Aviary adds new blemish remover to perfect your selfie game

Douglas Soltys

May 4, 2014 11:34am

Aviary’s popular Photo Editor tool for iOS and Android has added a few new features for selfie fanatics that want to make sure they’re putting their best face forward. Aviary has overhauled its Blemish tool, which can now remove unsightly imperfections with a button tap. The old Blemish tool, which didn’t remove blemishes so much as attempt to smooth them out, has now been renamed the Blur tool.

Aviary has also made improvements to the popular Redeye and Enhance tool, and added its apparent number one feature request: the ability to undo or redo any recent photo edits with a quick swipe left or right over the photo. Both iOS and Android builds with the new features are available right now in their respective app stores.

  • d a

    Untrustworthy dev, unnecessary permissions and dev doesn’t answer why they need them.

    • d a

      You can be a smart indifferent punk about your privacy if you like but some people, with a brain, care about privacy AND what I said about Aviary is true. What you said is mor0nic.

  • Jakob

    Because filters weren’t bad enough at hiding what you actually look like…

  • bronbron

    damn girl. who you be