BlackBerry commits to opening the ‘Security Innovation Center’ in Washington, D.C.

Ian Hardy

January 6, 2014 5:45pm

John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, declared during their recent quarterly results that the company will be “going back to our roots” and focussing on the enterprise market. Apart from businesses, BlackBerry will be honing in on government agencies and addressing their key mobile security issues.

Chen previously stated that they would be opening a “security technology centre” in the Washington, D.C. Area and today he reaffirmed his commitment. Speaking at the CES Government (CESG) event in Las Vegas, Chen said the new Security Innovation Center in Washington will “serve as a hub for collaboration with key government customers and other expert partners.”

While the specific details of when the centre will open, only that more “will be revealed in the coming weeks,” Chen noted that “We are committed to working with government and industry experts to solve some of the biggest challenges we face in securing mobile communication. The Washington, D.C.-based security innovation center will be focused on creating lasting partnerships that will encourage ongoing dialogue aimed at making better products and policy.”

Source: Twitter

  • thisiscjay

    Dig in the trenches.. right in muddy waters. I like Chen’s strategy here, build rapport within the US and strengthen Govt. ties.

    • Bbrysucks

      Bahahahahahaha. Tool.