Update: Winner announced in our TELUS Samsung Galaxy Note 3!


Update: This contest is now over and the winner of the TELUS Note 3 goes to long time reader Todd Greencorn. Congrats and we still have the LG G2 up for grabs!

Fancy a phablet? The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the best out there and thanks to our friends at TELUS we’re giving one of these beauties away!

The LTE-enabled Note 3 has a 5.7-inch 1920×1080 Super AMOLED display, 2.3Ghz quad-core processor, 3GB RAM / 32GB internal storage (expandable via microSD), 13MP camera with a 2MP front-facing camera, massive 3200mAh removable battery and S-Pen capabilities.

Make sure you check out our full Note 3 review here.

All you have to do to possibly win this beast of smartphone is leave a comment below letting us know how you’ll use it. Simple and to the point. This contest closes on Sunday, December 22nd and we’ll announce a winner shortly after.

Good luck to all who enter!

  • Z A

    Would love to win this phone. I’d give it to my mom, she would love the big screen and the ease of using the s-pen to type and draw.

  • Nemet

    I’ll use it to remote into my machine at home and not have to squint at a small screen.

  • Jim

    I would give this to my daughter. It’s the perfect size for her.

  • cathyincanada

    This would be well loved by my daughter using a 3yo phone.

  • fruvous

    Shockingly I plan on actually making phone calls with it if I win.

  • Rawrrr

    I’ll be doing some of my photo work on this baby.. And note taking during work!

  • Travis

    I would use it to further extend the bulge in my skinny jeans ;)

    • Travis Thomas

      Man up, give your sisters jeans back bro!!!!!

  • Frank Marcelli

    This would be a great phone for my partner. He’s an artist, fancies the stylus and has seen the awesomeness of the older cousin, Galaxy S3. He loves having control over the phone and knows what Android can do. Phone control + art potential = a great win.

  • Omer

    Use it to view more news from Mobile Syrup!!!

  • Donald Ung

    This beast phone I’d use it like the Phablet it is. Drawing, calls, and games. =)

  • Shai Goldstein

    I want this so I can watch tv and movies while doing cardio at the gym.

  • Francois Savard

    I’ll would use it to draw with my two sons

  • Graham McLeod

    I’d use it for my new daily phone! All that extra real estate on the screen would be nice.

  • Andrew H

    I’ll use it for fun since work doesn’t let me have any fun on the one they gave me

  • ThatPhoneGuy

    This will go nicely with the Galaxy Gear “Santa” is bringing me this year ;)

  • cynmom16

    I’d use this beauty to read and listen to music on my daily bus commute, and to stay connected to my kids.

  • anatomy

    I think I’ll probably use it as a door stop. It will look great in my hall!

  • David Deane

    I’ll use it to write love letters with the S pen to my wife :)

  • sid32

    Typing some Google Drive docs on the subway…. Yes… work…. and some movies.

  • sirous sol

    I will use this phone for school! with the S-pen I can take notes in class and save them onto dropbox!

  • ciretos

    Watching shows on this phone is way better than smaller sized phone without using 7′ tablet

  • Ugslick

    I would use it for everything. As my phone, I’m due for an upgrade but can’t afford anything right now :P And I’m heavily reliant on my phone during travel for reading, browsing, and working, as well as correspondence. It would be great to have a new phone.

  • Brenton Brown

    I’d instantly buy a galaxy gear and see what the companion idea is all about!

  • Salman Saghir

    I would use it for its superior performance, strong battery life and most importantly for it’s new and improved s-pen to use features like pen window.

  • Peter Zhu

    I would give it to my wife if I win. The screen size of my wife’s LG phone is too small and she has presbyopia recently.

  • Sandy Woo

    I would use it to jot down all the notes and take pics. The camera on this thing is a beast.

  • MartinMatov

    I would use it to take notes and multi-task because i am a student and my phone cannot handle many applications.

  • awjbcb

    I’ll use it only for good… not evil.

  • Kevin Luong

    I would use it for work, mobile productivity yeahhh

  • PLF

    I would use it for evryday life and to control my smart tv

  • baconeater

    I would definitely give this to my wife. She has had a BB9700 for a long, long, long time and would truly benefit from the functionality of a Note 3.

  • Anton Alleyne

    I’ll use for everything, my phone is now my go to device for surfing and browsing, music, photos and design work.

  • joshua

    I would give it as a gift to my 76 year old father for his birthday on december 28th. The screen would be perfect for him since he has a bit of trouble reading off of smaller screens. I would get him a data plan so he can browse the net, stream radio, and send out his email jokes to his friends while he’s waiting for my mom when he takes her shopping.

  • Stano Gioia

    I’d use it for work. And to watch movies.

  • Darren Wong

    I would take advantage of the larger display by using the S pen features and taking more photos. The are battery makes it a great road warrior

  • Jesse Cablek


    It would be a great device to play Ingress with, utilizing the larger screen and bigger battery!

    On top of all the regular phone and camera stuff, of course ;)

  • Lucas Secord

    I would use it everyday, I need to switch providers because my provider doesn’t have service where I work. Foster Creek, Alberta

  • Baptiste Cabrera

    Id love the Note iii

  • Michael Ramalho

    I’ll use it to make the world a more peaceful place.

  • Christopher Trotman

    I would use it comfortably in my giant hands as a normal phone, and leverage the great screen size to increase my productivity!

  • GS

    I’ll try my best to wean my dad off of his ancient flip phone!

  • Yoann Dumontet

    I would give it to a family member

  • awjbcb

    I would only use this for good and probably to give as a present to someone

  • tootoo

    Use it to stream, listen to Music, surf the net and download awesome apps!

  • ebulino

    Give it to my wife who is tired of her blackberry 9780, she will love this phone for note taking. capabilities.

  • Alexandre Renaud

    To the point? Replace my old iphone 4! Getting laggy because of iOS7 and tired of not being able to do exactly what i want with my phone!

  • Dave Lee

    I would use it to type tweets and facebook posts using my fat thumbs on its massive screen!

  • Carlos Rios

    I’d use it to watch movies on the train!

  • steve

    I will use it to take over the world. Or to read your blog…

  • Heming Lin

    I’ll use for everything, my phone is now my go to device for surfing and browsing, music, photos and design work.

  • Nav Athwal

    Planning to use it to access database application from a remote server, while I am on the go. Big screen will sure come in handy.

  • Adirolf

    I will use it daily to stay up-to-date and entertain myself.

  • Rada Elladan

    If I win the Note 3, I would use it to take notes in meetings, and play games in the evening.

  • Eric Parisien

    I am getting old(er) and my eyes are not what they used to be, the large note 3 would be the perfect replacement for eye glasses!

  • Paul Picaso Sterling

    I must win this. I’ll first of all do a complete video review on the device. Give all credit and thanks to MobileSyrup & Telus in a thank you video. I gave my other device to my wife because hers had stopped working(Iphone4). It would Change my world to win this device!

  • Jeff Taylor

    I’d use it to make and take phone calls, play games, watch and make videos, listen to music, take notes, take pictures, and anything else I could think of. I could see it being really useful at work too.

  • Coldfire

    I will use it to sway the minds of the phablet naysayers

  • Andrew P.

    This phone will help me out in my lectures in college. I can actually use the note feature to its full capabilities. My bus rides would be the most entertaining now since I got this full HD super AMOLED Display. My Samsung Galaxy s2x isn’t doing it for me anymore.

  • Tye Jansz

    I’d give it to my wife to use for our family stuff and her business!!

  • Jin

    Another amazing product from Samsung :D I want itttt!!!!!

  • Lydia

    what would I not use it for would be easier to answer ;)

  • Jesus McDongswoggle

    I’d use it to take notes in meetings at work and then play games after about 10 minutes when I’m bored :-)

  • Tom Beaney

    What wouldn’t I use it for!! Hockey pools, pics of me winning hockey pools, creating hockey pools, drawing hockey rinks….pretty well anything hockey related.

  • AEB_944

    Will be used to develop an android App for in-car module debugging.

  • JeffHsiao

    I could use the big screen for everything! My current phone has 3.7″ screen and anything bigger than that will be NICE!

  • Jon MacDonald

    I’d use it as a daily driver. email, social media, messaging, browsing. All of that would be nice on a 5.7″ display.

  • Moon

    will use it to be connected to my family and relatives who are based all over the world. distance won’t be that hard to bear.

  • Bert

    I’d give it to my BFF for Christmas!! He’s a huge android fan!!

  • Frederick Edwards

    Great contest. I would mostly use this phone for internet browsing and games with a bit of note-taking on the side.

  • tbarr2001@hotmail.com

    I would use this beauty to stay in touch with my daughter who leaves for college soon.

  • Chris G

    Would love to use this for work the note 2 was great for meetings until it was stolen.

  • David Chu

    Replace my current phone, and be more productive, i think i will use the stylus quite a bit.

  • Mos Zhang

    I would like to use it as my life companion to help me with almost anything and everything in my life including surfing MobileSyrup with TELUS network! XD

  • Thomas Milne


    Moon+ Reader Pro
    Unified Remote
    Google Play Music
    Google Drive
    Sky Map
    Are just some of the most used applications I use currently.

  • Andy Sidloski

    I would use it as my main android device – but I can honestly say that I would likely spend a lot of time playing games on that screen…and playing with all of the awesome drawing apps.

  • sharmstro

    Yes, please! This would be awesome for reading my daily twitter and news feeds.

  • Snake

    Watch porn on it.

  • Jeff Gomez

    i would use this to watch nba league pass and nhl gamecentre. would be the perfect size

  • shaker

    I’d use it to send out my personal xmas e-cards.

  • Kim

    I’ll use it check my emails and twitter

  • E. R

    Dear Mobile Syrup,

    If I were to win this beast of a phone based on good fortune, I would get it unlocked and take it to my cousin in India and give the phone to him. He deserves it more than I do!

  • Moiz Adamji

    I will use this phone to take notes at work and media consumption.

  • piscatornf

    I would use it and love it and do everything I miss about having a proper smartphone! My Galaxy S3 died months ago. Last summer, I was walking my dog around a pond.. she ran one way (on a long lead) to chase a duck. My phone was jerked out of my other hand and landed in the pond. Immediately retrieved it and dried it out in rice over a few days, but alas, it was a lost cause. So, after only having the S3 for a few months of a (ugh) three-year contract, I had to revert back to my 6/7-year-old m610 dumbphone. Budget just isn’t there to buy a new phone outright, unfortunately.

  • Bradley Marlborough

    By sending my dad pictures of GPS maps with notes and information written with the S pen because he cant understand how to use his own GPS app.

  • Sammy

    I will use it for university and do work while commuting.

  • tiburonsvr

    My Samsung Galaxy S3 is due for replacement, I got it the very 1st day of its launch. Getting a Galaxy Note 3 Would be an Amazing gift :)
    Come on Santa!

  • Evangeline

    I will be giving it to my husband, as he’s been getting hand me downs for awhile now. Time for something new. =]

  • Devanshu

    Amazing phone, I would love to own one. It would come in really handy because I am a student and I could use it for school. The camara would be especially useful for projects.

  • Edmund Nunes


  • Paul d’Ottawa

    Please, please me. How would I use it? With a screen like that, you definitely have to watch some high definition videos! The S-Pen would be fun as well.

  • AJ

    I would mostly use this to play games and watch movies

  • qu3becker

    I’ll use it for my future job as an IT to take note and of course video streaming.

  • lucky phil

    This would help me out as I start my new business!

  • Steven Lam

    I plan to take notes with it :)

  • BobY

    I’ve been eyeing one of these to take notes at meetings.

  • Dan aka Egg

    I’d use it for AV room installation quotes and recommendations. Great camera and stylus for adding measurements.

  • andy c

    I would give the phone to my wife. Nice media device while she’s on mat leave

  • Mana

    I would use it to take notes, write blogs & reviews.

  • alantsay

    Love you MobileSyrup and thank you TELUS!!
    Always imagined turning my phone into an ultimate car dash tech center while driving… but my current phone just feels too small still (4.7″)… this would be an easy with a Note 3!!

  • Giacomo Toniolo

    I always wanted to be tennis table player! I can both play and take note about the score…

  • Holly

    This would be perfect for my husband who is always on the go for work. He needs a fast, reliable phone.. and the one he has just doesn’t cut it.

  • Prasanna

    S-pen is the reason im participating , in love with the scribling & drawing Feature.

  • offwiththeface

    This would be useful to help me schedule all my appointments been thinking about getting one would love to win this

  • Alex Burton

    bonne chance

  • Gillian Mann

    I would love to win this!!! I would use it to replace the flip phone im using since my nexus got stolen earlier this month!! I would use the big screen to watch movies and the dual aps to watch youtube and make reviews at the same time!! I would use the S pen to kill all my friends on draw something and make amazing wish list with the crop feature. I would save up and get the watch so i could feel like 007 when I make calls to people!! this would be the best Christmas present ever!!!

  • Terence Tsai

    I would love to give it to my dad, he loves drawing and would love the phone and stylus

  • Ken

    This would definitely help with organizing my meetings, keeping track of important items and notes

  • Adam Kozlowski

    I’d use this instead of lugging around my giant 17 in laptop everywhere I go.

  • Jason Gaudreau

    Hey! Actually I would give it as a gift to my sister who recently got a huge car accident and lost her phone. Since she lost an eye I thinkitwould beperfect for her to have a big screen to do her things on. She loves samsung and that would be an awesome gift. Good luck to everyone! Merry xmas

  • Melissa Luz

    Perfect gift for my other half, whose tablet broke earlier this year :) He’d game and watch videos on it.

  • Peter Kehler

    Using it for drawing and note taking would be the best!!

  • Victor_Creed

    I’ll use it in between classes and on the subway to finish my AutoCAD drawings for school. Time management 2.0 :)

  • Ray Chen

    I would be upgrading my note 2. been waiting for it to come down in price off contract since launch. but no deals to be had at all so far

  • jkwanjr

    I would give the Samsung phone as a gift to my father. Upgrade his phone from a Nokia from 7 years ago…

  • Michael David Miller

    It would help me with my University Library Ateliers that I give to undergraduate and gradute students at the Université de Montréal.

  • Bryan

    I’d gift it to my wonderful wife as the best stocking stuffer ever!

  • Naveen Verdi

    i would use it as my daily driver would love the extra real state for work and movies

  • scott

    Use this machine to replace my laptop!!!

  • afrolion

    Would love to be able to jot down notes with this. Would help so much as a coach, take quick notes on how the practice is going. Have my lesson plans stored on there, would be great. Hope I win! Thanks for all the great giveaways @mobilesyrup!

  • Keith Bennett

    It’ll be a great last minute gift for my girlfriend.

  • Rich

    Draw, design, multi-task the sh** out of the device! This is what a powerhouse of a machine is made for!

  • G Yapp

    I will use to catch up on my readings, send emails, do online banking, make lots of lists, and also watch Netflix and Youtube videos.

  • BritBloke

    I’m constantly on the road, making notes for my business. A phablet would really help me more!

  • Edsel Abat

    I’ll simple use this as a media hub for my 2 years old son. and alternately, a gaming console for my 7 years old son.

  • mynameischris

    I would give the phone to my wife, as he has a purse than can handle such an awesome beast.

  • HB_ICO

    Had this phone for a few days(Trial) and love it. I’ll use it for work/entertainment.

  • Jody Watson

    This would be an excellent replacement to my Mororola Atrix (don’t judge).

  • Canuck5x6

    Would be so great to win this for my wife for Xmas… Her iPhone is on its last legs and this big screen phone may be my chance to convert her to Android :-)

  • MPG

    I’d use it every day.

  • lisa billis

    I really need a new phone. My old samsung is slowly going on me and my provider doesn’t have this one. I love samsung phones and really want this one plus its got a bigger screen for me to read

  • Ray Mond

    I would give this to my mom. Her eyesight isn’t getting any better and the bigger screen would definitely be a better upgrade from her Galaxy S2! And the camera is a better upgrade since she takes photos of food!

  • Phil Belanger

    Mainly as a dev device. My Daughter would love to draw with it too.

  • Jason Jordan

    Well I would give my old phone to a friend, with the new one I would use it as a phone and then I guess I’d probably take pictures of cats doing stupid things or my coffee or whatever the kids these days are doing.

  • morgan

    I’m a newly Samsung member. Got the S4 mini and love it. Would love a tablet for my family to use. Watch movies and take with us when we travel. Be a great addition for the whole family.

  • sai

    I would use it for to remote my tv and the with the s view cover would able for me to see the notification for it

  • mje0822

    I’d give it to my mom as a christmas present. Money has been very tight and I was unable to get her anything as I’ve had bills to pay. This would be a great replace for her aging iPhone 4.

  • Eric Mielke

    I’d take notes in engineering class with it! (and reddit…)

  • bobby yit

    sell Nexus 4 and Sony Tablet and have a 2 in 1!!!

  • Gurinder Bual

    I would give this phone to my brother as a gift for Christmas. He is going back to school in January after graduating high school 12 years ago. It would benefit him greatly to have a smartphone, currenty uses a motorola razr flip phone. He’s going in to software and app developement. Having a note 3 would be of great benefit to him. Good luck everyone and Happy Holidays To You and Your Families!!

  • Sandy

    I’d use it to take notes and draw graphs and equations on the fly with the s pen while at school without having to carry around various electronic devices.

  • Francois Marc Lemieux

    First of all root it to fully exploit that beast. then I would watch tons of videos and emulate psx to play ff7 with my wireless ps3 controller.

  • Allwayswrite

    Its an awesome device that I would use to create weekly videos, for 1 calendar year, about all the reasons i Love mobilesyrup

  • Ron Kesslar

    Want and need. I am currently cell phoneless.

  • Sung Yoon Kim

    This will definitely make my life easier at my school… won’t have to carry around laptops everywhere and print lecture slides. I would love to take notes through this magnificent phone. Plus with amazing specs, playing games time to time won’t hurt either

  • Andy Fair

    With the job I work, sales rep during the day, pc repairs at night, I rely alot on my phone for everything, from email, to notes, to tasks, and camera. With the note 3, I was looking and trying it out in the store after it came out, as it is the best all on one tool, phone/tablet/digital camera. I love the note feature, as I tend to jot alot of notes, and reminders down. And at time, get them all messed up, but such is life. The other benefit of this phone, is that it’s pretty much a micro computer. Samsung has done a wonderful job with their creations, and this is another point that makes samsung stand out above the rest.

  • bcbarbara

    I would love this!

  • Ryan Tran

    I’ll use two hands to navigate through the massive screen!

  • R C Yalkin

    Do not lug a 3 lb laptop on your travels again. Just be light and happy with a phablet.

  • Dancin VI#81

    I would use it to replace my old Samsung captivate. I can draw on it.. take pics of the kids and grandkids.. use it to schedule meetings for work and all sorts.. I love Samsung products :)

  • J Dapper Bowles

    If I won this beauty of a phablet I would use as not only my phone ,but it would replace the need of carrying around a 7 Inch tablet to get online and browse the web. Reading Mobile Syrup articles would be wonderful because of the size of the screen.Also as a camera it is amazing and videos are stunning,so I would definitely use it to record videos and take lots pics. The calendar and note taking capabilities would add so much ease to my everyday life as well. I mean there so many wonderful uses for this beast of a phone I could go on.and on. Great contest!

  • Miodrag Puskasevic

    Perfect gift for my wife she is asking for new phone and note 3 would be just a perfect gift

  • Stefan Schnablegger

    sickkk phoneeeeeeeeeeee merry christmas

  • Yvon

    Changing my 5 years old phone. I need to upgrade !!

  • Liz Bignell

    I would use the note for work and play, my smartphone connects me to the world.

  • Guest

    I would use this to organize my work a little better and watch some videos with my kids

  • GTL

    I would use it on my daily commute to and from work.

  • milleniumjono

    I would definitely catch up on all my tech news on it!

  • Ali

    I would use it as an organizer, for dev purposes and for videos

  • Peter Li

    If I had this phone, I would use it as a mini tablet to replace my current nexus 7. Unlike nexus 7, the note 3 can actually fit into my pockets comfortably.

  • GT

    I would use it as my main phone, to try out something else than an IPhone for once :p AND share stuff :p

  • ScottfrRobb

    I will watch videos more easily and organize myself better

  • Scott

    Something like this could help me boost the small business that my wife and I own and operate. It would allow me to keep in contact with our customers and book appointments. Nice!

  • Daryl D.

    I would use it to help me create my themes and help me study app development! LOVE me my Samsung’s!

  • Robert Hillier

    I’d use it for work

  • Mike

    I will use it to sort my life out possibly become the next CEO of a huge company allowing me to give back to the world all thanks to the note3 and mobile syrup

  • Josh Moore

    I would love to give this to my wife to replace her aging iphone 4. :-)

  • Jacky Chiu

    Love to win this phone. Already have the note 2 and love the pen functionality. Would love to win the note 3. Would use it for every day school

  • Kim

    I would give it to my hubby, he’s using a really old phone right now. Thanks for the givieaway.

  • Mark

    I would use it at work as a personal live demo to sell more note 3s. It would also perfectly complement the galaxy gear I just purchased myself for Christmas.

  • MRO

    Such a great phone and provided by the best Service provider in Canada…Telus! would use this phone for taking photos and posting to instagram! #telusrocks

  • Lewis Nguyen

    I would sell my current Note 2 if I got it. I use it to read mangas on the bus. It’s the perfect size.

  • Mike Todd

    my son loves to doodle. would give to him to make good use of the SPen.

  • Russell

    To replace my 5 year old HTC which has a cracked screen i can barely read

  • Matthew Nelson

    Would love to replace my aging and cracked S3!

  • gommer strike

    I’d use it for just about everything I do, be it work emails and appointments, social media, and just plain keeping current on news and what’s happening around me.

  • Vineet Sharma

    This phone is awesome…Love to have this phone..Mobilesyrup Roxxx

  • Kabir Olatinwo

    I’ll use the Galaxy Note III to take pictures and for my day to day personal and school work.

  • Ash

    oh…Yes Pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!

  • Omar

    I’m coming home for Christmas after 6 months of serving my country and my family has always struggled financially. I would love to surprise the women in my life, my wife and 2 daughters with a new family phone. I know they’ll love it since my daughters won’t have a reason to steal my wife’s blackberry to fill it with pictures of themselves.

    • Sidra Symir

      I honestly hope you win :)

  • direkt555

    It’s a great multipurpose device for my multidirectional life. Awesome giveaway

  • Tom Hall

    I’d give it to my son. He’s artistic and this is the perfect device for him.

  • R a c h.it

    Other than using it to read MobileSyrup, I would use this like a tablet for my school needs. Take notes, create reports and presentations, and do assignments!

  • Manik Kapoor

    would love to upgrade ! Thats what i have asked Santa to get me this chrismas #wannawin will use it to flaunt :)

  • JC

    Gunna read reddit while on the toilet.

  • Ogi Pogi

    This would be an awesome Christmas present. Just bricked my Nexus 7, my constant companion. The Note 3 will be an excellent replacement as I would use it for pretty much anything and everything – phone, text, email, reader, shopping, searching and taking photos and posting them on Instagram, Facebook and Google+.

  • skullan

    “I’m gonna love him, and hug him, and pet him, and call him George!”

    Actually, what I would do (and have been planning to do) is get rid of my Nexus S, move to a Tablet only data plan and get rid of my phone plan.

    I don’t use voice, I am planning on moving to a Phablet/Tablet to do my day to day stuff.

    Thanks for the contests.

    • MrMission

      …. and then I scroll and see your post was 25 minutes before mine. Same great idea! crazy!

    • skullan

      That’s funny :) Just shows the generation I guess.

