Here’s how to get a $33 rebate for your Nest Protect

Douglas Soltys

June 20, 2014 8:36am

Earlier this week we reported that the Google-owned Nest Protect smoke alarm had made a return to Canadian store shelves following a technical defect that forced the company to remotely deactivate its Wave feature. In addition to the cheaper version of the Nest Protect back on sale, the company is also offering a $33.90 rebate for those that purchased the smart device prior to June 15, 2014.

Nest Protect owners interested in receiving the rebate must first register on Nest’s website after satisfying a variety of requirements. Once the customer has been verified for a refund, Nest will confirm the request via email and issue the credit via a prepaid Visa debit card within 4-6 weeks. Nest Protect owners who qualify can register at the source link below.

  • Yulet

    Why even give money to let Google mine your data to show you more ads and earn more money in the first place?

    • Mayoo

      Yeah I know, all the data a freaking smoke detector can share. All your secrets will be revealed …

    • Yulet

      What data can Google mine from my smoke detector, what data can Google mine from my phone/car/email/glass/watch/internet browser/… and one day you will say: Google knows everything about me, they’re even showing ads in my dreams!

    • Mayoo

      IT’S A F*CKING SMOKE DETECTOR. What the f*ck would Google do with the “how often you burn your toast” data? Send you toaster ads?

    • stevedion

      Well they can collect data as to when you are home, when you cook, go to bed, get up (based on movement detector).

    • Mayoo

      You realize this is just a smoke alarm with a CO2 alarm and a wifi antena?

    • stevedion

      Seems to have more than that, at least I hope so for the price. Tempted to buy one just don’t think it is worth the high price, just for what it does.


      Burn your food often? Wish there was a better way? …

    • Mayoo

      Eum, there is. And it costs 10 bucks at my local hardware store.

    • Columbo

      I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist but legit question, if all it is is a smoke detector then why did google spend so much money buying it? Since when is google in the simple smoke detector business? What’s next, are they going to buy a blender company and a ladder company? There must be more to it. Serious question.

    • Mayoo

      I think it just came with the thermostat. Google wants to have home automation. But I don’t think the smoke detector was the biggest part of their plan.

    • Yulet

      Google doesn’t care about smoke detector business nor thermostat or home alarm business. All they want is your data. They wouldn’t have bought Nest if they didn’t see an opportunity to mine your data with their product.

    • TrainAss

      Your tinfoil hat is showing. Got proof to backup your claims?

    • Yulet

      Have you been living under a cave? Companies like Google get to do whatever they want, thanks to clueless consumers like you. Go read some news about Google, maybe you’ll learn something.

    • Al Chui

      And exactly which tech company out there do you think doesn’t mine your data? Apple is notorious for turning features back on through OS updates.

      Maybe you should read up on tech companies in general. Then you’ll realize that your hatred shouldn’t be directed at just one company but the whole industry.

    • beyond

      There’s a reason why it’s called Nest…NEST! of all names they had to choose that one. It means something man. Something bad will come of this, I’m telling you.

    • Al Chui

      Safe to say that you didn’t know that NEST was an independent company that was started by two former Apple execs, that Google purchased. The name was their choice, not Google’s.
      Strap-on the tinfoil hat a little tighter.

  • fba218

    Who knows what software they have inside which can collect data in your home network.

    • RealDeal83

      Put it in the DMZ if youre so worried. I’m curious to know what you trust to connect to your home wifi.

  • KiwiBri

    Does anyone have one of these? Can it send you information when it detects someone in the house, say, during 9am-5pm or something?