Looking for Chromecast apps? Cast Store contains the best Android has to offer

Daniel Bader

March 20, 2014 1:31pm

Looking for some awesome apps for your awesome new Chromecast, released this week in Canada for $39? While Google has a set of curated, and admittedly excellent pieces of software to use with the HDMI stick, now that the SDK is open to all developers, compatible applications are flooding into the Play Store.

Cast Store is a curated Android portal that separates Chromecast-compatible apps into various categories, such as Games, Media & Video, Education, Photography and more. Users can submit new apps for review, and search for those currently available, though looking through the four dozen or so shouldn’t take too long.

The app helped me find a great free solution for my DLNA needs, and should be able to point you in the right direction for whatever your Casting needs may be. If in doubt, though, download and pay for AllCast: it’s the best of an increasingly good set of applications for Google’s streaming video solution.

SourceCast Store (free w/ads)
  • Balls O’Steele

    I don’t have wifi; is the dongle useless? Can it mirror directly from my phone?

    • alphs22

      It requires wifi. I would imagine you can set up a wireless hotspot on your phone for the dongle to connect to, but I haven’t tried this.

    • Josh Brown

      It will not work from your phone it will work from another phone, I have done it in a Hotel. I broadcast the wifi and my wife used the chromecast from her phone. It was ok for a weekend but would be annoying all the time

  • Josh Brown

    Avia, bubble UPNP, to broadcast from showbox or local content is amazing.

    • mastjaso

      Don’t forget the king, Plex. If you have a desktop or server, Plex is truly fantastic. Point it at your TV shows folder and it’ll automatically pull metadata information for everything, and present it in an extremely clean Netflix like interface, one that’s available basically anywhere, just log into one of the plex apps, or use a web browser and you can access your whole library remotely.

    • Josh Brown

      I may try it now that you don’t need a subscription but that kept me from using it. Avia to me works perfect even though the ui is a little ugly.

    • FouZ

      I try to understand the behaviour of native apps like plex… You can install plex directly on the dongle without having the need to stream something from your phone? It will run natively on the dongle?

    • djino

      You can’t install anything directly on the Chromecast. You cast to the Chromecast with compatible Android/IOs Apps.

      For Plex. You need to install the Plex Media Server on the system hosting your local content. Install the Plex on your phone and Cast it to the Chromecast. Like others have mentioned above, the UI of Plex is pretty damn sweet. Puts your local content up like a Netflix interface.

  • flower_petals

    I have play on/ play later for all streaming needs. Does this chromecast basically do the same thing?