  • James Amico

    Seeing it is a time for sharing, if I were to win this I’d sell it and use the proceeds to buy as many $5 Tim Hortons gift cards as possible and give them away to random people without asking for anything in return.

  • David Keam

    I’d use it to give to my wife to convince her that Android is better than Apple.

  • Reed Gh

    I would communicate, calculate, awake, educate, learn, inform, celebrate, smile and lastly I would just enjoy the idea of technology.

  • It’s Me

    My 4 and 5 year olds at home would love a device that is bigger than a phone and smaller than a tablet, so this would be perfect for them. Also, my wife has pretty bad eyesight so a larger display would be great for her. It would be a win-win-win if I were to win this contest.

  • Jamie Chomyn

    It would likely replace my HTC One as my work Cell.

  • Shittu Abd-hafiz Tobi

    I will use it to design my life magically!

  • Ash

    I had the note…Which has gone to my daughter. I now have the Galaxy S4 mini, and I would love to go back to the 5inch screen for work and pleasure!!!

  • Brad Hermann

    Would love this so I don’t need share with the wife anymore

  • Kirushanth

    I do web design work and constantly get emails, would be nice to have a much larger screen to see everything on. Good luck to all!!

  • Twonald

    would love to win this phone, how would i use it? for work, it would be great to not have to carry a phone and tablet and laptop around. and i’m sure it would be great to play some games on as well!

  • jon

    Would give it to my dad for christmas :)

  • Xavier

    If I won this phone it’d go right to my dad whose still using his IPhone 3G. (Terrible right?) He’s been hinting at a new phone all year but we never had the funds to go buy him a new one.

  • Brendyn Mclean

    i would use it to do my work on it

  • Andrew Lortie

    I’ll use it as my main phone!

  • Craig Venter

    I’d replace my Note II with this beauty…

  • Tom Blinky

    Definitely wouldn’t mind this. Love my BlackBerry, but I’ve been missing tinkering with Android something fierce. So that’s probably what I’d use it for: Lots and lots of tinkering.

  • Suit Yee

    If I’m getting the phone, I’ll definitely use it for online magazines and books! I have been reading them on my tiny screen all this while~ =[

  • Jessica Knowles

    I would use it for university, I have exams in January and this would be great for revision. the exams end on my birthday then it would be great for socialising and organising events for my course.

  • Daniel Fathers

    use the Spen yes!

  • Apocalypso

    Excellent phone! I would give this to my wife as a gift as she’s mesmerized by my phone’s capabilities. She’s currently using an old pre BB 10 blackberry and would love an upgrade.

  • andrew

    This would enable me to play MineCraft with my six year old twins. They are usually reluctant to share their tablets. Look, is that a castle in the sky?

  • 刁ㄖ凵ㄣㄣㄇ

    I would use it to take notes in class!

  • RH

    Would give to my daughter so she could watch movies, draw, and play.

  • Steve Brown

    Will use it to take stunning photos next summer at the World Cup in Brazil.

  • Henry Lao

    Doodles. I’d use it to draw tons and tons of silly doodles.

  • Alison Braidwood

    I’ll use it for when I’m running late, or in a ditch :0 I’ll also use it for my websites and general life.

  • Errol S

    This would make a perfect present for my mom. She’s self-employed and the Note 3 will help her with organization. Thanks!

  • Sébastien Morin

    Looking at newsfeeds, calling and takings notes :-)

  • RichM

    I would use the Note 3 so that I could do my sketches as ideas come to me

  • Mathieu Hoziel

    I would use it to call, text, play games, draw, take notes, and watch some jokes while I’m sitting on the toilet… :) Merry Christmas.

  • DaPower

    Right now I carry a tablet and a phone everywhere I go because a very small screen is somethings to good enough. With a Note 3 I’d only be carrying one device!

  • Albert

    Watch youtube, gps, movies, dream machine

  • ysandhu

    Want one.. Never owned a Note product. to expensive to get it off contract..

  • Nadefrenzy

    My sister is into publishing. This phone will definitely help her especially the s-pen. Her aging GS2 doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

  • JPatrick_H

    Would use it for studying/taking notes in class. No need to carry around a bulky laptop and a phone after getting the Note

  • ondre

    I’d use it to finally leave Rogers in order to have a working phone in my office building.

  • keyvan eslami

    I’ll get rid of my laptop! ;)

  • hood

    I’d give this to my son who loves to draw.

  • Victor B

    The note 3 would be my new daily driver, lots of great features to use for work and the large screen would be great for watching movies on business trips, and of course answering emails.

  • Fraser Mountain

    I’d use it replace post-it notes and watch Netflix!

  • singhson

    this is a sweet phone. My wife loves my S4 so if i win I will give the Note 3 to her (as she is on telus) and she can use the phone to document, take pictures and create scrapbooks of our 1 year old.
    good luck to everyone

  • Saba Amin

    Would just love to win it and mostly I’ll use it for my work out videos through HDMI on my tv as well as full communication with my family and friends abroad

  • momaru

    My wife would love a phone with a bigger screen and not as heavy as a tablet.

  • nemner

    I would use it with @pplconnect for true mobile freedom!

  • Greg Naciuk

    Obsessively check MobileSyrup for the latest in mobile news.

  • Mereno Tandia

    I would use the stylus (being this is the niche feature). In meetings, taking note will be a breeze using the stylus, trying to visualize ideas would be much easier. Compiling notes into a storyboard will be a breeze too.

  • Brian Redknap

    I would give it to my wonderful wife. I think it’s about time she had her first smart phone :)

  • cb

    I would give it to my wife. Her original Galaxy S is starting to show its age and since she’s already used to an 8 inch Galaxy Tab, this wouldn’t be much of an adjustment.

  • Eric Lin

    I’d love to win this phone to use as my main phone. It’d be an ENORMOUS improvement over my 3 yo Nexus S, which shows me “__app__ is not responding” messages every 10 minutes or so while using it (every 30 s or so if I’m trying to surf the web).

  • r p

    I would use it on the job to take photos

  • Zaeem Siddiqui

    I’ll use it for university work and it’d be brilliant for quick note-taking.

  • Matthew Ruttle

    This note 3 would help me kill time at my boring job.

  • Mike Bainbridge

    This would make a perfect tool for a virtual whiteboard while coaching minor hockey!

  • Michael Rivera

    I would use this as a gift to my motherwho really needs a phone

  • Mike Tooley

    Video chat my sister halfway across Canada and share photos with her from Christmas

  • Nate Friedman

    I will watch Netflix all day! Can I have a Samsung Note 3 please… Pretty Please with a cherry on top :)

  • Martin Galer

    What wouldn’t I use this for?!
    Taking notes in meetings, snapping pictures of my kids craziness, watching Netflix or reading some ebooks before bed.

  • vn33

    My wife would be very grateful to me if I win this phone ! She would get this to replace her current phone.

  • Cook

    Going to use it to give to my wife!

  • Braden Claringbold

    if i won i would give it to my little sister for christmas

  • Guamon

    It will be put to good use. Don’t you worry haha

  • Chris Hanula

    currently using my galaxy note 10.1 for pretty much everything. free-hand writing is indispensable for me, but it would be nice to have a more portable version for those times when dragging a tablet around isn’t really an option.

  • Philippe Dupuis

    Give it to meeee!

  • n2th2n

    surfing the net, and more flipboard reading^^

  • Chris V Puddicombe

    I will use it fight off demons and sorceress !

  • Dominic L’Heureux

    I would use it as I use my current iphone 4, for pretty much everything…but I would throw/destroy/dismantle/incinerate/etc my iphone because I can not stand IOS anymore

  • josh noseworthy

    would love to replace my girlfriends phone she is still using a weak old samsung galaxy s vibrant.

  • s.e. lee

    I would use the devices as notetaking for the class. At same time i would use it to take a picture or video for my important moments.

  • Eduardo stanley

    would give it to my wife for a christmas gift.

  • Steven Talunay

    I’m not gonna lie, I’d use this tok play games…EVERYWHERE!

  • Al

    Brother just got the Note 3 too! I’ve been itching to upgrade for ages!

  • ja

    ii would love to win this smart phone! it would be my birthday gift. I wold like to use it for my schooling and also playing games.

  • rob

    Are you kidding That’s a wicked phone

  • _ThaNerd_

    I’ll use it mostly for work but also with my home automation system. Probably will get the Gear as well eventually to match with it.

  • safran lafeer

    Would love to win the note 3. I would use it as my tablet that I am yet to buy.

  • Lali

    As a gift for my brother, Merry Xmas!

  • Nachotech

    I do a ton of driving around for work and use Google Maps daily; going from my current 4.3″ screen to the 5.7″ screen of this phone would be a huge upgrade and make getting from A to B much easier. And the battery on my almost 3 year old phone barely lasts a day anymore, and that’s with pretty light usage.

  • Eric McDace

    Ill use it to hold my sheet music and for classwork… also to play games and snapchat

  • Yi-an Chen

    Jogging down note using the S-pen and taking amazing pictures of my newborn daughter using the 12MP camera. I already have a 64GB microSD so more video and picture of my baby daughter! Expandable storage FTW!

  • TWC

    If I were lucky enough to win this phone, I would give it to my fiance. She is nearly finished with school and is still using an old Galaxy S2X. She could really use the upgrade.

  • Blaktron

    I would use this for work and play =D. Basically would replace my aging galaxy nexus.

  • Alex Little

    Organize better…..actually its all bout wasting time with fun,apps

  • Mitchell Arnburg

    I would give it to my mom for Christmas.

  • Varun Gangam

    This would be an epic replacement to my damaged HTC!

  • Rick DesBrisay

    I will use it as a remote monitor system using a d-link camera in my home.

  • Waqas Awan

    Would love to win this one. Because this will be a perfect gift for our 6th wedding anniversary . That will be a best gift from best of all Telus for this best couple.

  • Mr. Miyagi

    I’d use it for EVERYTHING!

  • mangoesrepent

    I’d love to have a Note (3) to document my plans and progress on restoring my old car. Trying to jot down wiring diagrams, plan changes and make sense of sketchy PDF manuals on my trusty iPhone 4 isn’t working well. It’s time for an upgrade!

  • Patrick Cuyegkeng

    This would be my daily driver. Very good camera for out and about shots (when not carrying the real camera), a media consumption device for my frequent short haul business flights (no in seat entertainment, and who wants to pull out a laptop on a CRJ?), a game device, and a competent mobile work platform since my company just started doing some custom Android app development.

    Would love to try out the S-Pen features for myself

  • Yodika

    Going to university a far distance from home,
    Would love to call my family so they won’t be so alone.
    Large textbooks, many notes, hassles of university,
    makes it easier if I had the Samsung Galaxy Note 3!

  • LeBeast666

    I enjoy watching videos and doing some gaming on my phone so to upgrade to a full HD and even bigger display would be the best thing ever.

  • Sushruta

    I don’t have a smartphone…Still using an old Nokia…So, if i get to win it , i can use it to its full potential…Thanks for the opportunity…

  • Jason Cohen

    I would give it to my sister a single mother of 4 that often has to decide between rent and food. Its sad how bad the US as become ! She is a great person and a school teacher to boot.

  • Michael Glover

    I’d use it as a tablet for watching netflix and keeping up with the latest tech news from MobileSyrup!

  • Scott Wood

    I would use it for the s-pen and draw/sketch wherever I am. Also, listen to music and watch videos.

  • MrMission

    I will hold it and I will hug it and I will wrap it in a bow and I will name it George.

  • habaryu

    I’ll use it to take notes in class.

  • Bob Morrison

    I would give it to my mother in law lol yes really

  • JD McKie

    I intend to take over a small business. this would help with my productivity…

  • Mike F

    I would mainly use it for work to jot down notes and possibly for remote accessing our workstations if the experience isn’t horrible.


    Will be using to take lots of pictures for my newborn daughter.

  • Stephen M. Williams

    A phablet like this would be phabulous! The big screen would really help with online school reading.

  • DragRadu

    This would replace the Galaxy Note 1 I owned for almost 2
    years now which is so buggy and it wants to be replaced if you know what I mean.
    Even with CyanogenMod on it, it still very slow and it reboots by itself once
    in a while.

  • Lonita Fraser

    If I said I wasn’t going to use it to play Candy Crush, I’d be lying. The visually impaired nerd within, really wants to eyeball that big screen too.

  • Subhodip Maity

    I’m an engineer. I would love to do programming on it.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    I see this contest isn’t very popular – not.
    I have always been curious to see the Note 3 in action, what better way than to win one.
    Good luck to everyone.

  • Austen

    I’ll use it to surf the web on, and make phone calls lol

  • sickens

    I work in the accessibility field and I’d actually like to use the Note III to explore the possibilities and impacts a device of this size and the associated accessories, (particularly the S-Pen and the host of Samsung apps like S-Voice, etc) may have for smartphone users with various disabilities. I see a great deal of potential here and would love to see & share how this device could benefit others!

  • Clem

    Please let me win this, this can be my replacement of all my devices into 1!

  • rob

    Snap a 13MP selfie, add too many filters in it, and post through the FB to make everyone jealous

  • Jason H

    I would use it to prove to future employers that my mobile device acumen isn’t just talk!

  • nshah082

    I would use it to take notes at work, watch shows on the way to and from work, and carry around a live portfolio of all my designs to share with anyone at any time!

  • KT

    I will use it with love and care; for everyday use and for convenience.

  • mariobourque

    Replace my notebook for 90% of tasks.

  • Jack Tang

    never won anything from the internet before, would be a great christmas present !

  • Typo Misspell

    My brother’s phone just died and he has a hellish daily commute. I’d like to give it to him as a gift. :)

  • playtillyadrop

    It’ll be en extension of my mind, by helping to unleash the creativeness that is bursting inside.
    (oh…ill also use it for work)

  • Jason St-Hilaire

    I could use it at work or during travels.

  • Eric Archer

    I would use this as my work phone. Would be nice to have a bigger phone, with these specs for my IT work. Also being able to run two apps at once would really help. Phone is a beast, and I would put it to good use.

  • Ernie Chan

    I’d give it to my girlfriend as a gift! So she can stop using her iphone4

  • Alex Campbell

    My dad would love this to replace his old blackberry

  • gman72

    I would use this for work. I’m a draftsperson and could use this with the autocad app in the field to make changes to drawings.

    Plus then I can get the watch!

  • Costa Minitsios

    I would use it for the kids. Let them draw to their hearts content

  • Andrew Wong

    I would take lots and lots of pictures and videos to share with my friends!

  • Qwindsor

    I would use it as my everyday phone.

  • James

    It’d be easier to say how I wouldn’t be using it. Look at this beast! Watch movies while transiting my butt halfway across the GTA every day, using it for important work tasks instead of the ever-decaying iPhone 4 (RIP little one), text at home with my small hands and then have to re-write it 3 times since I can’t reach all the keys, and fit it into my pocket so that it looks like I’m happy to see everyone.

    Cheers for another awesome phone giveaway contest!

  • enrai05

    If I win, I’ll give this phone to my wife who’s using a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Norm Schwartzman

    would love to give it to my wife

  • Jackson

    to make note, to watch videos, and to tell friends that I am using note 3.

  • Alex Prawecki

    I would use it for work…mostly. I’m a property manager so I would use it take notes at meetings and during unit inspections. I would take pictures of maintenance/repair issues and write the concern right on the picture using the S Pen and then immediately send it to the super and building manager via email. And that is only the beginning of what I would use it for….

  • Luis

    Would love this! My Blackberry is dying and I need to replace it.

  • Ramzay

    I’d watch some serious Netflix on this big boy.

  • Christos Bahos

    I’d use it for note taking and reading, besides normal phone functions.

  • Sean Hazlett

    Would be a great phone for the new year! Good luck to all.

  • DMan

    For when I fly! Big screen for GPS, and lots of built in memory for storing charts.

  • conroy28

    I will use it to read Mobile Syrup on the move.

  • ericng823

    I’ll give it to my girlfriend who really want it since the day it came out. She is not entitled for an upgrade and her current phone Samsung Galaxy S3 is broken and unfortunately we don’t have the money to buy it full price. She has been really good to me especially this year, she is my biggest support throughout during my father past away this year. I really want to get her this phone.

  • Sean-Paul

    I would use this beast as basically a replacement to my MacBook. only thing I wont be able to do on it is play MMO’s lol… COME ON GOOD LUCK!!!!

  • Sunny Preet

    I will use this phone to its full extent to do all of my day to day tasks for work.. I would use it for all my notes, reminders , edit and share my files for work and would not need to carry 2 devices then :) and after work would use this beast to watch XBMC and live content online and awesome camera to take pictures of my son ….

  • ineptone

    As a teacher who enjoys movies this would definitely be used to tweak lesson plans and assignments on the way to school in the morning and then for a good film on the way home.

  • Norman Davis

    I would use it to replace my old small phone with one my ageing eyes can read.

  • John Lepine

    I’d love to win a note 3. My current phone is an aging i4, you know the model which loses signal when you hold it lol I’d like to be able to take photo’s, read books, use the stylus for writing, being able to type with my huge paws I have for hands would be a blessing as well :D This would also free up my i4 for my nephews to play games on during trips so they’d be happy as well.

  • Sahibjot Singh Grewal

    I am going to use it for my education and achieve goals and standards that my parents have dreamed for me

  • Dennis

    For business and pleasure !!!!

  • Richard Williams

    I would partner the note 3 with the Samsung multimedia dock and use it as a desktop replacement for 90% of my computing tasks. Awesome!

  • Jonathan Bernier

    If I win, I’ll give this phone to my fiance because her current phone is a joke and she can’t afford a new one :(

  • Kinh Le

    I’d love to win this phone! I’d give it to my mom, she’d love the big screen since it’d make it easier for her to read the words. She’s also not a big fan of the on-screen keyboard, so using the s-pen to write will be very nice for her!

  • Aidolon

    I’d love a Note so that I can write Japanese by hand, instead of having to rely on the IME.

  • Ayub

    I would use it as a place marker for my cat.

  • cancron

    I’d actually give it to my wife, she wanted a tablet for Christmas this year but just didn’t have the money to get her one, so this would be a nice filler, plus the look in her eyes if she got it would be priceless

  • Sam Wiggans

    I would use it’s phenomenal camera :)

  • Roldan

    My wife and I decided not to buy gifts for us and our kids this Christmas because instead we decided to give the money to those affected by the Haiyan storm in the Philippines so that even if it’s not much they’ll still have something for Christmas, It would be nice to win this so that we’ll still have a gift to open this Christmas. But if not, whoever wins this probably deserve it best and have best use for it. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Scott Young

    Due to its massive screen and raw computational powress, when I win, I will use my Note 3 to vanquish all evil from the internets.

  • blaise

    This would be a nice xmas gift for me. !! Best luck!

  • Greg

    I will use it to play ingress, get directions to places so I don’t have to ask for directions, watch movies while bored at the office, find sweet restaurants to eat at, play games, Skype people from walmart after having a few drinks. The possibilities are endless

  • Marc Bernard

    I would score a curling game with it, of course!

  • Mike Weir

    I need this to replace my Galaxy Nexus! I’d use to to finally keep track of my work life and get that promotion I’ve been gunnin’ for!

  • MajikMonkie

    I’d use it as my daily driver, which includes email, text, internet, navigation, games/music/entertainment, etc. The size and speed of it would pretty much completely reduce the use of my laptop, but I’d be perfectly fine with that!

  • Dwayne Hearns

    I would use this phone To make custom Christmas cards to send to everyone in my contacts list

  • Walter Blackmore

    I use my Note2 to read until I dropped it and broke the screen. The Note 3 would be an even better replacement for my library

  • Aleks

    Would give it to my 12yr daughter. She would use it home as a handy tool for educational purposes (assess wikipedia, dictionaries,…), play games, watch music videos, writing/sharing notes using s-pen with friends… Kind of a mini-tablet.

  • Makeda

    Great for school work on the go.

  • blaise

    This is a fast phone!!

  • kohkai

    First off, it would replace my wife’s Note 2, which she loves. Note 3 is just so much better. My kids use the Note 2 a lot because the s-pen is great for drawing and learning to write.

  • blaise

    Where can i get one?

  • TravisG

    I would Give it to my significant other who thinks Iphones are better =)

  • idarknight

    It would make a great gift!

  • SpaceAndShoes

    I would LOVE to use this phone and replace my old phone! Nothing like making a big jump right? :D

  • Rikard Oh


  • Steph

    Would love to get a taste of a Note 3 .Merry Xmas to all and Good Luck !

  • KT

    I will use it with love and care; for everyday use and convenience.

  • Gideon Prins

    My colleague talks non-stop about his Note 3. Need to win one so he will keep quiet.

  • Calvin

    Spen drawing stuff. I have a friend with an s2 and I love using that pen

  • Robert E.

    Currently, I walk around with a phone AND a Note 8.0 because I’m in love with the S-pen functionality. With a Note 3, I could give my Note 8.0 to my gf and still have the power of the S-pen at my fingertips. :D

  • Igor Magun

    I’d use it to browse the web, play games, and watch movies on a fantasticly large screen. I’ve always wanted to try a phablet out, this would be an awesome chance!

  • Kevin

    I’d probably stare at this for the first few hours wondering if it’s a tablet or a phone. Upon realizing it’s both, I’d draw myself a fabulous picture.

  • Wilson Wan

    Going to use it when I’m taking a dump.

  • Mat Marr

    I would use it to take notes in class as well as watch movies!

  • Ralph G.

    I would take awesome pictures, watch movies, draw a lot and play games… And I would probably buy the galaxy gear to complete the family :)

  • Nathan Hylton

    It would replace my old destroyed S2 and older Android tablet!

  • Edmond Lee

    I would love to win this phone and give it to my mom for christmas. Shes needing a new phone and the big screen is something that she wanted

  • Dino

    I would use the phone for phone calls, texting, messaging, social media, notes and productivity, and of course gaming to make use of the awesome snapdragon 800.

  • monsterduc1000


  • Kenn L

    I’ll use it to take selfies. Lots of selfies.

  • bobfreeze

    I would use it to Skype family in BC so my kids can stay connected with their grandparents.

  • JH

    I’ll be using it for school to take notes. no more taking stacks of paper with me all around campus.

  • Francesc

    It would replace both my phone and tablet. Thanks for this give away!

  • Dan

    Personally, I find it too large for a phone, but my kids would definitely be fighting over this for playing games!!

  • Mary M

    My phone is 14 years old. I would love to start the new year with a great phone.

  • Neu

    I will use it so I can entertain myself.

  • bjtheone

    Web browsing, viewing work pdfs, gaming, reading ebooks

  • Harry Chahal

    I wish i can put this baby under the Christmas tree for my wife, she will be using it for social networking, emails, games and everything you can possibly do with it. She would just love this device. Thank you for the contest, good luck everyone and have a happy and safe holidays. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

  • George Grech

    I use the Note 2 now with a Galaxy Gear – It would be great to “win” and upgrade and have the full capabilities of the Note 3 /GG for business applications

  • Dustin

    I have big hands so this phone would fit perfectly.

  • Bim Blackett

    All the great gifts are always for my daughter!

  • Civuck

    Would love it for games and movies on a commute.

  • Tony

    Considering the chance of winning to be lower than 1%, here is my answer to “how you’ll use it.” : I won’t use it. Unless…

  • craig

    Would be great for my wife!

  • Dan B

    I would chop my onions on it!

  • Tornado15550

    I would use the s-pen to take notes and completely replace my notebook with it. I will use it to play the latest graphic intensive games thanks to it’s wonderful snapdragon 800 processor and 3GB ram. It’ll be a great upgrade in every way for me because I currently have a Galaxy S2X (SGH-T989D)

  • Michael C

    a great way to draw and make note
    the big screen is so awesome :)

  • Andrew Flaherty

    I’d use it to read on the train!

