Samsung’s recent patent filing potentially shows the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4 design

Ian Hardy

January 2, 2014 8:55am

The designs show an incredibly thin smartphone with an edge-to-edge display, the usual front and rear cameras, microUSB and 3.5mm headset jack and what seems to be a slot for the S Pen. In addition, these pics lack physical hardware buttons that have previously appeared on Samsung’s leading devices.

Of course, this is simply speculation until Samsung shows off “The Next Big Thing.”


Source: USTPO
Via: SamMobile

  • Mayoo

    Step 1: Leak patent filling (Done)
    Step 2: Leaked photos
    Step 3: Leaked specs
    Step 4: More leaked photos
    Step 5: The thing gets out
    Step 6: People buy it
    Step 7: Samsung says they sold a billion devices
    Step 8: A few months later, users blame Android and/or TouchWiz to be so slow
    Step 9: Restart at Step 1 with next version

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Yep, in a nutshell

    • eszklar

      I’m curious to see if Samsung would ever dare to release a Google Play Edition (GPe) version of a Note phone with SPen software but no TouchWiz. Samsung also has Tizen and is it just a question of time before Samsung goes all-in with Tizen and go all Apple-esque with Tizen and Samsung’s own App Store.

    • Bri

      From seeing how badly Samsung failed with their Bada OS, Tizen has much potential to bring the same result.

    • eszklar

      Good point. But has Samsung learned from Bada? My point is that other than Apple (well maybe Windows Phone but it doesn’t have as many sales as iOS/Android yet), Samsung could as some point just walk away from Android/GooglePlay and start their own eco-system. Samsung is the predominant leader in Android phone sales and their tablet line is doing OK – why not capture all revenue by bringing their own dedicated OS/apps – especially if existing Android app developers don’t have to do a lot of work to recompile their existing Android apps?

    • Ralph Malph

      Tizen. Look it up. It’s about to be unleashed.

    • eszklar

      Read my earlier comment in this thread.

    • Bri

      All I’m saying that it’s unlikely that Samsung will go all-in to Tizen. It just looks VERY tough to stand out with a new mobile OS from looking at WP and BB10 (not to forget about the webOS which failed miserably). Like you said, Samsung has dominated in the Android sales and they wouldn’t want to lose that. Sure, they could go Apple-esque and push Tizen all the way but that is VERY risky as other companies like LG, Motorola, Sony will step up and take Samsung’s place and Android won’t lose too much sales even without Samsung.

    • WatDah


    • eszklar

      I hear you and agree with you to a point. Yes, very risky for Samsung to totally abandon Android for Tizen. As to LG, Motorola or Sony stepping into Samsung’s shoes if Samsung were to make a move to Tizen: I haven’t been personally impressed with any of the Motorola phones (X and G). Frankly being owned by Google I expected cutting edge hardware from Motorola. LG – I’m not impressed with either the G2 of the Flex – but am fine with the Nexus 5 line. Sony – man their Z1 and Z Ultra phones just rocked and I’m glad to see them back. I would love HTC to follow up with the HTC One successor.

      Me: I want the ASUS Padfone form-factor implemented either by ASUS or Samsung with a Dock. I want to dual-boot Android and Ubuntu Touch or Ubuntu Touch and run Android apks. I want a 7-8″ tablet to slide the phone into and another 10-13″ tablet to slide the phone into. Let’s see if Samsung will play this form factor.

    • Bri

      I’m actually quite impressed with what LG did with G2 except for its design.. one of the ugliest device in 2013. Not to mention how bad looking LG’s software is but I love their display. LG seems to be the best at it.I’m not so sure about that form factor myself.. that sounds a little too inconvenient to me.

    • WatDah

      It doesn’t make sense for Samsung to take such as huge risk. They are extremely happy right now, basking in billions of dollars simply by riding the coattails of Android. If Samsung have their own OS and ecosystem, it must be done extremely well or at least on par with Google and Apple right off the bat. That’s impossible. Samsung cannot afford to give it time to develop, as they will bleed large sums of cash during that time, hoping for good returns on a move that cannot fail because there is no turning back to Android. Samsung is too late in the game to make such a bold move.

