Microsoft removes Office 365 subscription requirement for mobile iPhone and Android versions

Daniel Bader

March 27, 2014 5:58pm

Microsoft has removed the need to pay for a monthly or yearly Office 365 subscription to access the admittedly-limited Office for Android and iPhone apps. On the day the company launched its long-awaited Office for iPad suite, which includes three separate apps, Word, Powerpoint and Excel, they are opening the “starter kit” to all users.

Office for iPhone and Android smartphones has been around for nearly a year, but required a cloud subscription of upwards of $100/year to edit documents; with this requirement lifted, the apps now pose as gateway drugs to the Windows and Mac desktop suites, as well as the new Office for iPad version.

  • Neil V

    Huh, not compatible with Sony Z Ultra…strange.

    • Stephen_81

      maybe they classify that as a tablet device being so huge.

    • Neil V

      Yeah, lol, 6.4″ inches is huuge.

    • Mike_from_Saskatoon

      You’re right…. I can’t use it on my Ultra either.

  • Stephen_81

    I just downloaded it and tried to register with a NON Office 365 account and it failed to work ( Android)

    • Jones

      Same here. Then I hit retry and it kept trying to register but didn’t do anything.

    • Jones

      Tried again and it’s working now. Must have been a temporary glitch.

    • Stephen_81

      Still not working for me, might redownload later

  • Hamid

    Boo, I liked bragging about the office suite on my Windows Phone but now everybody’s gonna have it. MS should keep some features exclusive for their mobile OS users so we can feel special.

  • Jim H

    Downloaded on Galaxy S3… Made me login with Hotmail creds… But will not allow access to files on my device… OneDrive or Cloud only. USELESS!!!!