  • Etienne

    I’ll use it to take notes, draw a little, play games, and, yes, to make phone calls!

  • Alexandre Pilon

    Would replace my old iPhone 3GS!

  • Natalie

    Front facing camera?! I’d finally have a phone I could Skype with…

  • rod

    I’ll use it to make Chuck Norris cry…his tears cure cancer.

  • Rob Eddy

    I’d replace my Note 2 with it, and continue to be in a total state of joy every day using this awesome phone.

  • Christopher Spook Mullett

    I would like this to play games like pinball arcade and grand theft auto san andreas, and the big screen is awesome for watching horror movies on it!

  • Bradley Yen

    Awesome device. Would love to replace my old S2 with one of these!

  • Scott

    It would start a cascade of hand-me downs in my house. New phone for Dad, Mom gets Dad’s old phone (SG3) and Son gets Mom’s old phone (SG3 w/ cracked screen).

    Oh and games! Play games plus other productivity stuff live twitter and docs, etc, etc

  • Kienerman

    I’m a newbie here how to enter the contest?

    • aLai

      Lol you just did. Just add “How you are going to use the phone”

  • Jason Datt

    I think I would use this phone to organize my busy life! There is never time! But with this GN3 I can save more time! Also to have a wicked phablet!!! ;)

  • Joey Velenosi

    The note 3 would be perfect for me especially that I’m a manager at a tutoring school. It’s perfect for me to write down my notes.

  • NuclearMayhem

    I would either give it to my wife, or use it as a netflix/gaming device for those games I can’t get on my current phone :)

  • Thomas Schuster

    I’ll just use it as a smartphone

  • Justin

    How would I use a Note 3? …it can be used for great production use since the screen is nicely sized. Also great to view things on the Web and watch video. Its an Android, which I’ve never used, simply why I’d like to try this! And been a fan of this since the Note 2 was released, and heard that a Note 3 would come…only can get bigger and better!

  • Daryl Davis

    I would use it everyday for business and personal use. I also have a Samsung Gear watch that would work great with it. Would look great under the tree…Cheers

  • aLai

    I will try to fit it into my pants pocket. Otherwise, it will be my daily driver.

  • Kbrob

    Games games games…hello emulators! My Q10 is great for business but horrid for games.

  • Clarence L

    I would use it 24/7 pretty much….use apps to calculate tips, use it for my alarm clock, use it for everything!

  • HeyYoWL

    I’ll use it to keep all my appointments on track since I’m out and about for my line of work. I frequently need to recharge my phone and the big screen and large battery would be a Godsend!

  • Kelvin Hong

    Gaming. That is all.

  • Darrah Bailey

    Wow, as a bust over scheduled mom of 2, I will use it on the go to check emails and as a date book to keep track of things and shopping lists and such.

  • rami

    i would love to give it to my brother

  • AColla

    Been curious about Android for a while now. This would be a nice way to introduce myself to the OS.

  • BillC

    Phabulous contest for phabulous phone.

  • Weavileforthewin

    This would be a great phone for business work, music, fun, twitter, you name it. The big screen would be great.

  • Volker

    I would use it on the Telus Mobility network holding the phone in the left hand and S Pen in the right hand.

  • vasyl

    will use this phone as phone primarily

  • Shawn Fraser

    I’d use it for work so I can go paperless….and to teach the kids to write.

  • Terence

    I’d give it to my girlfriend. She desperately needs a new phone and this would make it a VERY Merry Christmas. For both of us ;)

  • AB

    I would use it to keep up with uni and my extracurriculars!

  • Tyler McCallan

    I’ll be throwing out my crummy 4 year old laptop and replace it with this

  • Marco Bairos

    Definitely use it as a personal/work phone. I need a big screen to watch videos on for personal use and open up documents for work use

  • zexton

    I will use it for school and work. Reading MobileSyrup news! Browsing the web and planning alot of stuff. It would be a great companion in my life and would really help me with school. I am currently studying at a graphical school and would really use the S-Pen to draw a lot of stuff and that would really help me because I could draw andywhere and I love drawing. It’s an really awesome phone. I never won anything… In the 15 days of giveaways or ever… I wish really good luck to all who enter. You are really awesome for doing these giveaways they really shine up my day because I realize there are still good people who want other people to feel really good. So.. Thanks for everything.
    Gotta love MobileSyrup!

  • Brad Schaan

    I would use this for work. the notes app would work great and i wouldn’t need to carry around a pen and notebook

  • tomImage

    Currently using the Galaxy note 10.1. Would love to carry a smaller device with the extra functionality of LTE.

  • Garrett Cooper

    I’d love this, it would replace my N4 which I would give to my buddy. His S2 is on it’s last leg.

  • Alex Benitez

    i will use it to unshackle myself from my desktop, with HD screen and the S-Pen I’ll watch movies and work from anywhere.

  • Kevin Cracknell

    I would use it to replace my bargain tablet, iPod and blackberry. This would do everything I ask for

  • Andrew Opoka

    It will keep me busier than my SGN1…. time to upgrade

  • Kaputz

    I would use it as an entertainment device for my two kids who love to play games in the car.

  • Kienerman

    i’m going to upgrade this phone from Samsung s4 need a bigger screen!

  • debH

    I will use it because I need it!

  • Jeni Keddy-Rodriguez

    I would upgrade my phone to this one and give my iPhone 4s to my son.

  • Aaron

    I would love the note 3 for all day battery life to take notes while on the go (awesome s pen), take pictures of my kid, and watch videos on its gorgeous screen during my down time.

  • Matthew young

    I would use it to help write reminders to myself! After the concussion I just had my memory is’nt what it was and my for school next term.

  • SP_Fever

    I would like to win this phone!

  • Rod

    I would use this for everything, the device is a beast!

  • miker33

    My son really wants a phone. I’d keep this gorgeous screen and let him have my iPhone.

  • Jason

    It would be amazing to pair this with my Note 8.0

  • Henry

    I would pair it with the Galaxy Gear watch I just acquired, currently don’t have a Samsung phone to use it with.

  • Ken

    My Mom is still using a simple Nokia. She needs to upgrade into the smartphone age and this is the perfect phone to do that. I will be giving this gift to her as a present.

  • peterg201

    I used it myself to replace my 6-year old cellphone

  • kyliec

    I will be using it browsing online all the time

  • Ryan Laker

    I want to upgrade to a phone with a bigger screen as I spend a lot of time on the bus and want to use it for watching videos while I am on the go.

  • Mark Logan

    I’ll use it in exactly the same way as I use my S4, only I’ll do everything BIGGER.

  • Zee

    I would use it to mock all my other friends with smaller sized phones.

  • Andrew

    To sneak a glorious large screen peak at my 3 week old when my wife sends me pictures on Whatsapp.

  • Clint

    use it as a multitasking powerhouse for work, school and personal use

  • Lucien Picard

    I`d use this everyday of course. I sketch alot and this would be sweet on the bus, much better than trying to sketch on a tiny phone…

  • Brent Chin

    Merry Xmas gift to my Wife!!! her aging iphone 4 needs a face lift

  • jpom18

    I’d give it to my Brother, he could use a new one and he likes the bigger screens.

  • David Harlow

    The way it was meant to be used.

  • Pete Y

    I would use the Galaxy Note 3 as a normal phone since I have large hands.

  • Karol C

    I’d love to have one of these to replace my current phone.

  • chris k

    This will be used as a home device mainly for surfing in front of the TV, smart glass for the XB1, fantasy football, etc.

  • Trek S

    very nice

  • Michael Wang

    I would use it to Reddit

  • Alexandre

    I’d love to win this beast. I would use it take notes during meetings and I would certainly buy a Galaxy Gear :D

  • Patrick

    Take photos of the ponies! <3

  • outdoorsaddix

    I would use it to try and be more organized at work meetings, my old galaxy S II X isn’t cutting it any more, plus I could ditch the notebook.

  • Lindsay London

    I’d definitely use this bad boy to take notes in class

  • Sam Monty

    I will use it for my official presentations.

  • Vitus Wight

    This phone would help me bring my RPK around to potential venues plus keep lyrics written on the fly!

  • Mahmoud Khalaf

    I want this phone so badly, for work for school with that S-Pen and the screen size its perfect

  • percyglanville

    This would be an awesome win. It would allow me to kick back and relax anywhere, yet still be connected to the world, whether at home, on the beach, or at the mall. Great piece of gear.

  • Ally G.

    I would use the samsung galaxy note 3 for business, communication, reading, and games

  • Ilya

    As a surgeon, I would use the note 3 to draw a diagram for a patient to see what exactly we are going to do in the operating room. I would review the technical details of the case with my colleagues and at the same time call the OR to see if the room is ready for us.

  • Bruce Graham

    My Christmas tree needs some toys under it.

  • JHead82

    Would be amazing to have a phone and tablet as one device. Especially for work!

  • Francesca Teodorani

    ohhh i could use it for all… gaming… internet… notes… internet… ALL! This is actually the best device upon all.

  • Robin Jen

    i would use it to watch all my favouirte shows!

  • Whin77

    I would use this for work as I am in and out of the office a lot and need to get some admin work done on the road! And it would be great to get some help there – no more extra time after work! . And also, I could sort out family pictures with my wife and dog, Jesse with my downtime! She is just the cutest – my dog I mean!

  • Jon

    I would use it to take meeting notes, take pictures of projects I am working on, review documents, and of course everything else!

  • Stephie

    I would totally buy a galaxy gear if I had a note. Its so cool! Also the awesome s pen functionality to write all of my text messages instead of typing them. :3

  • Malek


  • Jeff J

    I would use this both as a phone and to replace my older ereader.

  • Robin Danger Greenhough

    i would love to win this
    phone cause the current one i have runs on steam power and i have to
    pour water in it everytime i need to make a call don’t get me started on

    .Drawing or watching t.v on a cell phone did not seem possible when my phone was invented help me go into the 21st century

  • plut0nic

    Great phone

  • xrevolution

    I would give it to my mother, she seems to have an interest in this phone!

  • Queenie

    I’ll use it for everything that it can do! Organize my day, take pics, social media, read the news, emails, make phone calls. Oh and to calculate my tips! And brag that I won it from MobileSyrup!

  • Theotherotherhealinggod

    As a college student trying to become a mobile app developer, this would be the holy grail of current gen devices to get my paws on and tinker around with the functionality and raw performance potential of this beast. Of course, saying that this would also make for a wonderful replacement to my ancient HTC Amaze is probably the understatement of the century, haha.

  • Eddie Sarnecki

    That big battery seems perfect for staying connected all day while I’m travelling for work… And I love the idea of being able to sketch on a phone.

  • Sandra Soares

    Would love a phablet!!

  • Devan Tait

    Would use it to keep track of my workouts, plus it would be killer for playing games on at work :)

  • Paul Gray

    I would love this Phablet, I can finally trade up to something better then a flip phone. Please please please

  • Jason Hancheruk

    I would use it as a book to read books to my daughter.

  • Tekarra Wilkinson

    I would use it for literally everything!

  • stephen wiredu

    will be a great upgrade from my note 2.

  • Bstar1975

    What would I do with this phone? A better question would be; what WOULDNT I do with this phone! I would not use it as a door stop for instance.

  • Sabrina Messenger

    I would give it to the family in my town that just had their house burn down a week before Christmas. Although I could find many uses for this amazing phablet I think they would appreciate it more than me :)

  • RG

    Phablet, especially with a pen, would take organizing to a next level for me. Big enough to view text well, small enough for easy mobility.

  • Nicolas Mercier

    I’d use it for work. And to watch movies.

  • Wesley Lau

    I’ll use it with the s-pen and as a phablet and as a remote for my tv

  • Mughal Sweet

    I love it. I will use it for my study and work.

  • Jthor099

    I’d do all my phone meeting notes with the S-Pen and organize them by subject so that I don’t have notebooks full of unsearchable info.

  • Jonathan

    I will use it to connect with my wife back home in the Philippines. The phone with a Telus 4G network will definitely bring us closer together this holiday season even though we’re thousands of miles apart.

  • Patt Harnois

    I really hope to change my note 1….the 3 is a beast…i will use it to everything….

  • rita p

    I am still using a flip phone so this phone would be an upgrade and i could use the camera on the phone to catch those special moments of my baby girl

  • Lyndon

    My s3 freezes so I could. Use a new phone

  • salutcemoi

    I’ll give it to my father; his birthday is coming up and he loves Samsung products; he will use it for both work and entertainment.

  • Joost Kampmeijer

    I’ll use it at home in the living room. Connected by wifi. While the family is watching television, ill check youtube, mail, facebook and twitter. Before going to work i’ll check the weather with an app. At work I stay connected using whatsapp.

  • Arcsvibe

    Would love to win this and give it to my wife! It would be the perfect size for her to store her baking receipes :) Plus the handwriting feature is awesome.

  • Jay.L

    Would love a new phone. I’ll use it to its full power.

  • Soulrift

    I’d use it to teach my father how to use a smartphone.

  • Cottonswab

    I would replace my S3, remote to client PCs, edit documents, social messaging, VoIP to call family and friends outside Canada, listen to internet radio, watch mobile tv and load up on my music and if course read Mobilesyrup where ever I go!

  • Matt

    I would love to give my brother one of these for Christmas as he is in desperate need of an updated phone, his flip phone is starting to lose its luster…

  • wait

    I would give it to my parents so that we could video chat once our first child comes.

  • Gabriel Blanc Paquet

    I would download emulators for old gen consoles, play my games on it and use it to replace my S3 for texting, calendars, notes, etc

  • Sunil Sebastian

    I’ve got sketchbook which is good with the styluses and even fingers I have now, but I’d love to have a device with an S-pen so I can doodle my way through quiet times, in style.

    I’m not saying I can draw anything recognizable, but it’s so much fun to doodle, and the extra headroom would just add to the joy.

    Best of the season to you all.

  • Rory

    I’d draw ALL the things! And on top of using it for watching videos and editing, do my daily perusing of MobileSyrup ;)

  • Dexter H Smith

    I’d use it to make calls. After all its a phone.

  • Suky

    So I can watch videos

  • Mark I.

    I’m in desperate need of a new phone. I’m still using my old, cracked galaxy vibrant! :(

  • max cizauskas

    I would selfishly use this myself in all it’s awesome phabletness on a daily basis, but in the summer it would go between my motorcycle handlebars and accompany me on trips as a GPS/media centre.

  • six4seven

    Use it every day! Thank you thank you thank you!

  • szinck

    I would love this phablet for the great screen size to use for Remote Desktop , gaming and browsing the web.

  • max materi

    I would use it for school.

  • WarRaven

    With both my hands I’d use it.
    Thanks Mobile syrup.

  • peterallcdn

    With the bigger screen, I’d use it for gaming and entertainment, and Google services that they won’t put on my BlackBerry… jerks! :) Hope I win…

  • Gordon Yang

    multi-player games on the big screen with friends!

  • Kyouya

    I would take full advantage of Samsung’s multi-view on the Galaxy Note 3. Sometimes, you just need that app when you are using several apps at the same time.

  • AlexxReed .

    Winning this phone would help me prepare music for Serato DJ.

  • Len F.

    I really just want the box; it is beautiful and I will display it on my credenza.

  • Robert Taylor

    I’ll use it to see if it can replace my iPad 2

  • Bret Davis

    I would totally use this phone to multi task between work and school, as well as use it to read textbooks

  • edman2000

    Using it as an e-book when commuting to and from work.

  • Eric

    I would be using this to multitask during class

  • sortifcom

    Great contest!

  • Lee9000

    I would like to win and give it to the wife.

  • spamgirl

    I’d give it to my husband and he’d use it … like a phone?

  • Faisal

    my nexus 4 has got some issues. Will probably use it myself. Stylus is a plus

  • Tony

    I’ll use it to surf the internet, watch online television, and record home movies.

  • segz

    If I won, I’d multi-task while multitasking a multi-task..

  • N P

    architectural drawing with stylus on note 3!!!!!

  • Peter

    Helping my clients see the benefit of my new business’s services.

  • Mary Laplante

    Maybe I would actually learn how to text, lol


    I would use it in conjunction with XDA and hack the crap outta it…

  • IanDickson

    My wife is always complaining about the hand me downs she gets from me, so I’d give her the new Note 3, and give her Note 2 to my oldest son to play with in the house.

  • Ronald Trinh

    I would love to win this phone, I’d use it for my work phone, would love to get back into touch screen androids and a phone that would allow multi window. Mainly for samsung knox to seperate my work and personal files

  • JLa30

    I would use it as my work phone and then show it off and gloat to the other employees who have an iPhone 4 (no, not the 4s, the 4!)

  • movein69

    I would use it as a phone and tablet replacement.

  • Deebs

    I’ll give this as a gift to my lovely girlfriend who has been having the worst luck lately :)

  • Ian

    This would be a great replacement for my Galaxy Note 2. I use all of the extra features that the Note series brings to the table, like the Stylus, multi-window, etc.

  • Blake A. Stiller

    Reading ebooks for sure, and especially for taking notes to summarize my lecture sessions.

  • Russell

    Would make a great device for work for remote management and being able to stay connected while out of the office.

  • Anupam Chowdhury

    I love to win a Samsung Note 3. Most people would say I give it to my
    mom or dad or friend. For me I would keep it for my self and give my
    Samsung S3 to my Dad who wanted my S3. For all the phones that I have
    owned I have only been with Telus and no other carrier. Then I would go
    out and buy the Samsung Galaxy Gear to accessories my phone.

  • Bruce Danyluk

    I used a Note 2 briefly and was intrigued by the drawing function, so I would use a Note 3 to sketch ideas for new projects. Thanks to Telus for making these prizes available!

  • Rich

    I’d use this to replace my archaic Galaxy S1 (only usable because of XDA <3).
    In addition to that, the N3 would allow me to bypass getting a tablet all together because it's the best combination of a phone and tablet in one on the market.

  • Mahesh Kumar

    I will use it as my daily driver, heavy games and using the “S” tools for better productivity.
    Merry Christmas to everyone
    This would be a wonderful gift.

  • LA W

    I’ll be using it as my main phone, reading books, playing games, writing notes, email. Use it in everyway possible.

  • †Jay Del Rey †

    If I won the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, ( after thanking the Gods of the Tech Heaven & you guys of course) I would upload new photos on Instagram, which I haven’t been able to do so in over 15 months. Next I would be able to contact my Mom whenever I need to. This could also eliminate my boredom on bus rides to and from school. I could play games, go on multiple apps or listen to music portably which I haven’t been able to do in 2 years. Among other amazing capabilities, this phone would be the ultimate gift for Christmas and New Years as it would be the first REAL phone I have. My other phone was an LG Optimus One, and while I loved that tiny device literally to pieces, my fingers were too big for the miniscule screen (3.2 inches) and the camera quality wasn’t what i’d call Instagram-Friendly. Concluding, I haven’t had much luck in the past with MobileSyrup contests but maybe this time that’ll change!! Thank you. Good luck to all who enter!!

  • Derek Wagner

    Please pick me!

  • ConsumerInMind

    I would use this device mostly for media consumption and to read all my news sites on. 5.75″ 1080p display of joy

  • blessedta

    Would use to as an e-book reader while communting

  • Jason Pelczynski

    I would use this phone to stare gloriously at this wonderful site. And enjoy the amazing phone in all its glory!

  • Jasen_H

    I’d use it as my primary mobile device!

  • Arash Javid

    I want it

  • Noel Victor Dulay

    Winning this would make my Christmas! I would use it to finally replace my BB9900!

  • Kam

    I love to get this Note 3 for my wife. She could use the phone to watch her favorite shows and read up on articles.

  • Joe Dickson

    I’ll use it as my tablet around the house! RDP, cooking recipies, home media control and sharing!

  • Petros Malevris

    I’d love this phone

  • 808fproj808 .

    Take the best notes in class!

  • Ronald Sweet

    How would I use this great phablet….well, to the best of my ability and learn more ways to use it as I do!!!!!

    When would I use this beauty….well, every moment I could!!!!!

  • woody mornay

    everything it can, way too many features to use just for one thing!

  • Gary Lin

    I would give this to my father in law so he can get into the technology.

  • MasterP

    Simple and to the point. I’d use it as a phone hah!

  • p3h2o

    I will use it as a wifi tablet. No need for cell activation.

  • William Z. 

    I guess I will use it to watch more YouTube Videos.

  • Janet M

    I would use it to keep myself organized and keep connected with my family.

  • William Ngo

    I would like to have this phone so that I can take better pictures than my motorola v3

  • Holz

    I will use it to play Simpsons Tapped Out!

  • Drizzle

    Take notes and sketch inventions on the go.

  • sinesthetix

    Well that would be a delightful secret Santa gift!

  • David Ng

    I’d give it to my wife so she can stop complaining about her iphone 4s screen being too small.

  • NoOneCares

    I’d keep it all for myself to have a bigger screen for my aging eyes.

  • huning

    Xmas gift is coming!

  • Gi B

    How will i Use it ?
    Simply for the Multi-tasking
    This is the best phone to do so, i don’t have to close apps with Multi Window, its powerful, the screen size and resolution is perfect and of course it have the best multitasking software from any other smartphone out there

  • John Crisp

    As a coffee table coaster to keep those nasty drink ‘rings’ under control … joking ! : ) (or am I ?) nahhhh!! I am – I’d use it as a super-duper smartphone should be used and often, maybe too often…(but, shhhhh…that’s just between me and my smartphone.)

  • Canadaboy

    I’ll use it like a boss. It’ll be like “in your face” this is the phone! coming through. did you see me just answer this call! see! see! and “whoot” this be a text coming through baby. Oh yeah. No newbie or other use for this phone. We’re talking this be the universal I control the horizontal and the vertical. It’s twilight zone for my remotes! I be the superman in my household. Who to you cat! This be the Samsung Note 3. You got oppose-able thumbs? No? Then paws off you mangy feline felon. This be me getting the power. Oh yeah. Like a freaking boss.

  • Richard D Hall

    This phone is the only serious challenge to the IPhone. I want it.

  • Roymathieu

    I would not do anything special or different with it. I would simply use it for what it is capable of doing and I would be truly happy to use such a well made device!

  • Marlene

    I’d give it to my grandson as he starts a new school soon not close to home

  • Nik Iafrancesco

    I would use this phone to make as many phone calls in public, just to see peoples’ reactions. That might be worth filming actually!

  • Brittany

    I’d use it for skyping and video calling. Or anything related to entertainment.

  • Gagandeep

    I just love the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It has all the best features of today’s newest phones. Besides, I could really use a new phone as my BlackBerry is starting to act up again.

  • Kishnabe

    I would take a profile pic with it.

  • Jeslin Wijaya

    I’ll use it to make phone calls and texts. And read read read!

  • MarDinGir

    I would use it as my mp3 player and for productivity at work.

  • Ken Ng

    I know my parents are due for a new phone. Their existing one is over 10 years old!!!

  • marvin

    For me, if I ever use this phone, I’ll be using it for when I have school and I wouldn’t even need to touch paper again thanks to the Polaris office. And thanks for its 4k video I would be able to record amazing videos when I go to concerts which would be pretty awesome. Since it has such a big ram multi tasking will be my favorite thing to do. Easier for me to take notes and watch a video which I do most of the time because I love to learn. I am a big samsung fan

  • Ali

    I would love to win this phone. I’d use it as my daily driver and give my iphone to my partner. Win win situation.

  • Michael Macfarlane

    I would use it to watch movies on my commute.

  • J T

    What will i NOT use it for? It’s good for everything! Youtube, Netflix, Gaming, Reading.. The screen and blazing fast speeds are awesome!

  • Rob S

    This would be given as gift. It would make my holiday shopping just a little easier with at least one WAOH gift. High demands from the family, but not enough money to meet those demands.

