attrell

December 31, 2015 8:52am

Huawei took some big steps forward in the last year, growing quickly and even passing seasoned hardware manufacturers in smartphone market share. In December, the company reported surpassed 100 million handsets shipped in 2015, a 33 percent increase over last year.

The closely-held Chinese company announced this week that revenue in 2015 rose over 35 percent compared to 2014. Market research from IDC also showed that worldwide shipments from Huawei grew 61 percent in the third quarter, a massive jump compared to the market’s overall 6.8 percent increase.

Huawei continues to invest almost $17 billion USD a year, with a little less than half of that going to R&D, and the rest going to services, as well as sales and marketing. The company doesn’t provide quarterly reports, but it does typically release an annual report with financial figures in early April.

  • Dalex

    I was a bit skeptical of them making the Nexus 6P, but I love it. It’s such a great device in every way. It was a steep 700$, but it is well worth it. Good for you Huawei!

    • cartfan88

      There is a misconception that China only builds junk. They built cheap items to get up the manufacturing ladder and create a middle class over there. But they’ve also shown the ability to manufacture premium devices like the iPhone when called for. HW is the next iteration of Chinese owned, developed and manufactured.

      Interesting that it was first the Koreans that trounced the Japanese and now the Chinese might trounce them both in terms of electronics. Still love my Panasonic plasma though.

    • Elton Bello

      Huawei P8 Max is a luxury device. You should see the box and the stuff they have inside, more luxurious than the iphone. I was very impressed when I received the box

  • Jim Thibault

    Sure because of the Nexus 6P….. and I still have no clue how “Huawei” is pronounced.

    • kjb86


    • Ipse

      “Whoa! Way!”. 🙂

    • Elton Bello


    • Elton Bello

      Me neither…

  • Matt

    Is mobile syrup sure its 35% or 33% which is it. Title and story have two different numbers.

    • kjb86

      title represents 35% increase in revenue
      Article represents 33% increase in handsets shipped

  • neo905

    What was the profit though? That’s the key metric in that industry