    • Plazmic Flame

      If the Galaxy Note 4 comes out as a GPe phone, I will buy it in a heart beat. Don’t even care for S-pen functionality. I just want the large screen and large battery which for some reason other OEMs can’t combine the two and Google failed to do with the Nexus 5.

    • eszklar

      GPe Z Ultra. Done.

    • Plazmic Flame

      6.4 is out of my acceptable range for pocketability and comfort. I’m not some fat-arse whino with huge pants pockets. Also, I think they made the Z Ultra way too thin. With a device that large, theres no reason they couldn’t have made it a few mm’s thicker, added in a bigger battery and even a flash for the camera.

  • Andrew P.

    Fig 6 looks (to me) like the power button has been moved to the top (along with the headphone jack. Or it could be an infared blaster?)
    Fig 7 looks like USB port and (possibly S-pen? or headphone jack)

    But I’m not seeing a volume rocker. Anyone else??

    • Todd Adams

      Tough to tell from these drawings but it was rumoured that Samsung was doing away with all buttons except the power button. A wrap around flexible screen that extends to the side of the phone would allow for touch screen volume controls ect… Not sure if I would like this much being from Canada where half the year we are wearing gloves though.

    • Mayoo

      They will sell us $90 gloves that works only with select Samsung devices.

    • downhilldude

      I use regular ski gloves with my Note 3. Don’t.need any special gloves with their newest touch screens.

    • Mayoo

      Food for thought, maybe the power button is actually a wheel with pressure button much like the mouse wheel. Push to power, roll to volume.

    • beyond

      Samsung engineers scouring the web for the next big thing come across this Disqus comment by Mayoo. Scratching their heads in amazement one of them blurts out “This is bloody brilliant!” Cracking open a bottle of Cristal..”The next big thing is here boys”

    • Mayoo

      If this ever happens, you can be damn sure I’ll sue them just for shits an giggles. 😉

    • cartfan88

      U mean like the old wheel on the Blackberry? I’m sure only Apple could invent something so clever.

    • hajflfsklf

      i think a wheel would be too troublesome in pockets. and that’s probably you hardly see a wheel for volume control on phones.


    Looks to me that it’s a patent of the wrap around display we seen a sneak peak of last year, the one that gives notifications along the edge that you can see when the device is flat on a table. Looks like we may just see that device hit the market this year as the S5 which is awesome if it is.

  • Bri

    Reminds me of the old blackberry device

  • Josh Brown

    All I see when I look at these phones is that when I drop this and break the glass it is going to be $300 to replace it. My note 2 is $200 to just buy it off of eBay and it is not flexible. They need willow glass or something unbreakable first.

    • hajflfsklf

      they could make it out of diamonds…….

    • Josh Brown

      Actually even diamonds can be broken, usually a harder a material is the more brittle it is. A flat sheet of diamond would probably break easily. To be unbreakable you need some thing plyable yet scratch resistant.

  • Plazmic Flame

    If I were to pick a guess between the two, it would definitely be the Galaxy S5. Doesn’t fall in line with the Note series design.

    • hajflfsklf

      picture of it seems stretched to hell, reminds me of the htc one s

  • Garrett Cooper

    Those diagrams really remind me of past Samsung style. Primarily, they had a slider phone (u600 I believe) that had very similar front top and bottom styling. Of course being a slider is different, but it’s what I noticed at first. After myself and a friend having issues with the s2 (software/charging port, other issues) I wasn’t going back but these sketches look intriguing.

  • B-Mac

    HTC One X is that you??

  • Shūji Kiritani

    Maybe note 4, there is a stylus in the pictures above.

  • Mika Turcotte-Talbot

    looks like an htc One S