  • Pat Bester

    I would use it to change the world. Well probably not. I would though, enjoy the crap out of it. Pat Bester

  • Gary Whitbourn

    I would use this Note 3 to do my work, sketch with it and watch movies….oh, and would pick up Galaxy Gear to compliment it! Its such a wonderful looking device, and my friends who have, love it – I would too!

  • Gary Whitbourn

    I would use this Note 3 to do my work, sketch with it and watch movies….oh, and would pick up Galaxy Gear to compliment it! Its such a wonderful looking device, and my friends who have, love it – I would too!

  • Smith

    I would use it for games and watching videos on my way to school and during my free time.

  • Fishieeeee

    I’d love to replace my old 3G with this this.

  • Deli

    I will use its super powers to hack the NSA

  • ronald

    I would love to get the note 3 therefore i can convince my gf to go android and ditch the isheep phone and it would be a great Christmas gift

  • E.J

    I would love it…

  • Denis Toska

    i hope win it and use it for the best tecnological app e games…..this smartphone is the best

  • Cldmani

    This phone will go to my Dad. His Galaxy Nexus is dead and is in need of a new phone.

  • Connor

    I need a replacement phone, this would be ideal!

  • Hank M

    This will be a Christmas present for my parents if I win! Time for them to move on from their dumb phone!

  • Harold Mitchell

    I would give this to my wife….(really!) Best of luck to all…Merry Christmas!

  • Brendan Riddell

    I’ll use it for work, talking orders jotting down notes it would be perfect

  • MrLemon9876

    I will play games on it

  • I SikhWarrior I

    Movies, many movies…

  • Michael Kachor

    Goodness! My dream phone – I’d use it for everything!!!

  • julie_bolduc

    I would use this the camera sounds awesome

  • JaySea

    Winning it could save my 2013 and change my life for ever ^_^
    it will be a really usefull to manage my work, my home automation, my car entertainment, my on-the-go GPS, ereader, webbrowser phablet and camera!

  • Soemantrie Arso

    will use it as my main phone, my email, my agenda, my multimedia, all the things for which I need this phone!

  • Tony Vigario

    Would love to give the new s-pen features a try. looks like the offer a different experience!!

  • Jessica S

    I’d use I to take pics and videos of my new baby!

  • Paxterics

    It would make a great Christmas present for my mom… She would probably use it to help her with painting and carving.

  • Effram

    I would like to use it as a camera and gaming device.

  • Peter Zhang

    Would like to win this phone, I will use it to replace my 3 years old iPhone 4, I do think Note 3 is the best Android phone by today!

  • Rafa

    I’ll use it as my surprise gift for my wife :-)

  • Many99

    Me wan to win, I want, I need,I will win, now give it me and the then I will give to my parents. Good luck everyone, especially me.

  • YourPalRob

    Would love to win this phone. I’d give it to my mom, she would love the big screen and the ease of using the s-pen to type and draw.

  • Edmond Panopio

    I want this as a christmas gift for my daughter as she suffering from depression right and this is her wish for christmas. But i’m afraid i cannot afford this if i buy it. Thanks mobilesyrup.

  • Ian Mendoza

    Download the autodesk sketch app and replace this with my usual dollarama notebook and pencil!

  • Dude

    This would be a welcome addition to enhance my productivity in and out of the office… watching netflix or streaming media to my chromecast wouldn’t hurt either!

  • Dalex

    I’d use it as my road companion. With a spare battery or two and SD cards filled with content. It will be my powerhouse pocket computer.

  • Taylor Lee

    It’s a perfect gift! For me!!!

  • Ken Falta

    I would use it for everything. My eyes are not the best anymore so having a large phone like this would be amazing! :)

  • Desi Jatt

    I would play with this note 3 all day long

  • truepopo

    It’s truly the finest piece of hardware put there. I have had the Fortune of using the first 2 notes and would treat the 3rd just as nicely. Please or please Santa… Pick me for this gem


  • ishangra

    I would love a Note 3! It would be my way of saying goodbye to my iphone 3G! Fingers crossed…

  • Yong C

    I’d use it to take photo for my daughter.

  • Mikey_Mills

    This would be wonderful! What would I use it for? What wouldn’t I use it for? I would use it for pretty much everything in my daily routine. The alarm clock will wake me up in the morning. While I’m eating breakfast I would open up the Zite app to get some daily news (politics, tech, and mobilesyrup updates). While getting dressed I would open up Songza and listen to the Blogged 50 playlist. When commuting on the train I would check Instagram and Twitter. At work I would use the calendar to see what meetings are coming up. I will make notes with S Memo and the awesome stylus. On the way home I would text my girlfriend to make plans for the evening, going to the yelp app for restaurant recommendations. Before bed I would set the alarm and plug the phone into the charger for another upcoming full day.

  • TP

    will be a perfect gift for my wife, whose hobby is drawing & painting, so she can do it on the go as well.

  • Ng TR

    This will be perfect for note taking and reading for me.

  • Ted Nitchov

    Since my son now has absolute pecking order over the family tv, and my wife over the ipad, I would use it to watch tv shows online.

  • Amanda

    I would use it to play games and read ebook.

  • Dee

    I would use it for school:)

  • fidorulz

    Ill use it to entertain my daughter during those long drives by putting movies on it

  • artyboy

    This would be great for my sister who is looking for an upgrade to her old phone.

  • Rebecca Belcourt Wright

    Yes please!

  • Noah Roesler

    I just like what the name says, I would use it to take notes! I just started college and the phone would be great for class. (And maybe a few games on the side?)

  • Sean McConnell

    I’ll use it to bring joy to my wife this holiday ;-) She is in bad need of a smart phone like the Note 3 for photos, notes, task management, full day battery life, social networks, and of course, calling friends and family.

  • Bradley Martin

    I would give it my son. He would love using it to surf the internet and play games on.

  • Alain Lafond

    Yes sir! Send one out east… My wife would loooooove thsi one… She have a crush for big things…

  • Kevin Kuo

    I’ll root it, unlock the boot loader and install Cyanogenmod on it to make it a Super Nexus.

  • Sean notenboom

    Got to use one for a couple months at work before the position was eliminated last week. Merry Christmas! Found I saved about 45 minutes a day in admin time with Evernote functionality. I’d use it all day in my job search, and religiously at my new job. Phone is a beast and by far the best thing to happen to Project Managers in years.

  • ana georgievska

    would be a perfect gift for my nephew

  • Justin Hykel

    Endless tic tac toe

  • Daryl Kaufman

    I want a fabulous phone but I would like to have a phone like the Note 3 that I can sketch on, take beautiful photographs and organize my art to present to potential buyers at a moments notice. Thanks, Daryl Kaufman

  • Pushpinder Purba

    It will be a perfect gift for my wife since she bought me a Samsung galaxy S4….would love to see that smile on her face

  • John

    I would give it to my son to use at university for all his scheduling and scholastic needs.

  • Tom

    I’ll use it on beautifully made games and teach my great niece with it.

  • shawnyce leroy

    I would love this phone and use it for my fast paced life in the cell phone retail business! Help me sell more Note 3s to customers! i would be instantly purchasing your S-view case to help sell! Thanks Samsung and Mobilesyrup! – Shawnyce

  • Peter

    I would love to use this to replace a dated phone at work.

  • Chris Johnston

    I’d use it at work to take notes as I’m always away from my desk but don’t need a tablet!

  • Trevor T

    I would bring it with me on my trip to Australia in the new year

  • Sara Dhooma

    I’d use it to help document my 5 month hike of the Appalachian Trail in April!

  • B Ha

    Read ebooks with it

  • marshallpower

    I will use it at work, while I travel, everywhere I can, even while doing the dishes since I now have my Slingbox connected!

  • SQ

    I’d use it to get some reading done on the go… especially the news. :-)

  • Srinivas Yarlagadda

    nice phone

  • fred

    would love to win

  • Kevin Mendoza

    This phablet will definitely come in handy when taking class notes.

  • Benjamin Z. Brown

    I’ll use it to replace my S3 that just fell into the snow! Ah shoot, I’m more likely to give it to my girlfriend who’s been running around with a broken phone for months and craving the Note 3.

  • Ryan Hugh Moran

    I’d use it to get out of my contact with Bell! Worst, most ineffective, most expensive, and abusive customer service ever!!!

  • power_pizza

    I’m happy with my Galaxy S3 so I’ll probably give to my mom or sister as a belated Christmas present.

  • マイケル, ロサレス (Michael Rosales)

    I shall use this phone for taking “notes” in class while browsing youtube using multiwindow

  • Vincent Ho

    Would use it to review accessories bought from mobilesyurp

  • Jason

    I could fine a few uses for that! Watching netflix for one.

  • Damon Rose

    I’d use it for watching tv shows/podcasts on the go, better screen for the games I play, and get back to doodling

  • Jennie Nickerson

    This is the exact phone I’ve been wanting since it came out! :) I would use it to check e-mails, update social media, play endless hours of Candy Crush, and take too many photos of my cat (and then upload them to Instagram, of course.) Fingers crossed!

  • Andrew

    I will use this beast to warm up half my face on a cold winter’s day!

  • Ro Tep

    A big gift for me if I can win this dream phone. I will use like a big multimedia phone hehehe. Calling and writing with the improve spen

  • asmithonline

    I will use it myself… with only the force with me.

  • Gnat Pisaster

    Would love to give this to my girl – she needs a new phone!

  • Lea Faubert

    Laptop is pooping out on me…:( I could certainly use this :)

  • seajewel

    To take notes at work and to write poetry on the fly.

  • Maggie Cheung

    My dad always wanted a smart phone …he still have his old, slow phone that works whenever it wants. This would make him happy!

  • Ponpon

    I would give this to my parents, who would enjoy a larger screen to cuddle up and watch movies, and use the S-pen to edit and share family photos.

  • Micheal Stewart

    This would be great for making notes for developing my games as the ideas come to me… Also useful as a phone

  • Ray

    I’d use it to take lecture notes at school.

  • thedesmodes

    I would love to win this phone so that I could give it to my mom for christmas.

  • kidpiglet

    I would definitely use the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and S Pen primarily for keeping notes and creating artwork on the go! Often when I’m stuck waiting at an appointment, or for family members to finish up their grocery trips (I’m a fast shopper lol), I wish I could have remembered to bring along a pocketbook & pencil just to jot down random ideas or sketches to occupy my time. The Note 3 seems like the perfect companion to fill that void, where I sometimes feel a sudden need for creativity and relaxation.

  • Isaac Gacura

    I’d love to win this, this would make sketching down quick drawing ideas much easier. I’d be able to enjoy more of my media on my 64GB card with the larger screen and my sister would benefit from the phone I’ll pass unto her :)

  • Ronnie Rabena

    I would use it to draw some wicked pictures using the stylus. Would also use it to draw out my storyboards when making a short film. :D

  • Andreas Schwab

    Use it for everything. And maybe get Galaxy gear for it too

  • Louis-Philippe Bell

    It would replace my broken iPhone 4S

  • Lonestar

    I will gift it to my Wife and she will transfer her dissapointing Rogers account to Telus and we will be one happy family!

  • Walter B

    I would ditch my crappy Htc desire on Bell and immediately join Telus for that SGN3 !!

  • Mohammed Ali

    The list of what I would do is too much to write, so I’ll just say I’ll use it to take notes during lectures.

  • Jonathan Lajoie

    I’d use it to make phone calls and text people.

  • Kanarico

    I’d use it to watch shows while on my commute.

  • Joe Mikhael

    Big screen is the way to go for browsing, videos, reading, and gaming. My 4″ screen seems archaic!

  • ps4rh

    I’d use this as a replacement for the Note 2 that I dropped and smashed. Man, I miss that phone.

    As for what I’d use it for? Everything. Damn near everything. It’s a good phone; so much so I’d barely needed my laptop any more.

  • Ryan Hamade

    I will dismantle the device, then put it back together. NOT. At least, not immediately.

  • Jessie

    I would use it with Galaxy Gear watch

  • Hotrod

    Ill use it on the bus to win other phones to use on bus to win other phones to…..

  • Nelson Liu

    I would use it to be more productive at work! What a gorgeous phone!

  • Scycotic

    Would love to win this phone, enjoyed the review on it. My dad would definitely appreciate using this, as he’s looking into getting bigger screens to help with his eyesight. Cheers!

  • Dan Valentin

    Simple and to the point: i still use a nokia 2630 with max. 1.5 h battery life.

  • KLY

    I would replace my tablet and phone if I had a note 3

  • catl

    I would use it to keep track of everything.

  • Lyon Cab

    Perfect drawing and music tool! Well, and everything else too lol.

  • kunaalj

    I’d draw people on the subway…

  • maple_65

    a bit of texting, surfing, reading.

  • Jo

    I would use it for grad school … procrastinating instead of doing readings that is!

  • Mike H

    Would use it for calls, SMS, surfing and ebook reading.

  • Arjun Rudra

    would use it instead of my unreliable blackberry z10 that turns off whenever it wants to and is a pain to use. would laos use it to read books while in transit.

  • Hotrod

    To use on long bus rides

  • Graeme Nickerson

    I would use it to replace my aging note 1, almost time for an upgrade

  • Darren Toews

    I’ve been wanting to try one of these for a while now. I’d basically use it like any other tablet … surf the web, watch videos, etc … It would replace the aging Asus TF101 Transformer we have now.

  • AReid

    HTC Sensation replacement.

  • softturbo

    Use the s-pen with gloves on

  • bonj

    Right now I take an S3 and a Galaxy Tab 8.9 to meetings, with the Note 3 I’d elinimate bots and carry one device.

  • jaykula

    i would finally get something for my father

  • Allan

    I would use it for gaming.

  • Larko Farko

    I’d use it for crank phone calls.

  • Gordie Hrehirchuk

    I’ve missed a big screen since I broke my original Note. Now I’m using a One V and can’t type on it because of my freakishly fat thumbs, can’t read on it because of my semi-useless eyes and can’t write on it because I keep losing the toothpick I use as a stylus. Basically, I would use it to live my life to the fullest! :)

  • Jason Huang

    I’m going to take advantage of the 4K camera and take great videos and pictures of my beautiful 6 month old baby girl!


    I will use it call my my parents every day to say i love them. :) many people need to be reminded of this! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  • avidey

    I would use it to make a comic about a zombie steve jobs that can control technology, as he fights Samsungs Council of Thirteen. All thanks to the spen

  • Luis Guev

    This phone would be such a great upgrade and would let me bundle my mobile services with telus convienantly! Hope I win.

  • Scott Palmer

    I would use it to send pictures of my beautiful daughter to my wife.

  • David T

    I would play Pinball Arcade on the Note 3, when I’m not using it for other stuff.

  • dgopalan

    I’d give it to my dad whose eyesight requires a larger phone

  • ef4ervescent

    i would use it for work and vpn into the office

  • Dustin

    I would use it for world domination

  • Mike Elders

    This is my dream phone, what else is there to say. My Nexus S is just so small and slow, this would be an amazing update. But I hope whoever wins doesn’t already have like Nexus 5 or something crazy awesome already. And I’ll use it to spread peace and love, etc.

  • Calvin

    Approve creative while on the go, all things on 1 screen… any time, anywhere!

  • Enrico Mak

    I want to take some 4K video using the new note 3!!! happy holidays!!!

  • Aron de Haan

    I’d use it for movies, maps and entertainment!

  • mayhem128

    I’ll use it to make/receive calls, send/receive messages and get online.

  • Colin Barbon

    I’ve been ogling this phone since the first leaks came out. It would replace my phone and my tablet. One device to rule them all.

  • Grant M

    I would use this to replace my iPhone…be nice to finally have a phone that actually does more than talk and text ;)

  • Julie

    This would be great to use while we are travelling!

  • Michael Farrell

    I want to rock this phone with the new galaxy gear. Between the s-pen and the 3gb of ram that the phone has, and the ability to receive texts on the watch, all my work will get done faster and stealthier

  • Neil

    I’d give it to my mom for Christmas. She still uses a flip phone and has been wanting a smartphone for a while.

  • eszklar

    Would make a nice gift for my Girlfriend this Xmas. She has the Note 1 and 2. MIght as well keep going.

  • amberh

    I would use this phone to its fullest and most amazing potential. The multi view combined with the s – pen is one of my favourite and most used applications. The watch on TV remote is so cool too. I work in the technology industry so I would demo the phone to clients and pair it with the sweet galaxy gear.

  • piaz

    I’d use this phone for work and play. I’d be great to connect to my work network with a bigger screen from anywhere. And that big screen would come in handy when it came time to watch video or entertain the kids!

  • Thomas Tuong

    I would use it for everything

  • hawkkill

    I will give it to my wife for Christmas gift

  • john dang

    I would organize my meetings and days activities on the go, as well as watch HD quality movies while I’m travelling!

  • Clinton Bishop

    I would use it to increase the efficiency of my workflow at, well…. work

  • Matthew C.

    Definitely going to use this a daily driver; love the large screen and all-day battery!

  • Tracy Saddul

    I’d would use this phablet to replace my archaic bb.

  • Bobby Aves

    mlb tv 2014!

  • Clunks

    As my notepad in the workplace + phone

  • Edson Lai

    I’d use it for school so I could view textbooks and assignments!

  • Nidhin Pattaniyil

    give it to a family member who could use a new phone

  • Brittany Pap

    I would love to win this phone!! I would use this phone for note taking, and most importantly drawing. I am an animator and so when I go to meetings it would be really easy to use this phone cause then I can have all my ideas with me without worrying about losing them since they are already in digital form.

  • David Liu

    I would love to incorporate its large screen and S-pen features into my daily routine, jotting down occasional notes and editing documents!

  • Peking Duck

    If I win this phone I would probably have to think twice about ordering the Nokia 1520. Never owned a Samsung before though

  • Jared Bedi

    This would allow me to work more from home, as well my kids would love using the S-pen. :)

  • Ray

    I would definitely use this for all my emails while working, as I can’t get emails while hooked to the VPN.

  • Michael Luu

    Definitely going to use it for work.

  • Wireless Gadget

    I plan to use it as a video player, its compact, powerful and does everything!

  • Luc

    Watch Netflix!

  • Atique Ahmed

    I would give this to my dad. He said he wanted a smartphone with a big screen.. so yeah:)

  • Rob

    I’ll use it to make my life complete :).

  • mega cynar

    I’d be using this phone myself and give my old one to a relative who’s still on an old flip phone. The note 3 is awesome.

  • Rohit Soni

    This phablet is exclusive for the combination that money can’t buy elsewhere.
    Big screen with convenience of stylus, removable battery, upgradable memory & fantastic camera.
    I will use it myself for all the great features above. As it is too good to be given away.

  • Justin Amis

    I would love to use this phablet to help me stay on top of my work and do well in my upcoming second semester of univrsity

  • Pacoup

    I’d use it to: [ Input list of amazing amount of things I actually do on my smartphone here ]

  • Yves Thibault

    I would use it to replace my Galaxy Note 2 and then get a Galaxy Gear.

  • Robert Fantinic

    I would put it under my Christmas tree from “Santa” as a replacement for my iphone 4

  • Benjammin

    Upgrade from my iPhone 5s?

  • Phil

    Use this beast to read my textbook

  • chily CHEA

    it will be great for work. I would be so easy to reply to emails with this screen !

  • ballin4life

    It would upgrade my life!

  • Mike Ng

    Use it for change, realize my dreams, spread awesomeness

  • roflkops

    As the only non-developer in an app development company that chooses Android (specifically a Phablet fan) for my daily device I’d use it like I do my current phablet. Screen on from 9 til 7 (office hours), s-pen out and continue to favour it over a laptop or tablet for my personal use.

  • Eric Tackaberry

    I want to integrate the ir blaster in to my home theater setup.
    My onkyo remote is cool, but i like a single solution.

  • umnikke8

    I’d use it for app development.

  • Ainkaran Vijayaratnam

    I will use it as my main desktop replacment to view school related powerpoint presentations, editing text documents, viewing PDF documents for research. The 5.7 inches of screen size combined with the 386 PPI pixel density will make this phone an excellent device to perform the above tasks efficiently, and the superslim design will make it more portable, thus enhancimg my productivity compared with a desktop.

  • Ian Njami

    I’ll use it to test my upcoming Android game. It’s specs are insanely perfect! :D

  • Rayyan Bhuiyan

    I’ll use this for school and while doing rotations in the hospital!

  • CdnChris

    I’d use the device to test all the latest and greatest ROMs! I’d also put it on the table with a flourish at every meeting I go to, waiting to make eye contact with anyone who looked at it longer than a second and say “I WON THIS FROM MOBILESYRUP.COM!” Depending on the audience I might add a “BOOOOOOM” with a touchdown style victory dance and backflip.

  • Jake

    I will give it as a gift.

  • Wahid Ka

    I would use it daily for capturing client signatures at my work site with the S Pen & for the holidays create a holiday card using the S Note features! Would be amazing!

  • Hail Eff

    I would give it as a Christmas gift to my mom, so she could finally replace her hold, broken phone. Also, so she could finally see the words on the screen.

  • 994196003

    I would use it for school and work, draw diagrams and take notes

  • Terry

    I would most certainly use it at work in the field to alter PDF engineer drawings! S-Pen for the win!!

  • AdamCMWilson

    I need to replace my S3 which has met its end at the hands of a concrete floor.

  • Aaron D

    As a personal phone to replace my aging device.

  • George Meisner

    I would use it to keep up with the news and my friends.

  • arj_85

    I will be giving this to my parents so that they won’t have to squint at their aging ‘dumb’phones anymore! It’ll give them much pleasure to able to video chat on this huge screen!

  • Tom L

    I’ll use it to make my Apple friends jealous.

  • Matthew Ostime

    use it to replace my older phone. and get better pics of my new son.

  • Bartosz Chyba

    Pick Me :)

  • PΞTΞЯ™

    Simple. I’d enjoy the heck out of it and get my first real taste of android after using Blackberry and windows phone. I’d take notes and use it for work for communication and of course a little play.

  • Lai yin Chan

    It is a phone!! It will be so useful for me at my new job starting next week as an phone and organizer. Will be throwing my old paper planner out of the window. No more carrying that heavy book everyday feels like I am still in school

  • Martin

    I would give the Note 3 to my wife, for her a tablet is to big and a phone is to small. This would make her so happy, and would fortify our love till the end of time:)

  • Dicky Hung

    I’d use this for work and make myself more productive!! I hope I win!

  • Naze Baluch

    First: Get the Phone.
    Second: Take a picture of the world.
    Third: Redesign the world as I want it to be.
    (Kudos to the stylus.)

  • **Blade**

    This would help me greatly at work, love the phone, looks amazing!

  • staceydempsey

    I would use it for everything, emails ,facebook ,twitter and I would take a lot of pictures . I would talk a lot with my daughter who is off to college soon and with my son who is already at college. I think I would have to have them show me all the best apps to get too

  • Shaan

    I’d use it for work.

  • Joseph Anthony Miele

    I would use a lot more for work. I need to take a lot of pictures of missing parts and with the S pen I would be able to write notes on the picture with measurements and other important things. then the basics facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and vine

  • Oliver

    I would give it to my wife whose S2 is on it’s last legs (if I can get over the temptation of keeping it lol)

  • Reggie B.

    Using its screenshot edit features, would like to make theming tutorials – and other video based articles

  • Jeffrey Dorsey

    i would use the note 3 as a gaming console,mp3 player,messenger and a notebook for all the things that i need to remember on a daily basis that i keep forgetting!

  • Ken Leu

    Movie time

  • Debbie Bashford

    I have never owned a cell phone, I think this would be a fantastic one to own for a firts timer

  • derek daigle

    I would use the phone for all the usual stuff, but I would use the note taking to keep my calls in order, and the also so my daughters could take pictures and draw on them, they would be entertained for hours! This is a wonderful opportunity, thank you for the chance. And let Mr. Bader know he did great on All about android.

