WIND Mobile’s Boxing Day deals cut select handsets by $50, plus giving away a Galaxy Tab 2


Here’s what WIND Mobile will be offering to potential customers on Boxing Day tomorrow (December 26th). According to their website, WIND is giving the first 5 people who sign up on a post-paid account on the WIND50 plan a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Decent incentive, but it looks like the offer is only valid in select locations in Alberta and British Columbia.

In addition, we’ve received an internal doc that shows their discounted handsets and a service credit. The doc notes that “On Thursday, December 26th, 2013, Pay After customers who activate on the WIND 39, WIN 40 and WIND 50 rate plan can receive up to a $50 in service credits that may be applied to their monthly fees, Add-ons and pay-per-use credits.” The doc further says the “credit will be applied to the customers’ account as a %4 credit each month for $10 months.”

As for price reductions, the devices below will be available for $0 on the WINDTab or outright until December 31st, 2013:

Huawei Ascend W1 will be $199 outright (savings of $50)
HTC 8S will be $249 outright (savings of $50)
HTC Desire 601 will be $299 outright (savings of $50)
BlackBerry Z10 will be $399 outright (savings of $50)
BlackBerry Q10 will be $449 outright (savings of $50)

Source: WIND
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  • Yulet

    This must be the worst Boxing Day deal.

    • Tornado15550

      I must say, I’m quite disappointed by Wind’s boxing day deals this year.

    • Columbo

      Yeah I much prefer the other guys who offer me free handsets if I lock into a 2 year $70/month plan. Much better deal :P

    • gogoboy

      Oh yeah! Telus or Bell will lure you in with sweeter deal then contact you in middle of contract term inform you that the company no longer bind to contract term legally and not a bleach. You could keep the plan but extra charge apply.

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      IM not entirely sure what you are saying (might be lack of punctuation). But if you are saying that the companies will call you halfway in your contract and try and charge you extra for your current plan – that would be incorrect.

  • Super_Deluxe

    This is something the big 3 would offer and call it a crazy deal. This is disappointing Wind!

  • Rich

    The reason why they can’t blow your mind with Boxing day deals is because they’re already offering rates +50% lower than the big 3.


  • StevieY

    Z10 for 399 is so bad. It’s worse than a Moto G which is $149

    • blzd

      Thats not exactly fair seeing as a $200 Moto G is a better deal then anything on the market right now and by a long shot. Wind would do well to pickup the AWS version of the Moto G which fits their target market perfectly.

  • Jay

    There are other devices on sale as well like the HTC One, Xperia ZL, and LG G2 (my personal favourite).
    you can also get 100$ in service credits if you go on WIND 50 meaning service credits will be allotted in denominations of 10$/mo for 10 months if you are in before 1 PM.
    WIND is heavily positioning the appeal of WIND 50 by providing more subsidy ($400) on the hardware while maintaining still a relatively low competitive monthly price.

  • Balls O’Steele

    Z10 SHOULD BE $199

  • amber

    well that sucks how its just in alverta and british columbia. i was gonna sign up and possibly buy myself a phone

    • Columbo

      A minuscule chance of winning a tablet makes the difference between you signing up or not??

    • DeGen

      I came in at 3-4pm to the Burnaby Wind store and got a Tab2, and the store was packed! Looks like there were plenty in supply.

  • Peter Johanson

    I was hoping to see the Holiday Miracle plan again this year for $40, but no luck. Pretty much sums up the company with their awful plans, deals and coverage area. Safe to say they will end up being owned by one of the big 3.

    • chris

      Awful plans…?

    • Peter Johanson

      If by awful you mean plans that do not work beyond the limited coverage area, then yes, awful plans

    • chris

      No network works beyond the limited coverage area. You know what you’re getting into before you sign up, and if it doesn’t work for you, get over it and choose a network that does. Justin Bieber isn’t bad, you’re just not in his target audience.

    • Omis

      After coming to every wind thread to go in great detail on why it sucks, you were hoping for the HMP?


      Did Wind steal your girlfriend?

  • hunkyleepickle

    I barely recognize any of those phones, and I follow mobile tech pretty closely

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