Skype’s notifications are fixed — as in, they now work

Daniel Bader

August 20, 2014 12:37pm

Skype has long been heralded as a pioneer in the VoIP space, but more recently it’s been used — reluctantly by some, enthusiastically by others — as a cross-platform messaging service.

Until today, though, Skype’s notifications were unreliable at best and frustrating at worst. That’s because the backend didn’t know, or care, which device was active, so it sent an incoming message notification to every device, mobile or desktop, connected to Skype’s servers.

Now, Skype will actively determine which screen is being used and send the notification there accordingly. “If you are signed in to Skype on multiple devices (a laptop, tablet and a smartphone) and you are sending chat messages to a group of friends from your tablet. Skype will only send new message notifications to your tablet and not to any of your other devices. All of your other devices will remain blissfully silent.  You can continue to focus on the most important thing, your conversations, without being disturbed by the bleeping and buzzing from all of your other devices.”

Once you disconnect from Skype, the notifications will once again be sent to every device. Chat history will also sync across devices so nothing is lost when switching between mobile and desktop.

The company is rolling out the changes over the next few weeks, so be patient.

  • MXM4K

    It’s about time. Skype is a nice platform but the notifications have always been an issue, even if you were just using two separate PC’s (work and personal), let alone mobile devices on top of that.

    Maybe I’ll use the IM feature more frequently if this corrects itself.