  • Marwan Alani

    Save me the money of buying a laptop , I’ll use it to get things done for school … And test my android apps on it as I’m learning to code for mobile systems :-D

  • Ken Leu

    Wont need laptop anymore

  • J H

    Will give it to my mom if I won. She is still using HTC Touch.

  • Jack Lee

    As a student strapped for cash, I’d give this to my dad. He’s gotten everyone in the family good phones except himself. He could use it for his job as the battery life would be superb along with the giant screen. It would be the ultimate gift.

  • irish_iis

    I would love to replace my flip phone with this Samsung Galaxy

  • Kamal Jeha

    I would use this phone for school. This would be perfect for taking notes and projects because of the s pen. Plus I would love to use s note to draw

  • amana1997

    I will share this with my kids and use this as a backup to my laptop. Will help stop some fights over the computer.

  • Muhammad Mohsin Iqbal

    I will use it with any way it can be used, one hand, two hand, s pen and voice :)

  • Tyler Reid

    I’d be playing a lot more games and watching a lot more youtube than on my Nexus 4.

  • Tom Choi

    I would use it to multitask my life away

  • Joe Arslanian

    I will keep the note 3 and give my s4 too my gf.

  • Kelvin Young

    My sister could use a new phone. Her current Samsung phone sucks :/

  • Moongazing

    I would use it to keep me organized in the new year!

  • Warren Beckett

    I would love to use this myself. Great easy to read screen size!

  • Sonicorp

    I would use the phone for business use like check emails, check tech news updates on websites. Also I am a graphic and website designer, so this is a great phone due to if I get an idea i can draw it out on the phone on the spot.

  • Maz

    Would love to get my hands on this phone before Christmas

  • matt T

    Would be a nice gift to give the brother!

  • authenticSteveB

    I need to bring this back to China as a wedding gift.

  • Croc Ography

    Simple and to the point, I am going to replace pen and paper with it.

  • Chun Tam

    I will play sodoku on the big screen!!!

  • aranson68

    I would use this phone to help organize my life.

  • samsungfan

    Replacing my sad note 1 and its missing s pen. Using it to read Mobile Syrup and snap and share pics of the family. Got another baby on the way.

  • Jonathon Squires

    I could really use a new phone so this would be prefect. Would use it for work.

  • Craig Bowden

    I would love to have this so that I would finally have a screen big enough to read mobile syrup on as well as having a nice sized screen for my daughter to draw on. Thx!

  • JJohn

    Love to replace my Nexus S with this, its on its last legs.

  • Mayon Marcelino

    i would use this phone and replace my existing one. With those specs I wouldn’t have to upgrade my phone for a long time.

  • gmaninvan

    This is excellent and I would get a ton of use out of it. Firstly for my work as a project manager in construction, the larger screen would make this an ideal companion for site visits where pulling up drawings would be easier seen on the large screen. The second reason would be the large battery providing an ideal device for ingress!!

  • mohammad Minhas

    I’ll give it to my sister, she’s big on photography and her current phone isn’t too good

  • monkeytacos

    replace my laggy phone

  • Robin

    I would use it as my daily phone. Would save me having to lug around a phone and a tablet ;-)

  • Lynda Noack- Cook

    I would love it because of the big screen and I be able to surf the web better

  • May

    I’d use the huge screen to watch movies and videos!

  • Pat E.

    Give it to my husband -

  • ChelleFish

    me me!

  • charlie brown

    I would finally get off my iphone and use my own country’s product phone!!! Pick meee!!!

  • Derrick Tam

    I’ll use it as my a digital sketchbook.

  • GRD43L .

    I need it for work to replace the old aging S2. Larger screen will be a big +. Pen will be so handy . . . come to daddy.

  • Jason Sohm

    Would love this device to one up my wife and her fancy new S4 :-)

  • Parth Desai

    I don’t even remember that how many times I have tried… just being hopeful…

  • gailanne

    My husband doesn’t own a smartphone. I’d LOVE to give him this one for Christmas! It looks awesome.

  • Larry Chen

    I’ll use it to run Linux, so I don’t have to carry a PC around

  • toronadian

    Watch movies with that HUGE screen it has.

  • Dwest1814

    As a current note 3 owner, I use this phone for everything! Scheduling, jotting down lists, taking pics with the top-notch camera, drawing, watching videos, and most importantly, keeping in contact with people. My Mom is amazed by the multi-tasking capabilities of this phone. If I were to win, I would gift it to her. She’s the best mom and totally deserves it!

  • Mike

    I use it to take pictures of everyday things around me

  • theycallmeWat?

    Would give this to my wife… and she’d use it to play candy crush on that super-sized screen!

  • rtg_500

    I would use this phone to secretly watch netflix while at work.

  • halfofalife

    Would love the Note 3 to watch Netflix and Movies on the go without having to worry about my battery life

  • Ed Chia

    I’d try to use the S-health when I go workout, the amazing camera to take some sweet videos and pictures of my family during the holidays! Maybe root it and run some custom ROMs and benchmark their performance differences :) And other than that make voice and video calls :D

  • Lawrence

    I’d use it to take amazing pictures and then deface them with crude drawings

  • Oscar Wong

    Would like to win

  • Marc Boucher

    I love the quick access to tool with the stylet! I would use that all the time

  • Ahmed Al Suwaidi

    Would give it to my wife as bday present, I can’t afford to get get anything these days.

  • Thomas

    Take vacation photos in Hawaii this January! not to mention kill time on the plane!

  • Dave H

    I would use it to take notes in class. Taking notes on a regular computer doesn’t exactly work when you can’t draw symbols and signs.

  • Mike

    I would use it as a phone….

  • docashhosale

    I can watch Barney on youtube.

  • Goud Iat

    I will replace my old phone

  • 1Man-Wolf-Pac

    My brother is finally coming home after 4 years in med school in the U.S. and I know he has an eye on getting the Note 3. If I win, this would be the perfect gift to give him as a congratulatory present on 4 years of hard work!

  • judycc

    I would love to win this phone and keep it all to myself to make phone calls and maybe take some pictures.

  • Hansen Woo

    My mom needs a new phone!!!

  • Vern

    I would pair this with my Note 8.0 and have the Awesomest note taking technology!

  • Felipe Ramirez 

    This will be a perfect gift to my dad. He’s a Telus Customer and he is a truck driver so he’s always on the road. That way, he can use the big screen to watch games and highlights at night when he’s resting.

  • Jérémy Letendre-Côté

    Note for school

  • David Livingstone

    I’ll use this to read mobilesyrup daily! On a big screen!! :)

  • iusearayK47

    I will replace my Note 2!

  • hystericalmonkey

    Use it to view more news from Mobile Syrup!

  • Sean F

    I’d use it to… replace my Samsung galaxy lol!

  • Mark Cernanec

    I’ll use it as a paperweight for the first few weeks, as I will have no idea how to work it.

  • The Real Chozn1

    I would use it to replace my aging BlackBerry, plus the big screen will help my aging eyes. Also, I would use the Reebee app instead of carrying grocery flyers around.

  • Cerroneous

    This would be amazing. Big enough to keep track of patients/trends in investigations during call shifts, battery big enough to last the whole 26 hour shift, free enough for a trainee to afford (the nexus s isn’t cutting it anymore)

  • Jen

    Play games and doodle on it!

  • Alison Danielle

    For work when I’m on”vacation”. With VMware and shareplus apps!

  • Miraldy Andral Colon

    Use as a Tablet and cellphone at the same time and i luv the pen lol ………….

  • noshawn

    want to win

  • em95

    nice prize

  • jen1990

    nice prize

  • jean63

    nice prize

  • Jeremy Lukan

    I would use it paired with the Galaxy Gear watch, I can’t use the Galaxy Gear with my old phone.

  • Adrian C

    I’d use this phone for school, as an organizer, agenda, and other things!

  • Jason Elliott

    Viva La Resistance

  • Yves Benard

    I already have a Note 2 that I will pass to my grand son and keep this one for me!!! Sure to be used intensely at work and at home. And of course watching Mobilesyrup on it!!!!!

  • Stuart Steventon

    I would love to use this for taking notes at work and using it to keep in touch on the go.

  • Martin Menard

    I would use it like I use my Note 2 with more possibility.

  • God

    I would give it to my girlfriend! She has a cracked Note, a broken Sony, a messed up iphone. Just no luck with phones. She needs it bad.

  • smirnoff04

    Omg this would make not taking so much easier! That screen is awesome.

  • Amardeep Hundal

    I would use it to sketch and click pictures of my 2 day old son. Ofcourse big screen is awesome for reading your website as well.

  • Marilyn Legault

    would love to use this as a phone, but especially for the camera.

  • Allan

    I would really like to try writing on the note 3. I love to draw and it would probably be great for taking notes in class!

  • Brad Jones

    I would use this to take notes in meetings and for reading.

  • Hai Ha Nguyen

    This will be the perfect team mate for my pharmacy’s internship at the hospital! S-pen to take note, to search for drug’s information, to save information and also to retrieve it quickly. =D

  • Edmund Szeto

    I’ll use the Note 3 to do whatever I currently do with my Nexus 4 + Nexus 7 combo! One less device to carry around. I’ll probably use it for handwritten notes too if the stylus turns out to be as good as people say it is. Oh, and of course, I’ll use it to drive envy into my friends around me :)

  • mike mottishaw

    if i win i can talk to all my Hawaiian buddies and have bragging rights too!

  • Abhi-nay

    I’ll gift it to my dad who seems to be struggling carrying a phone and tablet, not to mention the tablet being a Playbook.

  • Jerome

    checking news on mobilesyrup! everyday!

  • artiplier

    I already bought a Note 3 outright to keep my old plan, but a free phone is always handy. I’d sell this one for a decently low price to someone and use any cash I make to help pay back my phone. Buying outright is cheaper in the long run, but it still hurts the bank upfront.

  • Jeremie

    Work and play! Writing a screen play!!!!!!!!!

  • Francine F.

    I’d use it for computing on the go, when my phone screen just isn’t big enough!

  • Paul

    I would use this phone to process credit card transactions as the s pen allows the customer to sign the credit transaction with a pen rather than a finger which most people find very weird.

  • @AirbnbSuperhost

    I would use it to check on my business when away from home. Currently my ‘smartphone’ operating system isn’t compatible with the one website I got it for…then I waited to long to test it out and find out!

  • hamza

    Really need an upgrade from my 3Gs ! Been with MS for a while so this would be amazing!

  • hamza

    Could make as a great gift for my brother who just got his CA designation!

  • Dan

    I would use the note 3 as a phone, e-mail device, and download new apps to to help with everyday life things like exercising and trying out new recipes. I’m still using a nokia 3500C so this would be a huge upgrade.

  • Andrew Pham

    I’d use for pretty much anything (watching movies, browsing the web, listen to music) the possibilities are endless!

  • Muhammad Rochim

    Oh God, It will be making me so much happy and exited if you give me this one to me. Really can’t wait to touch the screen. Wish me luck

  • StevieY

    I will fastboot it into my girlfriend’s vajayjay

  • hilda

    I’d finally be able to stop bringing an iPad everywhere as my kiddo would be able to watch movies on my phone!

  • I3iggy

    I’d use it to replace my ancient captivate! I’d also use the S-Pen for drawing diagrams for my students.

  • Andrew Bird

    Love it! I have the Note 2 now and use it extensively for work. If I win the Note 3 I would replace my current phone with it. Taking notes with the S Pen is the best way to attend customer meetings!

  • John Naderer

    My son would love to have this phone.

  • gerincanada

    I’d give it to my wife so see could get rid of the paper she keeps the budget on.

  • mendicant

    I’d use it for writing notes!

  • Damien

    Be great to have this phone I would use it for its many features and multi tasking utility’s for the best experience possible that or give it to my Girlfriend for a Christmas present as she wantss this phonee alot shes a die hard Samsung fan

  • Nicolas Bedard-Maltais

    This would make a nice xmass present!

  • Heather Clouston-Diotte

    I would so use this for myself! I love the Full HD Super AMOLED Plus 5.7in screen. It’s crystal clear, bright, and serves up bold colours and crisp, easy-to-read text as my friend has one. In short, it’s everything that anyone would want to see from a flagship device!

  • ramboal

    N64 Emulator hooked up to tv with PS3 remotes.

  • gleib

    Love to have this for surfing the net

  • Wasted Mass

    I would use the expandable storage and 4k video recording capability to capture every other day odd and eccentric moments in incredible detail and resolution… kind of like that apple misunderstood ad.

  • Farrukh Salim

    I would love to win this phone as I would give it as a Christmas and Birthday present to my mother who has been wanting this phone since it released and is an avid reader and commentator on mobilesyrup.

  • Warren Feltmate

    I’d use it to read PDFs of English language course books, while I prepare lesson plans to teach English and in combination with Unified Remote to easily integrate technology into my lessons

  • Sam

    If I win this I’d start by taking a picture of myself and start an international handsome mens club.

  • Cesar Romero

    If I won the note 3 I’d gift it to my uncle, he needs a new phone stat!

  • YSTO

    No more phone and tablet, this does both!

  • xtk

    I’ll use it to develop and test Android apps

  • Carmen Andujar

    Love that it is big

  • Braden

    I’ve always dreamt of opening a sushi restaurant that serves one of a kind sushi rolls. Unique rolls the world has never seen before. I like to draw out what the rolls look like, and quickly write a few notes about it. Although sometimes the ideas come and go, and I’ve got to draw them out as soon as possible before my busy day catches up to me and I forget. That is what I would use a Galaxy Note 3 for, a sketch book you always have on hand. And maybe one day, to make this dream a reality.

  • Richard Macdonald

    I would watch movies on it! 1080 display is sweet!

  • Vaj Castro

    I would use it for browsing because of big screen and fast lte, playing because of great specs and draw and notes because of S-Pen

  • Kafil

    use it to sign contracts and thus save paper, no need to print and fax/scan stuff back.

  • Jimmy Soriano

    For school, work, and videos!! love the giant screen and super battery

  • Michael Wallbank

    I would use the S-Pen to MULTITASK and finally be organized!

  • Sonny Warncke

    I would use this phone all times as when I text I often press wrong keys enjoyed telus services for many years

  • 51Rocker

    I would use it for my university night classes.

  • wayne

    Im a big fan of Samsung products. We have an S2 that still kicks butt and a Galaxy Tab. This is a perfect blend of both and would be so thrilled to give it a go and do what I do with 2 in 1 phablet. Im very curious! Thank you

  • qwerty

    Use for school and social

  • slneilryan

    Love to win. Would give to my son. He is dying for one of these.

  • aznfobb19

    I’d use it to watch movies/shows during my commute to and from school!

  • Craig

    Got one for $99 on a 2 year contract..but it’s already scratched from a few good night’s out..could use a new one!

  • K L

    I would probably replace my Blackberry with it.

  • Jenny B

    I would give this phone to my older sister, because she’s in dire need of a phone :D.

  • B N

    What would I use it for? The real question is …What wouldn’t I use this for? It does everything between work and home! I wouldn’t be surprised if samsung had a hidden pet feature just for them, if by chance you ever forgot to take it with you.

  • RogerStrong

    I would probably replace my Blackberry with it. (Oh. Someone already said that.)

  • Jian H. Lin

    would love to have this phone as my every day phone, no need to carry both phone and tablet anymore.

  • Abdullah Khan

    I would use the phone to stream movies and for browsing.

  • Tommy Cheng

    Been looking to upgrade my original Note! I will use the crap out of it!

  • Herb

    Love this phone. will be using it to take pic and edit on the huge screen!

  • Keith Chiu

    I would give this to my dad since he has a hard time reading small phones. I’m satisfied with my N4.

  • bbpb

    I would use it for app development, in the new year I was starting my own app development company

  • Ed

    Would love to win one to replace my old slow phone

  • Matt Gustavson

    I would use it to replace my current aging phone.

  • Brian Eng

    id like to take a picture with it

  • Ken E

    I have tried winning a phone for months hoping to get one…not for me, but a friend who is not as well off as I am and can’t afford one. I hope I win this one…or maybe the next one…or the next.

  • A B

    As an outside sales rep, I would use this unit constantly. Taking notes at meetings with customers and not having to use paper is one good reason to have a cool device like this one.

  • Tooth Fairy

    My old skool phone is stupid, it still flips! Would be sweet to own a new smart phablet phone for calling and social networking, taking photos etc!☺

  • st0nec0ld

    I’ll give it to my parents. Mom could use a phone, dad could use a tablet.

  • @Richard_Hansen

    This’ll be my main phone!

  • Paul

    Perfect gift for my daughter’s high school graduation in few months.

  • Linda T

    I would use it as a phone as I don’t have one yet. I like the bigger screen so I can actually see it. Thank you for the chance to win. It would be great!

  • Mathieu Arseneault

    A Note 3 could finally be the tool I needed to get organized at work and at home. The perfect notepad and task manager you get to carry with you at all times!

  • Billy

    I need this phone to replace my old crappy one…so i’d use it to replace my phone…and would love to try the s-pen to draw and write things

  • Dave

    I would use it to take notes at school and at work.

  • Rona Y

    I’ll use it so I’ll be able to use its large screen to read ebooks without using reading glasses!

  • Barry

    I currently have the first Note, I got it on the day it was released. I will be getting a Note 3 but sure would be better to win one and then pass my Note 1 to my son.

  • Terry Chow

    This would be my replacement phone to replace my dead S3…currently using S1….

  • John Feringa

    To stop my wife from coveting my Note 2. :) She uses my as a replacement for her broken Android tablet, she would rather use the Note 2 than the Win8 tablet that she has now.

  • sharie

    I will use the phone for sch(university),work and pleasure

  • frank

    if i won this phone, I’d sync it up to my useless samsung gear that i got as an early christmas gift, not to mention it would be SO much easier to send out emails to clients, with that huge screen and built in s-pen

  • Jerry Only

    I would use this during my long days sitting in the chemotherapy chair at cancer care.. It’s been a tough couple of years without any high end devices to keep me company. Good luck to everyone that enters. Cheers!

  • Binder KaurBC

    who needs a computer if your lucky enough to have one of these awesome devices!! cheers!

  • Eric Kung

    I would take notes with the S-Pen so much and play games on this beast!

  • Ashley T.

    Everything!! I still use a blackberry that I have to charge every 3 hours!

  • jp talbot

    I would use it to take even more pics of my kids

  • diggitydang

    It’ll replace my tablet! Ha!

  • ren7

    Want. I’d use it for my notes around the lab. It’d be way more convenient than using pen and paper and then digitizing it afterwards.

  • Mike Griffith

    Everything I can do.

  • kevin busby

    I would enjoy upgrading to kitkat. I use my note2 for work, and utilize the office suite daily. Would be great having the latest note.

  • ahho

    Love to win this and give it to my dad, since he is new to technology and with the S pen, it would be a much easier to learn than accidentally touching it using the fingers

  • nelly_85

    For me I’d easily use it while I’m in lecture and record my MBA professors and take notes. I’d also take it for a spin around Toronto taking pictures like crazy. Would be a great replacement for my note 2 with TELUS that has data connection issues in my area. I’d also try to figure out how to root it and get rid of Knox fully without voiding the warranty. I’m a nerd.

  • Giordana

    I’d give it to a friend!

  • J M

    Use it for work.

  • Anupam Chowdhury

    love to own a Note 3

  • Chris MacIsaac

    I’d love to incorporate this device into my daily classroom routine. My students would be floored!

  • Jay Franco

    I would love to win this phone ! I would give it to my older brother who is going to university and could use it for taking notes in class !

  • Kelvin

    With this baby, I’m going to use this as my primary phone but also for note taking at university due to its advatnages: big screen, ease of typing and drawing.

  • PA

    I would use it for school to take note cause it’s useful for mathematic wrinting! :)

  • Mel Dimaculangan

    I’d get rid of my tablet/ipod and have this as the all-in-one device! =)

  • colonha

    With this beauty I can do all my work, vpn connection, remote support, video conference via skype. I can too talk with my family and stay connected to world. And of course I will be connected with all the news of Mobilesyrup.


  • Laurie Smith

    I would love to be able to give this to my daughter.

  • amber

    I would use this precious thing for school and work. Drawing and reading. And alot more!!!

  • MW

    I would use it to keep in touch with friends (social media) and read online books and magazines.

  • Marz

    I’ll use it to crush those who would defy me.

  • Usman Arif

    The screen on this thing is a beast, the HD colours and multi screen capabilities are certainly gonna come in handy for school assignments and photos

  • Walid

    I would use it with my fingers.

  • alexpb1

    I would give this to my mom. She uses an old blackberry. This thing would amaze her!

  • Chris Larochelle

    I’d give it to my Grandma in England so that we could Skype each other on Christmas day!

  • Ahmed

    Would love to own a note 3 cause it’ll really help my cause as a student, where I stay currently, going to an Internet Cafe is very expensive so a powerful beast of a phone like the note 3 will be perfect. And thank you.

  • Tyler Durden

    As a graphic designer, I love the Note series. I have a Note 8.0 tablet, and having the Note 3 would make my work flow so much smoother as I could work on both devices using the same apps like SketchBook and PhotoShop Touch. I am also a huge fan of using the least amount of paper possible. All my bills are even electronic now. So the Note 3 would be a great addition to my life.

  • Iain Brennan

    I would use this wonderful phone to help me manage my life. The S-Pen and large screen will be a blessing in usability.

  • Clint Nunweiler

    I use my Note 2 for work and know with the added productivity features I would love having this device! Plus Im a bit of a phone junkie…

  • Manpreet Singh

    If i win , i would be able to replace 3 electronics I carry with me to University i.e Laptop, Phone and Tablet.

  • Kevin Lee

    Side talking, in public.

  • Gabriel Chow

    I will be using this to catch up on the news every morning without having to squint my eyes. I’ll also be doing some actual work on this – the ability for the phone to recognize hand written notes is especially useful.

  • Manpreet Singh

    If i win, i would be able to replace ”3 ELECTRONIC DEVICES” i always carry with me to University i.e a Laptop,Phone and Tablet.

  • Ian Elbury

    Would like to have a phone for these weary eyes!

  • Mike

    I would use it to make phone calls and send texts.

  • HOOB

    I’d take three notes at once!

  • Curtis K Louis

    can i win something?

  • William

    Hope I win. I’ll use it in playing Ingress. :)

  • gmerrick

    I’d love to have one of those for Christmas!

  • nalin

    i would love this

  • Scott Chi

    I would use it as my new daily driver so that I can pass my current phone (i9300) on to my GF (who has a i9100).

  • David Joaquin

    I would hold it in my tiny hands and make phone calls while people give me funny looks… and I wouldn’t care cause this phone is so awesome!

  • retrophiliac

    I would love this phone because i don’t have one and it’d make me feel like i can take a picture of the random things i see on journeys

  • Brandon

    As a great personal assistant.

  • Amber B

    I would love to win this for my friend who loves to draw, who is aiming to be a great artist. this would be amazing for her drawings! and her photography as well!!!

  • Alyssa

    I would love to give this to my sister. she loves to read and draw, it would be the perfect gift!!!! :D

  • Amy T

    This lovely technology would be perfect for my brother! he loves to game, read, watch movies, and draw! he also love his photography! this would be amazing for him!

  • Lee Wing Soon

    This will be a Christmas Gift for my wife to replace to her Nokia C2-01. With this big screen, it will be able to fit a picture of myself, my wife and my baby as the wallpaper so she can look at our picture whenever she miss us.

  • Stuart Martin

    I would set it up to automate lots of everyday things with Tasker, I think the larger screen would really help it be more useful for content consumption. Probably load it up with lots of books to read when I am out.

  • karamvir

    I would carry it around with my s4

  • Jane

    I would set it up to do my every day things. the things i need to get done and the things i want to do after. the larger screen would help me alot and it would be a lot more useful for my art work. I would also most definitely put a bunch of book on there to read when i am on the go.

  • Ryan Readman

    I would give it to my grandmother so we could video chat and stay close during her last days.

  • Mitchell

    I would get this for my girlfriend, she loves to draw, the big screen would be amazingly useful to her. she loves to read and write, and watch T.V, and movies. this would be the best present for her.

  • AB

    I would get this for my sister, she would definitely like the big screen and the s-pen to draw. she would love the fact that she can bring books with her without actually having to. xD

  • Ecliptical

    I love the size of my note 1, and use t for work, the s pen to takes notes is amazing, please pick me!

  • JamesBrownn

    use it for school and work

  • Abner

    I would use it to replace my mom’s Xperia X10, which is basically running on fumes at this point.

  • James Lee

    This phone would become my new daily productivity tool! Would love the chance to take this as my daily driver!

  • LMC

    both my daughter and I are non-cell-phonified, so it’d be a toss-up who would needs it more …

  • Canucks69

    I would use it every day and not worry my battery dying. Take pictures and videos to share with my love ones. And of course doodle with the stylus and YouTube.

  • JP

    Would use it for entertainment while traveling.

  • Ameer Almusawi

    I work on the field selling mobility to small businesses, God knows I could use the Note 3 to display proposals and charts to potential clients. Currently have a company provided BB Q10.

  • Joshbosh

    This phone is so awesome!! Would love to get my hands on my own note 3. Love the large screen and s pen features. Would be great for school and work. Its like a computer in your pocket!

  • Ferenc Kunszt

    Id use it to keep better in touch with people from school and work

  • Jon Ching

    I’d use it to take notes at meetings at work and then sneak out and watch a movie until my next meeting.

  • Zachary Lerner-Muloin

    This phone is a powerhouse and would make student life a bit easier.

  • Tejas

    i will use this to watch educational videos

  • Joseph Marchionda

    I’d use it for my last year at vet school when we have to be reached at all hours

  • Rebecca Brown

    I’d use it to replace my old phone and keep better in contact with my kids off at school and work

  • Jason Reisch

    Could replace my iPhone and maybe even eliminate the need for a new tablet. Here’s hoping.

  • jo ruer

    Wishing to present it to my close buddy as a christmas gift :D

  • Guest

    Would love to win

  • Aditya Mishra

    Would love to win this one. Will be using it as my tablet c*m phone. Love to read books while travelling, so would be put to a great use.

  • Shania

    I will be using it for work- making notes and to do lists with the S pen!! The big screen would be so helpful.

  • Shania

    Take notes with the S pen!! It’s the whole point of this phone. Plus the big screen would be so helpful during meetings at work and school..don’t have to squint my eyes.. LOVE THIS PHONE.

  • Nick T

    I would be playing games and using the companion apps for games !

  • Guest

    Would gift this phone to my best buddy as a christmas gift :D

  • bryon

    I would use it to teach the grand kids how to draw.

  • Blueliner

    I would LOVE to use this for my lectures! Especially with the S-pen I can write down notes. Also the portability is such a plus!

  • komal

    I am crazy about this gadget just want it

  • kcired gnuehc

    I will use it to show off

  • MrDisco3

    I’ll use it to take pics of my daily travels and add notes to them via the S-Pen

  • joel

    im being perfectly honest, i just want it to read

  • Jeffrey Ha

    Id take it to the edge of the world

  • tracy

    I just want it to show it off, ive never had a phone before so i could make calls as well

  • brandy

    this would be so awesome!i love this gadget i want it so badly!!!

  • Andrea

    I would use it for its camera! (among all its other awesome features too!)

  • Diderot

    I’d use the the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to make phone calls and send text messages. Maybe take pictures too. Oh, and play games, write emails, and navigate the web.

  • lily

    i would get this to draw with my baby boy. and send text messages, navigate the web, and do my work.

  • Justin

    I would use it to watch YouTube videos on the huge screen and boast to my friends that I have a better phone than them.

  • TheRegDunlop

    I’ll use it to make other phone users feel inadequate with their puny phones and feel better about myself in the process.

  • RockG

    Going from meeting to meeting at work, this would be the perfect balance of usefulness and portability!

  • Brian Truong

    pretty much would let me play with the android OS since i’ve never done so and really want to love it. i know its capable of a lot but never given it a chance since i don’t own one to use.

  • tickman

    This would be a great phone for productivity by keeping my Onenote notes up dated on the go,

  • Rachel Ash

    I would use the note to make me a better person, enrich myself with knowledge, to help my young Nice understand the world, showing examples of the things she asks about. Using it to learn languages, read books, what film television and listen to music. It would be my cultural hub. I would communicate better with family and friends, contacting family over the world via Skype. I would draw and take time to appreciate the gift of the note

  • Wenge Du

    This would be the perfect replacement for my original Galaxy Note 1 that I’ve used for 2 years!

  • Brett Henderson

    Love this, would give it to my wife!

  • arctic_canoe

    I would use it like a phone mostly, and sometimes maybe surf the internet.

  • John

    Give it to my wife so she can try out a Korean phone instead of using Japanese phone all the time. :)

  • Jani

    I’d definitely use this for streaming content. Thanks!

  • Dee Park

    I would love to win this! My current phone screen just shattered and I would totally replace it with Samsung’s brand new Note III<3 This would be my everyday tablet/phone combo!

  • Amandeep Singh

    Gonna replace my broken phone with this one.

  • Mark

    Note 3 is like the swiss army knife of technology. It can do anything and im looking forward to challenging it.

  • Jin Woo Shin

    It will be the replacement of my ancient NEXUS ONE!!!!

  • Angela

    I would use it to replace my several year old phone.

  • Kurtis

    I would use the Stylus pen to take notes and take advantage of the 4k recording.

  • tektite78

    I would play music, take pictures, surf the web and of course, make phone calls!

  • Stephen Chee

    I would use it as a phablet; when I want to consume media but not bring both a phone and a tablet somewhere.

  • Hasan Khateeb Mohammed

    Omg! I love this phone. My fiance who lives 8000 miles (Dubai) away from me (Toronto) just got this, I wanna use same phone as hers out of love. I wish to have it, but I’m drowned in debt. Hopefully I win. :)

  • itpanda123

    I’ll give this gorgeous phone to my beloved girlfriend. Her iPhone 4 is too small to use all the time. It hurts her eyes.

  • raven

    I would keep it for myself, my toddler dropped my phone on the kitchen tile and I can barely see anything anymore

  • Brian

    I would have lots of uses for this phone. One of them would be reading mobilesyrup ;)

  • thefitz

    Definitely will use it. Pick me! Me! Me! xD

  • mashimaro

    would love to try an android phone

  • Missycat11

    I would give this to my son- he would love it.

  • Richard Parker

    Downloading my favourite apps!

  • Inae Park

    If I win Samsung Galaxy Note 3, I will use it to handwrite grocery shopping lists, lecture notes and daily journals. Also, I will use it to take photos while browsing for new exciting places in Helsinki. I hope it helps make my life organized and try my artistic side.

  • Chris Andre

    Please yes! Perfect replacement for my S2

  • Sameer

    Christmas gift it to a loved one this holiday and surprise them with such an awesome gift

  • Imran Hafeez

    I will use it for school, to get remote access of the class in bad weather.

  • Peter Kwok

    I’m going to make my gf jealous by complaining how awesome it is lol.

  • kole

    I would use it for school to do homework on it

  • Mike

    Watch movies and play music, read ebooks, play games, and so much more. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2, which is quite outdated and would love to replace it with the Galaxy Note 3.

  • s2eto

    I’d use it to watch shows.

  • @Thatlawyerguy

    Hi there! Having this Phablet (Fablet – fabolous tablet!) would be “pho-nomenal” as I’d be able to obtain a number of wonderful legal apps that I could assist me in my daily practice. I’d also be able to manage my clientele quite a bit easier, and bring the app into the courthouse when dealing with litigation. Suffice it to say, it is vastly superior to my Blackberry! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  • Cameron Van Beers

    I would use the phone for school, for note taking and studying, not having to think about losing my textbooks, and not being the only one of my friends not having a smartphone. ;) Props go out to my Samsung Slyde, 5 years and still running!

  • Kenichi Edbert

    is this an international giveaway? If it is an international giveaway, I would like to use it for my school life, because galaxy note 3 is the best phablet for multitasking :D

  • deniseklay

    I would most love to use this as a phone as of yet I am not currently a cell phone user would be great to update my lifestyle!

  • JJ!

    Yes! Nice offer! I’d love to try and integrate this into my science student life. It would be great to test how the large screen and S-Pen might improve my productivity. Though, uncontrolled rampant media consumption could certainly threaten any gains. ;)

  • blzd

    I would use a Note 3 in place of a tablet.

  • Shawn

    The big screen, great battery life and expandable memory would be great in my day to day life! I wouldn’t need to bring my tablet when I go on holidays either.

  • Ken Badgley

    I would love to present this to my daughter. It would be so perfect for her.

  • cdmvirt

    I would give this to my daughter who lives in Toronto, her mom can’t afford a phone and she would love to be able to stay in contact with her stepsister(8) and half sister(4) here in British Columbia, perfect for note taking for school and awesome to be able Skype them here.


    even if they giveaway 15devices in one time i won’t get selected i know this;
    but still i believe in “hope that i would be selected this time for my dream phone”
    But. let’s hope none the less….I hope I win this time . I like Samsung products & this phone will really make me happy :) it will’be a gift for my dear little brother gut crossing my fingers….

    ALL THE BEST-everybody cross your fingers :D GOOD LUCK :)

  • JiDe AbóDerìn

    Winning this beauty would enable me utilize its multiwindows functions to the fullest while creating my small window for incoming calls in other to know which call to accept while multitasking on this beauty.

  • Jean Yau

    I will use it for drawing my art and stylus pen on Galaxy Note 3 is jsut perfecttool for it.

  • Đỗ Văn Hiệp

    I’m working as IQC staff at Samsung Electronics Vietnam. Many my employees are using Samsung smartphone to improve the image of Samsung products in others eyes. If I become a winner of this contest, that’ll be a great gift at the end of this year.

  • Jeramy

    I would use it to organize all the charity events i do…for instance sick kids hospital :)

  • Darren Genge

    I would use the Note 3 for like EVERYTHING! love the blog.. MobileSyrup rocks..

  • Travelbuds

    I would love to have it as my phone has a very tiny screen which is too small so I can’t do anything on it.

  • H L

    I’ll use it for work, perfect screen size and resolution to view pdf on the road !!

  • JoeN

    I’d use the Notes capabilities to make me more effective while in work meetings

  • spoofreader

    Big hands and poor eyesight…. Note 3 appears to be the appropriate device of choice for me.

  • Willuminati☆Imortali

    I would use it to replace my s4

  • jyoti

    I want to surprise my husband by gifting him galaxy note 3 as if has multitasking features n is very helpful at workplace as well as home

  • Ndzbggrhndz32

    I would really like to win so that I can chop off my hands and replace them with Shaquille O’neil’s hands and carry around this note 3 and complain about how small it is.

  • Amy Heffernan

    Would love to give to my teenage son!

  • Sarah J Jackson

    I would be using it for for everything , phone calls mostly , emails , checking facebook , pictures

  • Theresa

    Just can’t think of a better prize. Have used the Note 2 & love it…Note 3 rocks! I would seriously be thilled to win it. It can replace all of my defunct devices – phone, laptop & camera. I can do everything with it. And thanks to Mobile Syrup & Telus for the opportunity to win this. What a neat holiday contest! Happy Holidays!

  • disqus_MjzsQJgrkw

    I would use the camera to take on-the-spot photos

  • HenryCalibre

    I would use this for social networking while away from home

  • Richard Sherrington

    I’d give it to my wife who loves to read books and finds it a bit difficult to read them on the phone.

  • Freelancer22

    I’ll use the Note 3 to replace my iPad as my daily tablet.

  • Magda

    I would use it to take quick notes while I’m out, capture sketches before they leave my mind and to help look things up when I’m vendoring.

  • Lee Min Ho

    Music, movie, games and internet.

  • madcowmoomoo

    This is awesome

  • Lorrie

    I would throw out my flip phone and use this instead!

  • Mayda

    I would use it to stay in touch with family

  • crayjay3

    I would use this phone to defend the realm, also Science™.

  • James

    I would love to see if this puppy could put an end to the blurry photos of my daughter and ease up on my carpal tunnel aches!

  • Lenny

    The Samsung Galaxy note 3 is a hot device; in fact probably the only device that would remove me from the iOS ecosystem I live in.

    With new little feet pattering around the house I would use this device for it’s phenomenal video capabilities! 4x HD video recordings would allow me to record my kids in a format that would preserve the memories for when the little ones grow up!

    Thanks MS! Happy holidays.

  • mat

    i would use this phone for making calls watching videos and playing angry birds and maybe a few texts

  • Michael Vescio

    I’d use the Note 3 to create great things, organize myself for the new year and read more mobile syrup!

  • framing god

    Please I want to win! I’ll put it in Koodo for my wife!

  • Brandon Fa

    I want to use the note 3 instead of a notebook at my school. And also to use etextbooks so I don’t have to lug 3 very heavy high-school textbooks. Please I want to win this contest

  • Kyle Ferris

    It’d be a great Christmas gift for my wife!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • a-jon versace

    Well I am a wardrobe stylist so for me a screen of this size with the s pen would be perfect for me taking notes when I’m with clients,organizing files and sharing ideas and plans with them on a more viewable screen

  • Ian Palmer

    Big screen for my bad eyes; I’ve been using the original Note for over two years with great satisfaction and would love to upgrade to the newest version.

  • Kathryn Lavallee

    I’d use it to manage my social media on the go, and ditch the phone and tablet I use currently! Having one device instead of two would be great!

  • Martin Trager

    I would replace my note 1 with it and give my wife the note 1.
    It is an amazing machine that never leaves my side.

  • Adrian Hung

    If I had such a phone, I’d use it as a media control center. This is really the last piece I need to complete my home theater.

  • frogstar42

    After over 10 years of HTC, I am finally ready to dump them and switch to Samsung. I will miss some things, but my HTC One X overheats and fails daily. I want to have a cool phone again (pun intended). One that makes people go; Oooh! Let me see that! It’s huge!

  • Peter Wakefield

    A Galaxy Note 3 would be NICE to Ring in the new Year!!!

  • Julian Pimentel

    I would show how great the Note 3 is and most important, how awesome Mobile Syrup is!

  • Neal

    I’ve been waffling between the Nexus 7 and something more portable. A free one would seal the deal ;-)

  • Sakaria Liban

    to keep track of time and take notes

  • Farhan

    nice to have one

  • Carl Dumont

    I would love to win this

  • Nilay Sondagar

    I would use it for school because that giant screen along with the S-pen would make an amazing study tool :-D I hope I win! Good luck!

  • Collin dubya

    i would absolutley use this for work, We use smart phones for our equipment provisioning when working in customers homes, having the dual screen feature would help me get even more work done! please pick me!!!

  • Anita Taheer

    My first grandson was born 3 months ago. The best days of baby cuteness begin now and I can only imagine the adorable actions which I’d like to capture on video for not only myself, but to send to his father who is away a lot.

  • Jonathan

    NOTE: Non-stop Organizing, Talking and Entertainment

  • Darren Higgs

    I would use it to impress all my friends still stuck with flip phones…

  • Barry Wolfe

    Wow that would be so great I could give my S3 to my love so she can get rid of the android 2.1 slide phone and I could use IR blaster to controle the tv :p

  • Owen Martin

    ‘How would I use the Samsung galaxy note 3” the options are endless,
    but you would likely find me using it to fulfill 2 roles 1: that of my ailing
    HTC one s sadly its product life was killed before it had even begun. And that of my nexus 7 who took a nasty fall
    that grievously damaged the display. Further more the Note 3 is perfect for me (large
    hands) but I think the galaxy mega is just obscene. The note 3 is the perfect
    niche between a tablet and the practicality of a cell phone. I would definitelytake advantage of the graciously large
    battery (I would constitute myself as a power –user) . The 13-megapixel cameras
    is a great perk of this device especially this time of year for capturing all
    of the holiday joys. I would be super ecstatic if I could win this device. I
    hope convinced the folks at mobile syrup and even if I didn’t merry Christmas
    to the folks that keep up to date on the latest tech news. Cheers!

  • Nigel Rodrigues

    i’d use this phone for taking notes in uni, and hopefully not get sidetracked

  • MickR

    Nice one, good for taking notes wherever I go.

  • Dennis Kwong

    I’d give it to my sister as a gift to replace her aging lg phone!

  • j villa

    I’d draw some notes and stuff you know simple and to the point.

  • Shoreh S

    Surfing the net, calls and texting

  • david

    I will use it as a tool for my education.

  • Jo Forde

    I plan to love it and take pictures of my kitty!

  • Jason C.

    I’d love to win this phone so I can give it to my mother. She definitely could use the bigger screen.

  • Mazharul

    I really want to be organized and one way to do it, is have an amazing phone such as the note 3. Its going to be mainly for school such as reading books and writing notes but i’ll still occasionally play games. I hope i win and by the way, thanks for this awesome giveaway!!!

  • Pacific222

    I would replace my old flip phone and get with the times! A Phablet has so much more than just a regular phone. I could surf the net, check my email, and even use it as a flashlight! I love the big size; it would be easy to read books, watch movies, and see photos big-scale.

  • Brendan O’Hara

    I would use it to keep in touch with my young ones while traveling.

  • Bikram Bahd

    By far the best phone on the planet and I would use it in every way possible, whether it would be to entertain a couple friends on its big screen with a video too jotting down notes like a boss!

  • Leo Lo

    I’ll use it to replace my current galaxy s4

  • Sean Brownridge

    I’d love to win this phone so that I could test out the huge screen and be able to watch more videos on the go.

  • Thr1ve

    I’d give the Galaxy Note 3 to my wife, she’s always taking notes with a pen and paper that eventually get lost in her purse, in her desk drawer, in her pockets or around the house, with the Note 3 and the S-Pen, she won’t have to worry about losing small pieces of paper, and would also be able to ditch both her (my) Nexus 7 and her HTC One…

  • Martin Chan

    How I’ll use it? Shall I use it like a tablet or a phone? Hmm, no a phablet of course!
    But the plus of any phablet is the screen size. It’s almost big enough for a quick view monitor for my video editing.

  • Jonathan

    NOTE: Non-stop Organizing, Talking and Entertainment

  • Liju Scaria

    I’ve never had an Android phone and winning this would be great as it would help me experience Android on the best hardware in the market for the platform. Also would love to have that active stylus included in my way of interacting with the device to have a more natural way of interaction in cases like note taking, text entry, sketching etc. Also it has one of the better cameras on Android.

  • George Mina

    I would use this device as a well needed work tool, this device would greatly benefit me!

  • 204Guy

    Would be a great gift for my mom! She hasn’t really used smartphones but this phone would show her what she has missed!

  • daddychicken

    I would love to win this as a daily use phone. I could see it being awesome for spreadsheets on the go.

  • Golucky

    I would love to give this to my wife for Christmas!

  • Han

    I’d use it for absolutely everything, including making phone calls.

  • Eric Gao

    I would give it to my mom as she needs a new phone.

  • Alexandria Johnson

    I would use it to help me take notes and keep reminders that would help me create new ideas for potential art projects. I would also take wondrous pictures of the things I encounter as I travel the world and then share them.

  • C0met

    I would use it for calls, emails, and notes for work, but I think I will end up giving it to my dad to replace his phone.

  • k m

    I would use it to replace my LG Keybo….hopefully the screen will be big enough for efficient texting

  • VenkY

    note 3 would be a perfect Bday gift.

  • Rachel Williams

    I would love to win this phone to use as my own. It would be great to watch videos & such. :)

  • Travis D

    I would use it at university to take notes in class instead of lugging my laptop around!

  • Rai

    I’ve been eyeing this phone since the Note 2!

  • Brian

    It would be great to use it as phone. Further I’ll have to buy new jeans with big pockets!!

  • Puck

    I lost my phone two months ago and I’ve been scraping by with an old Xperia Arc. I’m going travelling in February – I’d use this to stay connected to people that I care about! I’d really love to have a big screen to check my email on…and Pocket….and Falcon Pro…etc!

  • Cindy Lambie

    No longer would my grandchildren and children say I was in the dark ages, I am sure that even grandma would be able to use it!
    Now grandma would be cool, and they would be begging to use it.

  • Elissar Ackerman

    I want to win it for my child, she’s in the hospital with leukemia and we can’t afford to get her anything for Christmas since we hardly have enough to pay for her hospital expenses.

  • Michael Loken

    I would use it to keep a very active 3 year old occupied when we need him to be quiet!

  • Kerwin Poon

    I will give this phablet to my wife because her job require a lot of note taking! I am sure she will like this gift from MobileSyrup!

  • Andy

    If I win this phone, I would use it for all my school, work, and play. It would help for great multitasking.

  • Rishav Rana

    I would take notes in the class with the spen
    best s pen ever

  • mixandserve

    I would use it to bridge all of time and space. That, and to call Dad every Sunday. :)

  • Stormkroe

    I will use it to fight crime, draw pictures, and have this webpage as a my homepage on yet another device.

  • michelle tremblett

    This would be incredible, I would give it to my husband, he is phoneless at the moment. Thank you for the chance, happy holidays everyone

  • Ames Kwan

    For Christmas, I would love the Note 3 to replace my old and broken phone. I would love to use the S Pen (taking notes, etc) and the incredible processor/3GB of ram to help me stay organized for school in the IB program with apps and just amazing quick multitasking with work on my phone. I really love the phablet idea and the specs of this device will allow me to utilize this as a phone and a tablet, therefore killing two birds with one stone! Additionally, I love the camera because IMO, it seems like the highest quality camera on a phone and being really active in photography, I would love to see how it performs in different lighting conditions and just to take snapshots of my family this holiday. Of course, I’d love to let my family use it if they have to, as well. Thanks a lot :)

  • Jim LeunG

    Love to win me one of these. It would make my head look smaller when I answer the phone and since I carry a murse, I don’t have to try to squeeze it into my slim fit jeans or ask my girlfriend to carry it for me. :P

  • ducky

    I’d use it for everyday use – I don’t have a smart phone yet but it’s on my wish list. Can you be Santa please?

  • Reid

    I’m currently in my second year of computer science and would use it to become familiar with Android, so I can develop for it. I can’t afford to upgrade my iPhone 4, which breaks my tech-savy heart.

  • corum

    I currently have a note 2 and I love it. Now add a bunch of new features and make it bigger and brighter then thw 2 alreasy Is!!
    Aswell galaxy gear will complete my life.

  • Heather A

    I will give it to my husband who is in desperate need of a new cell phone. He will love the big screen and the sound clarity when receiving calls.

  • Charles Tawa

    This phablet would be great to stay in touch with family, enjoy entertainment features (games, movies, reading books/magazines/articles) and also useful to hold scrum meeting meetings with the team and be connected with office material.

  • Yanis Sauvé

    Would replace my Gnote2 as primary phone. Good luck everyone.

  • Jasbir S. Hansi

    Thank you Telus. I really need this phone.
    Perfect timing!! My contract just expired and I am ready to enjoy this marvel of technology.

  • Tom Desbiens

    A note 3 would be perfect for my work.

  • LisaM

    I’d love to win this – my husband has been eyeing it for his next phone. What a great surprise it’d be!

  • Annie Ru

    I need it to video chat with my daughter across the ocean daily.

  • Claude

    replace my need for tablet and phone

  • Andrew Choi

    Give it to a friend who needs a phone

  • Jason Meisner

    I would use it to keep up to date with coursework deadlines and friends

  • jayhansi

    I have been waiting for this phone for so long. However, I cannot afford to buy it outright.
    Thank you Telus for this opportunity. I really need this phone.

  • asian don draper

    i would use this phoen to pitch new business. The asian Carousel or the asian jaguar!

  • Andrew Fenton

    I would use it to keep in touch with work and friends

  • andrew

    Being an art student I would use this phone to enhance my creativity by using the stylus to draw out my many ideas, and the large screen would be perfect for this!

  • zahra premji

    I would use it everywhere…on the bus, at home, when I travel. It would replace my old analog phone that I am still holding on to

  • christel

    I would give this to my son if I won. This would be a great gift.

  • Oscar

    I will give it to my wife so that she can use it for her work in the pharmacy. She can use it to look up drug interactions :D

  • matt

    My phone screen cracked today I would love to use this for work. My fingers are too big for a no email touch screen.

  • Jaspreet Sappal

    I will use it for note taking, watching videos and obviously texting and calling!

  • Rob Malloy

    Would use it to make phone calls and probably browse some videos.

  • TFC Bones

    Please let me win to save my marriage. If I go out and buy this phone my wife will kill me. But….damn its an amazing device and I want it so bad!

  • Geminiboy

    This phone would be my main control station.

  • bruno

    I would use the scrapbook daily together my interests such as building the ultimate house. Which would consist of many departments of Technologies and favorite items that would
    be collected…

  • Gary Lo

    Will use that bad boy screen to unleash some serious creativity!

  • Isaac Mundall

    Drawing, Instagram, News, looking at mobile syrup and promoting android!

  • Braydon J. Greenwald

    I’d use this phone to take notes in university, definitely would be handier than notebooks!

  • Paul Dhami

    I’d use the s-pen to make awesome snapchat masterpieces

  • phho

    I’d mess around with all the free games between phone calls.

  • Amanda Leigh

    Would love a new phone

  • Anne Derkat

    It would go to my youngest grandson.

  • Khalid

    With a screen like that, i’ll definitely have to watch some high definition videos! The S-Pen would be fun as well to take notes in class and id love to play games with it!

  • DG

    use it to browse more Mobilesyrup!

  • dt

    I would give it to my girlfriend who is using an iPhone and draw her to the light side.

  • Peter Zhao

    I would give it to my uncle cause he wants a Galaxy Note 3 :D

  • Dragon N

    I’d want this phone cause of the s-pen! and cause of the crazy battery :)

  • Daniel

    Perfect replacement for my s2x also from Telus! Thank you!

  • jk1m

    I’ll use this phone for taking quick notes and lots of drawing with the s-pen! :)

  • Miu Miu

    I want this note 3 for my 2014 wish list

  • Ryan

    My new years resolution is to be more organized, after reading your review of this phone I would use Samsung’s excellent software to accomplish my goal of being more organized!

  • Devvveo

    Got a chance to play with this phone at the Samsung store and I was really impressed with it. Would love to win this phone so I can sketch on it all day long!

  • Brian

    Would love to use this in my classroom!

  • Ed Krain

    wife wants an upgrade from her note 1 and this would be just the thing

  • Myrna Carter

    Have never had a tablet. This would be a nice intro into that world.

  • F Young

    I too would love to win this phone. It has great reviews, and the S pen is a much better way to type precisely and quickly on tablet or phablet.

  • Diana

    I don’t own a tablet, and my phone is an older blackberry curve. Would love to win this so I wouldn’t be considered an ‘oldster’ when it comes to tech gadgets.

  • Potato

    This is my dream phone! I’ve been using a hand-me-down iPhone 4 for nearly 2 years now and really would appreciate the faster processing and higher resolution display greatly. I could give my old phone to my younger brother and get a new one without having a 70$ per month plan! That’s all. Thanks for the contest!

  • jacob

    This one is pretty easy to summarize :

    -4k recording : check
    -Huge, gorgeous screen : check
    -Good screen to body ratio : check
    -Huge battery : check
    -powerful SoC : check
    -Cool pen features : check
    -Looking like a boss while making phone calls : SUPER CHECK

    • jacob

      Did I forget the mind-blowing 3 GB of RAM ? my bad, but my brain isn’t even able to understand the potential of such a spec….

  • Guest

    I would give this phone to my dad, because he needs a new phone and the large screen and stylus would help with data entry on the job.

  • Jesskw

    I would use it everyday and for school to take notes!!!

  • Nana

    I would give it to my nephew, he has poor eyesight due to a rare eye disease, he holds his phone very close to his face to see it, but hopefully the large screen on this phablet should help him to see everything better, it is just the perfect size for him!

  • Sandy Kerr

    This Phablet would become the main hub of my work & play! Separate phone and tablet tether OK but clumsy!

  • Nick Galanis

    I’ll use it to replace my Note 1, which is awesome but post expiry.

  • Milosh Jovic

    I’ll use it to have a lot more screen real estate and battery life than my current Nexus S, which is so slow at this point that it barely qualifies as a smartphone!

  • Maggie

    Would use it for entertainment playing games and drawing,

  • nowrfst

    I’ll use it to communicate with alien life forms. I hear that it has a really strong wifi transmitter.

  • Josh Cadotte

    I would give this phone to my dad who desperately needs a new phone. He would use it for data entry on the job with that big screen.

  • Olerius

    I’d be the envy of all my co-workers! It’s the best-spec’d device in the Canadaian market right now, features the stylus, and would give me the impetus to invest in a Galaxy Gear Watch.

  • Paul Picaso Sterling

    I want this device because ive been trying to win something. Last October I was travelling to New York to spend some time with my wifes family celebrating the birth of my son. We travelled by bus. While going through New Jersey the bus flipped off the road onto the left platform dividing the highway. There were no deaths. We were all injured badly so i cant work and no funds are available for us yet. I so badly need a new device! Thank you. I still have the pictures and some articles from the accident.

  • Michael Toorie

    Self’e! Just kidding…This phone will be used for work purposes where often I’m constantly communicating with co-workers and clients. With the larger battery I’ll be able to continue my work without having to charge my phone.

  • harpoonGill

    I will use it to take notes, and as something to take cover under when it rains

  • Jason CH Dai

    This is the perfect phone to go along with my TF-100 tablet.

  • Allan Lee

    To view all the movie that I am falling behind on.

  • Paul Watson

    Yes Please! The Note 3 looks amazing, but I just don’t have $400 to drop on a phone. It would make my Christmas.

  • Chad Smith

    I would like to win this so I can give it to sister so she have a great phone on the Telus network. Happy Holidays.

  • Jonathan

    NOTE: Non-stop Organizing, Talking and Entertainment

  • Kevin

    I would love this phone please! I really want to give this to my dad, he would enjoy the amazing all-mighty Galaxy Note 3!

  • realitycheck

    i could most definitely use this as a daily driver

  • Diane

    If I win I will give it to my son. I know he will love it.

  • Ankur

    Have never been a fan of “phablets”, thanks to non-pocket-friendly size. Owning one might change my outlook.

  • Lucas Pedersoli

    are this contests international ? I mean, I read the page frequently, I won’t quit reading, here I have the latest news on phone/tablet tech. Just wondering who is elegible.

  • andrew

    I am a student and an aspiring artist and this phone could help me to organize my thoughts, using the stylus to draw, and the large screen would be both accommodating and extremely useful!

  • Nori

    Nori–I’d love to win this phone, as my 6 and 8-year old grandchildren know much more than I do about all these new gadgets. I can’t even text properly with my outdated digital phone, and it’s very frustrating to get left behind.

  • bluebird

    I’m in need of a new phone because the other day a ran over my phone with my car.

  • Tracey11

    I would use my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for calls, camera and tweeting.

  • Theresa M

    Could use a new phone and would love to have the Samsung Galaxy Note to be able to play games,,

  • luckylou

    I’d watch movies on it

  • Jody111

    I would wrap it up for my sister’s xmas present.

  • debbie p

    I would use it to draw and play games.

  • Melissa Matthews

    I would use the Samsung Note 3 for college/ university. To be able to keep notes, powerpoints and even text books on the note 3 would make my life so much easier!!

  • G78

    i will use it every min of the day…sleep with it, eat with it, shower with it too. Let me win it and i will show you!! PEACE~~

  • Jamie Jenkins

    I would give this to my Fiance for Christmas, he could really use it at work

  • Felinaeus Lapinnoir

    It would combine both my phone and tablet into one. For working on stuff at a convention, this would be the best of both worlds

  • Dave Norton

    would love to win Note 3, I have a couple of family members I would likely give the Note 3 to, they would love it

  • Oberon45k

    Can I haz phone, please and thank you!

  • Adam Young

    Would use this for work and drawing always wanted a nice phablet

  • Lorne

    Aww,Momsie could use it to talk to her relatives face to face..Merry Christmas.

  • Jordan Pires

    I’d use it as a tablet.

  • Brad Moriarity

    I would use this phone as the perfect excuse to buy a Samsung Galaxy Gear! This thing would be the perfect device for work, and taking notes in meetings!

  • xOptix78

    I work from home as an overnight IT admin. When it isn’t busy, I can putter about the house and do things. If something comes in that I need to take care of, it would be nice to be able to whip out the Note 3 and get down to bid’ness instead of bootin’ ‘er to the laptop.

  • OneHugeNinja

    I’m a big guy, with big hands and big pockets, one thing I have always wanted to do is carry just a Slighty-Smaller-Than-a-Nexus 7-ish sized device as my one everything device. The big screen and S-Pen will allow for a combination of Media Consumption and Productivity!

  • Seith Keough

    To crush my enemies with a gigantic phone.

  • Taizhi Yang

    love the 1080P display with S pen, 3200mAh battery and Qualcomm 800 SoC!

  • Saim Iftikhar

    I will use this phone to do homework and work related tasks. Apart from the boring tasks, obviosuly movies, games, and internet scavanging. Would love to have this for Christmas. Pick me Mobile Syrup !

  • Thorsten Garbe

    hey, and another contest i will not win!

    Please i really need a phone, just sold my s4 for xmas presents for my kids

  • Leanne

    im sure the boys would put this to good use!!

  • Heather

    I would be able to take it with me and have access to internet and be able to actually see what I am reading. Nice big screen!

  • zubir jangsi

    i’ve been integrating with google’s feature untik now. android really have a way to manage my life. taking notes, calendar, and most of all google maps if i lost my way on the road. galaxy note3 might be a step further.

  • Alex Land

    The most powerful phone on the market, I would use it to take notes in school (things like Math require handwriting, but using paper is so passe) mainly, and as a replacement for a laptop.

  • fredirini

    i will use it to wish everyone a very merry xmas

  • Romel Anda

    Great phone to keep organized and have fun at the same time. I’d use it to keep track of my work schedule, school schedule and personal schedule. Great for gaming and watching videos with the big screen. Most of all, I want a phone and a tablet, but only one device. I believe the Note 3 achieves that for me.

  • Sylax

    I want it because I travel alot and need one device that can function as both phone and tablet.

  • Greg Toews

    I have a note 3 and love it! Had the note two, loved it! Would love a second note, I’d find someone that would love the large screen and s pen :) I manage OVER 60 Telusmobility accounts so I’m a lover and promoter of you Telus! I’ll take another note 3 for all my hard work in promoting Telus and your phones! ! !

  • Gordie Grandy

    I would use it and pass my old note II down to my wife to get her off her old iPhone

  • Brian

    I would give it to my wife to replace her iPhone 4S and she would use it with the kids all day to make art and learn writing letters and numbers.

  • Jas Singh

    I would use this phone to watch youtube videos..and of course browse your website!

  • minymoish

    I will use the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to browse websites, read email, listen to music, watch movies and read books.

  • Raymond T Cubeta

    I really want Note 3 because it is a monster phone! I want to use a phone like that.

  • Geomart Brenth Abong

    I would love to use it to contact my mom, friends and girlfriends and of course, use it as a research tool in school so that I would not bring my bulky laptop anymore.

  • Jasdeep Goraya

    Okay, My mom needs a phone right now. Would be awesome if I could give this to her.

  • Guest

    I would use it to

  • Saleh Bujra

    Use it for a week straight reading news, watching videos, and playing games because DAT BATTERY, H’OOO MAMA! That or sell it to some lucky soul and use the money for school.

  • yukon voice

    Count me in. Awesome combination of phone and tablet in one.

  • sydney mmanga

    I would like to win because it is one of the latest gadgets and It’s awesome.

  • Jenn erin

    I am someone who loves working with a pen or pencil in my hand so the S Pen would definitely help evoke ideas and creativity!

  • Nelly Chadwick

    I would love to have this powerful smartphone! I’d use it to take notes during bible studies & sermons at church. It would also be fun to doodle with – save trees!

  • Vutha Seang

    Give it as a gift

  • Nivithan R

    Hope to win an amazing phone

  • komal

    Larger screen better to use…

  • nbanders

    I’d use it as a phone

  • Ian McAndrew

    Would love to win to replace my current iPhone 3G

  • Mischa Price

    To use the stylus for graphic design ideas and making notes during meetings

  • Dante Wan

    Mainly as a gift to my mom to replace her outdated “brick” phone. It is a bit over-powered for her but given her refresh cycle for electronic devices this could very well be her last mobile phone.

  • Lance

    1. Film a traditional Swiss fondue (in Switzerland) with my wife for New Years. Share it!
    2. Take photos in Berlin of the bunker tour in January. Share it!
    3. Tell someone over video chat, its a new year, time to make amends. Simple and to the point.

    Good luck everyone!

  • WandaJean

    I would use it with my grandson, we are sure to enjoy it togethr

  • Ricardo Rodríguez

    And will use this badboy to record 4k video and multitask like a boss

  • Ole Mat

    Would love to change my phone for this one…

  • Sunny Lee

    My mother has been wanting the Note for a while now. Being able to read the news and message friends while not having to squint at a tiny screen? Her dream phone.

  • Frederick Rhoads

    I would use it as a phone

  • Abdullah Khan

    I would use the note 3 for browsing mobile syrup and for playing games!!

  • Daniel Shin

    This would be a perfect christmas gift for my dad. He still doesnt have a phone and definitely could use one :)

  • Clam Dee

    I love phablets, they can be so useful in sooo many ways.

  • Pran

    This could totally replace the my iPad that was stolen recently. Would be awesome to have one device that acts as a phone and a tablet.

  • Sam Lambert

    My tablet recently broke so I’d use it as my primary phone and as a tablet which would be awesome!

  • Clay Hardy

    I would love to win this phone, which I would give to my wife to replace her very old Blackberry.

  • David

    Would love one to replace my phone and tablet!

  • Kendall Burnham

    I would love to win this phone, so I could give my old one to. Y partner. Tired of being nagged out Facebook. Also, I have large hands. I suffered enough through during the little Nokia days.

  • bobygk

    I prefer to write things down, so a Note 3 with s-pen would be a perfect replacement for my must-be-replaced 3 year old phone

  • Fiona Mullins

    I would use it for everything…emails, texts, calls, social networking, etc.

  • harptheman

    shoot 4k video!!

  • luckyheels

    i’ll use it everyday to surf the web, use instagram, twitter, and facebook posts to all my friends when im out and about in the city

  • cobakk1812

    Would love to win this phone, definitely will use S Note for all note taking, meetings, random thoughts, work, studying. Note Rocks!

  • Mike Mac

    I would use the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to replace my aging Samsung Galaxy
    S2X. I would also use it for reviewing notes from school, do some
    light gaming, and listen to music when I am out :)

  • sharkhark

    How would i use this note 3? well as an upgrade from my older but awesome s2 it would allow me to continue to run my business, access many documents while running my store, surf the net on a big beautiful screen, jot down notes and maintain my connection to friends, the staff etc. i love the big screen, the s pen and have never owned a note. i also love the big battery that will give a full days use. pick me!

  • Rene Stephenson

    Would love to win this … would use it primarily for social media. Love the size of the screen.

  • A.J. Axline

    I would use this beautiful phablet to rescue children from burning buildings; to post regularly scheduled insults to the NSA; to manage my blog and upload ridiculous numbers of pictures of my cat, Spidey; to cure disease and end wars; to protect me from zombies; and finally, I would this wonderful shiny object to fight for the continuing social democracy that we love… because I. AM. CANADIAN.

  • Jon Bachelder

    I would use this for work and taking great movie of my only son.

  • sara rai

    I would use it to watch youtube videos, read news, do photo editing:)

  • Gurll Barbii

    I would recycle my glitchy-water-logged Huawei, and make the switch to this. It would be a great way to start the new year. Need something for myself this New Year.

  • dustin l

    I’d use it to draw mustaches on people’s facebook pics :3

  • Adonis Wong

    I will give this Note 3 to my dad as a present as he is in need for a 5 inch or above phone.

  • elainehils

    I would use it every day to keep in touch with my daughter. I worry about her.

  • Charles Kim

    It’ll be a really nice phone to replace my old dying phone.
    I had a Samsung S3, but I lost it last year. I’ve been carrying around a ugly replacement phone, but isn’t the same as a Samsung phone. I love, Samsung (I really do).

    If I win, I’ll use the app for making notes in class, promoting how awesome Samsung is, and maybe cure cancer while i’m at it. I’m such a loyal fan that when I found a iPhone shortly after I lost my phone I promptly returned it. (I wasn’t a Samsung yaiii… And I’m too much of a nice guy…)

  • Mohsen

    It’s a great phone with a lovely camera. I will use it mostly to edit my photos. Lovely big screen!

  • Trev

    Would use it to Skype my kids. As I work away from home. Pass the S4 down to my wife.

  • Chief Ray

    If I win I would give this to Mt girlfriend to replace her phone with a broken screen

  • Dayna Wilson

    My phone won’t even charge, I have to swap batteries with my husband every night.. I’d use this to take over from my nonfunctional one!

  • Jason Yuen

    I personally already have a note 3. I would donate it to a needy family this Christmas. Perhaps to someone in need at the Sick Kids hospital. It would make someone’s Christmas much better and perhaps give them the strength to believe that not all hope is lost and to keep up a good spirit.

  • rahim

    Tired of my wife’s iPhone, too small and too slow. She can have my note 2 if I win a note 3.

  • tim beepath

    If I won this phone I would use it to watch online university courses and to help keep the little one occupied while on trips to the store.

  • oryan0

    This would be great for scheduling appointments if I win

  • Jerry Ryan

    I would love to use this as a second screen for the bedroom, rather than a full fledged TV for streaming media.

  • Zung Low

    I would love this phone to replace my aging S2. I’d use it for surfing, gaming and reading!

  • David Torenvliet

    I would love to use it for design work when I’m on the road.

  • Seth Rose

    I would use its amazing camera and I think the s pen is so cool

  • Mike A

    I would love this phone for several reasons mainly because its a great device and it has great features that I can use in school and its productivity ability is amazing(things like split window.)

  • RDX

    I will use it as my personal communication gateway

  • Alex RG

    I’ve played around with my Friends Note 1 ans then Note 2. I’ve always loved the idea of the S-pen, what it offers in terms of possibilities is simply endless! I’d use the phone to help me in creating some design ideas as I’m trying to build up a portfolio to apply to industrial design school.. How perfect would it be! Ah, if only..

  • Francois Roy

    Would use it to replacd my Nexus 4..

  • sohil naik

    I can’t wait to play games on this, watch videos and try and exhaust this battery!

  • Tony A

    I would like to win this note for my girlfriend who has an aging blackberry. Being the student that she is, it would company moment her lifestyle

  • Michael Rankin

    Looking to replace my tablet, and wouldn’t mind it being my phone as well, bring it on MobileSyrup!

  • andh_19

    I would watch movies!

  • Paul D

    I’ll share this with my daughter. Me for phone calls and her to draw or play peek a boo.

  • Tarek Amin

    Just got my first ever full time job as an EIT at TELUS! All I need now is a smartphone to fulfill my new career!

  • Rick Hilsendeger

    Ya know, one guy at work has the Note 1, and another has the Note 2…I’d love to rub their noses in it with a 3!……. Hmmm, Brain,… with this, we MIGHT just be able to take over the ………

  • Minnie Pun

    My mom is coming over for 2 months to take care my new niece and sister in law for 2 months. She will need the phone while she is here and also when she is back to country so she can video chat with babies. I want to give this phone to her if I win.

  • Kathy

    This would be so awesome! I would use it to draw. I love drawing and I wish to make an animated series. It would help so much to have the Note 3 because I’d be able to draw on the go and add to my drawings. It would be totally awesome to win this phone!!

  • Carole Dube

    Use it as aphone, listen to Music, surf the net and download awesome apps!!!

  • jtl999

    I’d use it for app development. Its also good for handwriting with the S Pen.

  • Francis Holtken

    I would use it with my Galaxy Gear, which I cant fully use right now!

  • Cliff

    I would love to win this Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and would use it everyday as both my smartphone and my daily camera! I would also use it to replace both my smaller phone and tablet and just be able to use one device! Also wouldn’t mind doodling with the S-Pen when I’m bored!

  • Farhad Foroughi

    I’ll give it to my 4-year old. She is just starting to trace letters – the stylus would be good for that.

  • Garrus Vakarian

    Note 3 is without a doubt my ideal smartphone and would make for a great addition to my life! Large beautiful screen, S-Pen (I take alot of notes whether it is in class or out shopping) and very good battery life. This will likely become my primary device for web browsing and watching videos. I should also mention that the scrapbook function would be extremely helpful in collecting material. Unfortunately I tend to be somewhat disorganized :/

  • Emory liu

    to replace my old lg 2x… only lasts less than 3 hours on a full charge

  • dave w

    Gonna stop lugging around my laptop

  • Derek Page

    i would use netflix at work on lte. Then play games.

  • hi

    closes on 22nd so i hope im not late! would like to win it have better note integration along with my surface pro. will work really good at college!

  • david

    I want it. I’m using galaxy note and it’s way too slow to even surf the web.

  • Al Vucic

    I sure could do alot more reading with that bad boy!

  • Alex Styles

    I’d use it to write S Notes to send to my girlfriend, upgrade and give my Nexus to my Mom, and watch high def movies on that awesome screen.

  • Graham Pinkerton

    I would use this phone for school and also entertainment. I would love the large screen and maybe battery. Also the extreme performance would be awesome

  • Eric

    I would give the phone to my girlfriend as a Christmas present, because she broke her iPhone last week, and I know she would love the size of the phablet.

  • rebecca

    I’ll use it for studying to be a doctor so I can help cure my father’s illness.

  • Andrew

    I would use it for work since I’m still using an iPhone 4. Thanks.

  • San Tran

    I will use it to replace my phone and tablet. After all, it’s a phablet, right?

  • Sande

    This would be my personal phone. My blackberry doesn’t really have a screen that works well for browsing and the the Galaxy’s camera is much much better!

  • Stephenree

    I would use this phone for school. Huge screen great multitasking functionality. Would definitely save me from buying a tablet!

  • Pasquale

    I love this terminal

  • cryptodon

    More drawings like I do with my note 2

  • Arnold .

    If i win i will use for work and dump my old blackberry 9360.

  • Daniele De Carli

    I’ll use it together with the gear!

  • announo

    I’ll use it everywhere to write letters or to listen to music.

  • luckystyx

    Wow, If I won this beautiful piece of High Tech, I’d be at a loss for words, until i got hooked up with Telus. i would be so elated you’d have to tear it from my cold blue hands. “The pen is always mightier than the sword ” Thank you Mobilesyrup and Telus for the chance.


    This would be a great phone for my son a great gift for this christmas.

  • KK

    I’d use it as a second screen as I watch hockey on the tube, er, panel. What?

  • Rick Collins

    Awesome power! The best of both worlds. And because it’s the best of the bunch I’d use it for everything I’d use a tablet and phone.

  • James Ignatius

    I would use it as an update from my Note II. The upgraded cameras would do a great job capturing memories with my SUPER-CUTE, 1-YEAR-OLD NEPHEW. The improved S- Pen would make quick edits a breeze.

  • Sophia

    I’ll use it to stay connected to my family and friends and also to catch up on the many TV shows that I’m behind on!

  • TheLawsOfTime

    Ideal device for me to battle with call and texts, save civilizations in all those marvelous apps and travel across the web and and visits the universes of the Internet and have fun! Amazing Device!


  • Thomas Yok

    I would give it to my daughter to teach her the IPad isn’t everything.

  • Macaron Notroon

    Wow. I would love to use the Note 3 while out and on the go. With the s pen I could write, draw, surf… almost literally do anything I could imagine. I guess that’s point of having a really great smart phone with you; do more than just call; you can really enhance your life.

  • Slade A. Hovey

    I would be using the camera FEATURES (WHICH ARE AWESOME) as well as up and downloading to and from my computer,it makes life alot easier having such a usefull device as this

  • RGP905

    Would use the large screen to enjoy games

  • Steph BKN

    I would totally give this to my mom, she needs a phone to take her out of the rock ages & into the 21st century!

  • KB

    Anywhere and everywhere! All over the Galaxy.

  • Guest

    I’d give it to my little sister who just started university and is using a Nokia 5230 right now. It would make for a great Christmas present

  • Lastnote

    Would replace my broken iPhone!

  • Emmanuel Baafi

    I would give it to my sister who is still using a Nokia 5230, lol.

  • Erica Beckstead

    Well im just starting out at 40 as a Makeup Artist going back to school just paid $23,000 to Blanche Macdonald and i have an old samsung S2 which has been dropped and is cracked i have been using it this way for 1 year.
    i need something new to take pictures , use Data, send emails, check my Fscebook every 5 minutes, and Twitter. Plus with the big screen it will be easier for me to see as im very blind i just had 2 cataracts removed and im healing from that. I use a laptop so i will be able to link the phone as well to switch files back and forth. I am a single mom , a starving student please pick me.!!

  • Penny Nugent

    I would love to win this phone to give to my dad who would be over the moon with his first smartphone…at 69 years old!! lol

  • Vicki

    I’d give it to my parents who haven’t bought a new phone in 10 years!

  • Betty Spry

    i would use this to keep me in touch with my daughter, the big screen would be a great help

  • Jeremy Oakes

    This would be my portable media streaming device anywhere I go in my house. Doing renovations, it’s great to have a youtube video playing that is showing me how to do a particular project and with the screen this big, it would be invaluable!

  • Hassanali Hatimali Hassanali M

    Am a Koodo Member but Telus can vow me by giving me this phone :)

  • Mika Turcotte-Talbot

    it would be a shared phone between my roomates and I, we will use it as a task/calendar/home phone

  • Dominique Voyer

    Would like it so i would’nt need a tablet!

  • DJ-OnZ

    :O want so bad. Bigger screen FTW!

  • noein n

    I’d give it to my mom

  • Lynne Sek

    Nice phone. I would love to have use of the s-pen feature. Having the Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro does not leave me with many great functions :/

  • Sam cho

    I could use Note 3 for work. Take photos and annotate straight onto the photos.

  • Commander

    I have been a Samsung fan since 2010 with the first Galaxy S. I currently have a Galaxy SIII which I love and have been experimenting with Apps that have a stylus such as Papyrus. I have played with my friends Note 2 and I love the Galaxy Note III. My next phone will be a Note after my contract is up next year.

  • Matthew Chau

    I would love to get this Galaxy Note 3 and give it to my dad to replace his aging Blackberry.

  • Gil Poitras

    This would be a great phone to own, I work with people with disabilities and this is a great way to keep in touch with all the care givers

  • pawan kalyan

    like to gift it to my sister as she would love it

  • Nitin Kamra

    I would use it to use for watching movies and plyaing games

  • Doitsir

    I would use it for watching movies and read ebooks during my daily commuting

  • Barrett Neilson

    I would use it to take photos and videos of my newborn daughter. Also I work out of town and quite often have downtime while waiting on location for the job to come up, so I would use it to watch movies and other pastimes.

  • Metroyyc

    I would use this to write a user review article for MobileSyrup …over long term study a year in reveiw – can a phablet effectively eliminate the need for all other forms of computing ?

  • daniel baker

    Hello, my name is daniel baker. I am 14 years old and have been developing with android for about 2 years now. I am learing the ruby language, and have built 2 os’es based on android. One is mydroid, and the other, smootheos. My phone recently got stolen, and to tell you the truth, I cried. My dream is to become the next steve jobs or bill gates. I have allways favored google over both microsoft and apple. I wanna be google’s next big android developer. The device specs make it a great device for developing hardcore. I could beta test 2 projects at once by dualbooting os’es. Please, if I win this, I could have another chance to catch my dream. And if I could buy a new phone, I would, but my parents are both disabled and dying (their my aunt and uncle, my parents both died from drugs) and they allyways tell me they wish they could get me these things, but they can’t. Please help me. I would be the happiest little 14 year old boy. Thankyou for a chance :)

  • angela mitchell

    I would use it for email, playing games, listening to music, and taking pictures mostly.

  • Dillon Routien

    Second christmas present for my mom! She’s uses a blackberry torch…she’s due for an upgrade!

  • Lloyd Boonstra

    I ‘need’ this phone. It would replace my Telus CDMA Android 2.2 phone. I would use it for everything.

  • Mahesh Vempalli

    This would be great phone for my life partner , i will present to her

  • Tareq G.

    Curious to find out the day-to-day differences of using a phablet as opposed to a standard 5-inch smartphone.

  • Golfmaestro

    Il would mainly surf the web, and use it to make cals too. I am curious to see how i coule use it at my job to monitor work?

  • Wayne Tse

    this phone would be great to type passwords with, definitely won’t make errors like i just did.

  • Laura Farwell

    I would give this phone to my teenage son. It is exactly the one he wants.

  • Marnie

    This would be great for my 2 young children who love to draw and always want to be playing on my phone.

  • zubir jangsi

    want it……

  • Chris

    Would use this device for taking notes at work and school. Amazing phone!

  • Jessica C

    It would allow me to keep up to date with my family and friends.

  • selbys

    I will give it to my daughter. She still has an old type phone and this would be perfect.

  • Ken Duffield

    I will give it to my son. He really needs a new phone and this will be perfect for him. Thanks

  • Wes Werkman

    I’d use it for work.

  • AppleCrumble

    My eyes are getting bad and can’t read the iPhone screen anymore. Winning the Note 3 would make my life so much better.

  • hamza

    Never owned a phone for financial purposes and I’m currently in Engineering school, and taking notes on this would help out so much! As well as for studying, finally being able to contact my family at home and just overall fun!

  • james hofer

    Would ‘ve a perfect gift for my wife :-D

  • booker001

    would love this beast

  • Sean

    I’ll use it to keep in touch with everyone. My old phone just can’t keep up.

  • Savannah

    I would be leaving for sochi to watch the winter Olympics and i need note 3 with its awesome camera to capture great moments and bring it home (Canada).

  • Lauren Toews

    I would love one!! I’d buy the galaxy gear and use it to track my steps obsessively! haha

  • Elaine

    I would use the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to keep track of all my appointments and meetings and to keep in touch with my friends and family via phone and text. Thank you!!

  • simon

    would give this to my mom if i won this! she’s using a really old android device right now for work and she was speculating, just the other day, whether tablet phones exist. haha. i told her there is a line of phones from Samsung (the note) which offer over sized screens. would love to get her this.

  • Ringo

    I would use the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to take photos while I’m out and make calls and keep track of appts!

  • Ted Shin

    Well, I would say the note 3 is the most powerful phone out in the market in my opinion. I have been a Samsung galaxy s2x user for about a year and would like to have a bigger screen phone like Note3! I use the calendar on my phone all the time and with the big screen and stylus pen I can keep up to date with my daily activities and school work.

  • CompNetTeach

    Would love it. Want a bigger display for reading & note taking.

  • Daniel Au

    I would love to win this phone for my girlfriend. I bought a G2 and she bought a note 2 about 2 months ago on Wind. Her phone constantly loses reception and sim connection. She has to restart it at least one a day. I think it bothers me or than it bothers her. My friend bought a note 3 on Telus and he is wholly satisfied. I would love for her to get a reasonably working phone too!

  • Canada1867

    I would look for Apple users standing in any line (whether at the grocery store, coffee shop, bank machine, or at a Apple store), and tell them that The Next Big Thing Is Here, while pointing at the phone. Have yet to decide whether the phone will be in my hand, or in my shirt or pant (front/back) pocket ;)

  • Allan Cox

    I’d like this one for myself or from Santa!

  • Henry K.

    I am still living in the past, using my clunker of a Nokia non-smartphone. I would love to win this.

  • Jake Olynyk

    I will use this as a flashlight to get around my house from this ice storm! (please send with a charged battery!!!)

  • Jusuk Lee

    I wanna give this to my wife as a gift!!! she loves any new Samsung big screen with s pen

  • Maria Angela de Luna

    I would definitely carry this everywhere I go whether it’s for business or leisure; From sketching, socializing, to taking snapshots of interesting things whenever, wherever!

  • Demetrio Carrara

    It’s my mother’s dream.

  • Martin

    I just like the large screen

  • Melissa

    my nexus needs to move on with all the bugs involved. Pick meeeeee!!

  • WoozleWuzzle

    I would watch netflix on the big 5.7 inch screen!

  • Mitchell Curtis

    I’d enjoy having this phone.

  • Mark_G56

    Would love to move to a larger screen, my fat fingers have an awful job typing on my small screen.

  • Kim Thang

    It would be my mobile computer.

  • Matt B

    This phone makes my heart skip a beat. A proper reason to win it :P

  • Johnny Sparkes

    i’ll use it like any other phone

  • Desjards

    I have the note right now….the note 3 would be a great early xmas gift. Id use it for….everything!

  • Michael Tran

    I want the note 3!

  • Ravijot Brar

    PLease Let me win this amazing thing. I would use it to check weather ;), use it to watch movies preetty much as my best friend. Please can i win <3 i have never won anything :(

  • Chris McMahon

    Work and play!

  • Jeffito

    I’d give it to my mom. She needs to get away from her old PC.

  • Justin

    I’d use this to speed up my productivity while on the go. With a big screen AND a stylus, even traffic jams on the bus will be productive! :D

  • Dan Shao

    I want it for the 4k video capability.

  • Doug Nicol

    I would use it to be able to view mobile syrup better.

  • Sean

    I’ll use it to keep track of all my family events with the kids!

  • Robert Smith

    I’d love to win this! I’d use it as my everyday phone! It would be awesome for work. Writing down steps to procedures that I have used.

  • Trevor Mckenna

    I would take advantage of this beautiful screen and video chat with my family!

  • Grant Henderson

    I would give it to my wife for Christmas.

  • protaginets

    Love the site guys. I would give the phone to my daughter, because no one should be stuck on an iPhone 4 with ios 7.

  • Roni

    I would gift this to my mom because she deserves it and I love her

  • Jason Jang

    I’ll use this phone to catch fascination from random strangers who are just amazed by the size of the phone.

  • Peter Sniuolis

    Would be a Christmas gift for my student wife, her phone just broke.

  • Striker67

    This would be a great phone to have :-)

  • Frank Ferguson

    Definitely increase productivity; Moon Reader, MX player, FB…… oh yea, Polaris Office. :)

  • Tyler Anthony

    I’d use this as an anniversary gift that is happening in two weeks and just win at the whole relationship thing.

  • robin rae

    I need this tablet cause all the cool kids on the block have tablets and I don’t.

  • Jasmine Veljanova

    I will use it as a phone and as a tablet.

  • Rima E

    I am a heavy mobile user. I would love to replace my tablet and smartphone with one device.

  • @Richard_Hansen

    Screen real estate man!

  • littledover

    I will use it to follow you guys on social media 24/7

  • Joseph

    I would take it with me everywhere and use it as a tablet and occasionally as a phone.

  • PFlorendo

    Stocking stuffer!

  • Donald Law

    The large screen helps me see and read things clearly. Stylus helps to take notes and create lists

  • Joshua W Boudreau

    Well, after dodging glances across the room with it, I would try to muster up the courage to ask it on a date. After accepting, I would take it to a nice fancy restaurant; a restaurant where they only serve the best for me and my date. After that, I would take my delightful new friend home, dim the lights, and insert the micro-usb 3.0 power cord, if you get my drift ;) and you know what? I’d do it again, too, because the Note 3 is simply that good.

  • Tiger Cheng

    I would give this lovely device to my wife for thanking her support for this past year.

  • Nick Maynard

    i’ll use it to take over the world!!

  • Jordan Lambe

    I want a phone that would work with a galaxy gear.

  • Mike G

    I would use this phone as my daily driver. I need a smartphone for work (BYOD) and this would work perfectly. The screen size and apps would allow me to work comfortably outside of the office!

  • Jesse Laurin

    I would play games on this killer phone all day every day !!!

  • Marc Hoogstad

    I’d use it over here, and I’d use it over there. I’m lazy.

  • duckian

    thanks for the reminder

  • TFC Bones

    I need this phone to light my way in this ice storm power outage!!!

  • Lucas Secord

    Would like to stay in touch with all your contests and news. I read them all the time when I’m at work that has to no service

  • Pierre-Marc Aubin

    I will use it to watch videos on the move

  • Adam Lam

    I’m gonna use this phone cause my iPhone 5 screen is too small. Love watching videos and movies while commuting so the note 3 would be perfect

  • Steve W

    Im gonna use it as a phone. You guys are silly!

  • Jamie Critch

    This phab phablet would be an amazing way for to share my pictures with potential clients while allowing me to pass on my older phone to a friend.

  • Jeffery Scholl

    I would love to upgrade my current s3 to a note 3! Just everything about this lovely piece of technology is awesome. My mom would also benefit by getting my s3 ;)

  • recheker

    I haven’t had a device with a stylus since the 90′s! It’s a comeback! Note 3 is awesome.

  • meuhland

    Would totally love to replace my aging iPhone with this and get a nice BYOD rebate!

  • Mike

    I will use it to connect remotely to some computers for work, entertainment or school matters.

  • Buck Lawson

    I would gift it to my daughter. She adores mIne. She is such a great person and off to college next year. It would be a great way for her to keep organized.

  • Twice

    I would use it instead of my various handwriting apps in meetings and general note taking!

  • Darryl Coutinho

    CONVERT IT INTO A FULL GAMING CONSOLE – so I don’t need to spend on buying one this Christmas. If you use the special USB cable from Samsung you can use the PS or Xbox controllers and that, too me is pure gold.
    Hope to win it though – Would mean a great deal!!!! Merry Christmas everyone

  • Jason Mckinnon

    Would give to my Gf as a late xmas present. Shes in need to a pc/tablet to do her schooling as her laptop broke =/

  • andyb

    Since I dont have a phone and the powers out.I’d be using it to find out when the power is coming back on lol

  • Mike

    I would scream out loud that I love Mobile Syrup while I moonwalk wearing a sombrero and record it and post it it on twitter. Then take a still of the moment and using the stylist I would jazz it up with some fun stuff and post it on Instagram for everyone to see my Mobile Syrup love.

  • Peter Fengping Shen

    I would use this phone to replace my Gnex and take notes on this big screen.

  • Nabeel

    If I win this, I will use it to make calls, browse internet and watch movies on its HD display.

  • Nikolaki T

    I would love to win this awesome smartphone

  • Al

    I’d give it as a gift to my cousin.. He’s always wanted a good smartphone, it would be a wonderful Christmas gift to him..

  • Tye Jansz

    I would love this phone!!Help to manage my life and business!!

  • Simon Pelletier

    I would replace my Galaxy Nexus! Use it for videos, music and apps.

  • Joshua Peters

    This phone will replace my aging galaxy nexus. It will be my mobile business center.

  • Daniel

    I’d use it to take notes and browse!

  • Anh Cao

    This would be a great holiday gift for my fiancé!

  • Steve Hawrylyshyn

    Can read on the go

  • Darren Yung

    Helllllllo world! Pick me! Even though Telus is not my carrier. Nothing that a little unlocking can’t handle. :D

  • 01011001001

    Yeah I had the note 1 and people thought I was insane for carrying such a big phone. Having seen and held it in person this could be my daily driver.

  • Gail Butler

    I would so love to win this phone, my old Samsung is 10 years old and does not have any bells and whistles. I would use it to talk, take pictures, social media, and so on. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fabulous prize!!

  • Tyler F.

    I would probably use it for mobile gaming or/and twittering. Thank You for your contests.

  • Helene Keuker

    If I win this, it would be my first phone(yup,I’m old). I would use it on shopping trips to call home and never forget another item from the list I forgot at home.

  • Steve Danger Gerritsen

    I would use this baby to build and administrate wireless cctv networks, access control systems and automate some homes.

  • Steve Elliott

    To help with finding work. My computer is dead.

  • Christina Emond

    I would use this to teach my 2 daughters about ethnology and of course use it for myself too :)

  • robin rae

    All the cool kids on the street have tablets and all I have is this lousy t-shirt.

  • David Jeffrey

    I’m a university assistant professor and I’d love to have a phablet to use while teaching, prepring lessons, and reading online textbooks.

  • jibroni69

    Great way to entertain the kids on long trips

  • Dominque Jenkins

    I have loved Samsung products since my first smart phone. Since beginning college I’ve lacked the funds to own high end devices and as a design major with a love for tech it feels as if my life is missing the tools to help me explore my creativity wherever I go. I’d love to be able to capture every pixel of beauty I see with the 13 mp camera, upload images of my art projects to social media with blazing fast speed, doodle notes and faces with the S-pen and send them to the ones I love :) & call and talk to my sister in the Navy without worrying about battery life…

  • Charly S.

    Email, tasks, planing all my busy schedule for work… Bring me this beast :-D

  • David Gagné

    My Christmas present!

  • Danel Abreu

    As mechanical engineering student, I’d love to have this phone to quickly access and modify designs when I’m away from my computer, especially now that I will start working on my final project.

  • Edward V.

    I would a phone like this since I use the scheduling and mapping features of my current phone on a regular basis, and the larger display on this phone would make that a lot easier for me :)

  • Davide

    I would start drawing concepts on my smartphone …

  • Jesse Laurin

    I’ll use it to sell it, and put $500-600 back on my MasterCard after Christmas :)

  • chris kuntz

    I will use it as a phone, a tablet a phablet, a media player, a photo editor, a command centre for my home network and a camera to record my children growing up. Would be incredibly useful for me.

  • Philip Mayers

    I’m on the naughty list and Santa isn’t getting me anything. I need the note 3 in order to have a good Xmas

  • Braden Dunn

    I’d love to win this phone. I’d use it to do everything from watching movies to actually making phone calls

  • Anastacis

    I’d launch aircraft off of it.

  • Stano Gioia

    To surf the internet since the internet was down all day here.

  • Michail Bart

    I would use to read books and art drawing.

  • Peter Smith

    I’d use it to make mock ups and designs on the spot in meetings

  • Ryan Cavalier

    I’ll use it to replace my wife’s crappy old Lumia 710. She saw the commercial and loved it and would love to have the big screen to use with our son for homeschooling.

  • Aaron Miles

    This would be a great phone for work.

  • Greg Stewart

    I would use it for the s pen which is my favorite part about the phone. Every phone should have one IMO.

  • Euan Tan

    1. Sell Computer
    2. Use the Note 3 for everything
    4. Profit

  • granyte

    I would use it as a phone

  • Steve d

    I would use it to keep myself more organized.

  • Evgeni Minkov

    I will use it for doing my work and study on the go:0

  • Jiro G.

    Your review got me really excited to want to try out all those things you wrote about the S Pen and multi windows. The S Pen usefulness is so strong it overpowers my dislike for TW. I’m tired of of trying to keep my screen clean from finger prints and oil, the S Pen should really help in that regard.

  • Ryan

    I would use it for photography, writing, reading, games, videos, social media, and work.

  • Kriztoffr

    I would sell my iPhone in hopes of a better world LOL a phone that actually works!

  • Ron Linder

    I want it!!!

  • Ccgway

    I will use it to watch HD movies and football!

  • Owen Horn

    Awesome phone. I would use it as my primary device as my current one is old. Great for videos and taking notes during meetings.

  • Stephen Hale

    I would use it for notes while in meetings.

  • nedridas

    I would use that beast all day everyday. Happily.

  • Jimmy S

    I’d use it to watch cartoons with my kids while lying in bed on a lazy weekend morning.

  • dallas88

    I would get this for my brother. He’s not too fond of traditional smart phones (crazy, I know) and would prefer to use a stylus for any and all touch screens. On any other phone a stylus is useless, but this beauty has features designed for stylus use! Perfect!

  • Dan Allen-Cutmore

    I’d give this phone to my husband. He’s been wanting one since it launched!!

  • Trevor Jones

    I would give it to my wife so that our phone would be almost the same

  • Ken Badgley

    I would love to win this for my wife. It would help her in managing her daily agenda as well as entertainment. She is keen on the s-pen.

  • Zack Moshonas

    I would use this to take notes in my university lectures, allowing me to leave my clunky laptop at home for once. Would be a great addition to my mobile lineup

  • Benson Tang

    i would use this phone to dominate the apple haters

  • Helmut Bernhard

    If I had a Galaxy Note 3, I’d flaunt it in front of my kids and their friends who laugh at the fact that I am little more than a flip phone user

  • Arun Ganesamoorthy

    I would use it as a daily driver and flash a custom ROM like Cyanogen Mod on it since I prefer stock android.

  • Carl Presseault

    I would love to win it.. just bought a galaxy 4 2 weeks before this phone was out but I wasn’t able to make the switch

  • sellib

    Have long wanted a phone bigger than an iPhone and smaller than an iPad. I’ll use it for work and personal.

  • Hot Toronto Deals

    This would be perfect to replace my iPhone 5 and Tablet or Laptop when attending meetings without using multiple devices, and consolidate everything on a single platform and use TELUS’ network for everything.

  • knobletruth

    I need this to work with my gear!!!

  • Donny Grosbeck-Tabobondung

    I would use it as a phone or a computer . lol

  • Jennifer Morin-Pouliot

    Would really love this phone since I’ve been having problems with my eye sight lately… I use my current phone for pretty much everything, from reading my emails, to reading the news, facebook, etc… It would surely make it way less complicated for me! :)

  • Khoi

    My 2 yr old daughter so would love watching her videos on the massive screen. Thanks mobile syrup. Keep up the good work!

  • Dawn Jaycocks

    My son would definitely love using this.

  • g1rthj

    Would love this for my wife

  • Andy Lam

    I’d enjoy gaming without bringing the phone all the way to my face.

  • YSH

    so am i the chosen one?

  • Lukas Wenzel

    I’d use it for the s pen and beautiful camera!

  • Dano B.

    I’d use it for taking notes at work

  • Donny Chau

    Note3, I want a mega note for Xmas!

  • Tom Brouillette

    I would love to win too

  • Max Fireman

    I would use it everyday, every hour!

  • howie_j

    To play games with the s pen

  • Catrina Luigia

    To use to take pictures of my twins that are due in 2014 :)

  • Tony K

    I’d use it to replace my phone and tablet.

  • mark

    I’ll use it to compare with my lg g2.

  • Donliang

    I will give it to my wide who needs a new phone.

  • ryang_78

    Use it to watch movies

  • Timothy Lock

    Ill use it to take some slick pictures and watch some amazing Rogers on Demand :P