Apple now says ’76% of devices are using iOS 7′


It was only a couple weeks ago that Apple declared that “74% of devices are using iOS 7,” a stat generated based on users visiting the App Store.

Now, a  14 days later, Apple says “76% of devices are using iOS 7.” Looks like those on iOS 6 finally decided to upgrade to iOS 7 as Apple notes that users now represent 20%, dropping 2% in the last week. Or it could simply mean that Apple has sold more iOS 7 devices. A minor 4% of iOS users are still booting up iOS 5 or earlier.

Unfortunately, there’s no indication on the number of devices that have actually visited the App Store, only a percentage. However, an increase of 2% in a couple weeks is certainly good progress.


Source: Apple

  • nomad

    whoopie. Android is better

    • Bbrysucks

      Only on phones, but yeah.

    • Peter Johanson

      You’re just jealous because you are not part of an elite club of Apple users….

    • Canuseewhatidid

      Whatever makes you more comfortable with your choice ;)

  • watchman88

    This measurement is a bit biased as those of us still using IOS 5 (iPad 1) don’t visit the App store much anymore. Many new apps don’t work unless you have IOS 6. The apps we have now are just fine as is and don’t get upgraded tat often anymore. Some of the old IPads might just be backups or used as photo display.
    Newer devices might be loading in more apps and updating more frequently.
    A better indicator might be email access x device or search engine access (Google, Bing, …) x device. This won’t pick up old devices in passive uses (backup, photo display). Might need to actually do an actual survey to capture that.

    • alphs22

      Counting app store visits is the same method that Google uses to determine Android version adoption rates. I’m not sure about Microsoft.

      The method obviously doesn’t count the actual devices being used accurately, but it’s how the two big names are counting.

    • Tom

      man, you remind me of how I have a 2nd gen ipod touch on iOS 4.2… a lot of popular apps will never run on it anymore :( Right now I just keep it in my car which has a USB port and can connect to iPods.

      I also have a 4th gen one in my drawer that I never bothered updating beyond iOS 4.3 after getting my first smartphone. Maybe I should update it and see what I’ve missed.

    • ReddShadoe

      It’s not biased…it says it’s based on App Store visits…you’re not visiting the App Store specifically because you use iOS5.

  • Tom

    76% may be on iOS7, but how many of those 76% get the full feature set of iOS 7 that the iPhone 5 and later enjoy?

    Performance wise, iOS 7 does a great job, but in terms of usable features, even unmodded Gingerbread is ahead…

    • Peter Johanson

      IOS is more stable of an OS. Android is too fragmented.

    • skullan

      You put completely unrelated sentences.

      iOS probably is a more stable OS. However, Kitkat is damn nice.

      As for fragmentation. Other than the Nexus phones, there is no such thing as fragmentation that has been caused by Google.

      Google produces an Operating System.
      Google gives that Operating System away.

      After that, it is up to the vendors of the phone to upgrade that phone to the next version of the Operating System. This is not Google’s responsibility to make sure the phones are not fragmented.

      The Nexus line receives updates up until the end of life of the phone, so they are not fragmented.

      Unlike Google, Apple controls both its proprietary OS (iOS) which is not distributed to other vendors and its hardware. So, any fragmentation of iOS in relation to the hardware is directly Apples responsibility.

      So, what you call “fragmentation”, I call whatever. It’s a fact of life in a scenario where one party freely gives away their Operating System for the adoption of another party. And you can only really compare fragmentation when comparing Nexus line to iOS.

      Anything else, reaching at straws and unrelated witch-hunting.

    • Mayoo

      IOS is more stable but Apple controls hardware.

      Android is less stable but has to manage thousands of hardware configuration for many manufacturer.

      Just imagine what Android would be if they managed their own hardware and only had to code the OS for a handful of configuration.

    • Austin

      you mean Nexus devices…

    • Mayoo

      Nexus are using the same OS made to handle multiple configurations. What I mean is if the only Android devices would be Nexus. But right now, Nexus are just a few among many.

    • WatDah

      1) Then they would be just another option. And it would be nowhere near the success it has now.
      2) Only Nexus devices will have Android.
      3) Samsung will still be famous for their TVs only.
      4) Many Chinese phone makers will be out of business because they can’t capitalize on a free OS.
      5) Piracy, developers’ losses for Android apps would go down.
      6) Apple would be in a more superior position than they are now.
      7) Companies like Samsung, HTC, LG, would be forced to be much more innovative, rather than riding the coattails of Google’s Android. Or they might not and just continue to be what they used to be.
      8) People might not hate each other as much when they talk about their personal preference on a god damn phone.

    • Mayoo

      Good predictions of what it could have been, nicely done!

    • ReddShadoe

      They would be Apple…

  • Scazza

    More like 76% drop in speed and useability on anything but the iphone 5+…

    • Peter Johanson

      All iPhones run smoothly. An iPhone 4 can upgrade to IOS7 and run very smoothly. For a phone that was released in 2010 shows the longevity of the device. The Galaxy Nexus on the other hand was released a year later and is not getting an official Kit Kat update. Google doesn’t do a good job in terms of longevity with their phones.

    • Scazza

      You think an Iphone 4 can run smoothly on iOS7? Even the 4S runs horribly, with a good 1-2second lag to bring up the dialer, and thats on a clean install. Ive seen so many iphone 4/4s trade ins the past 2 months its insane… There is literally an overstock of them that most trade in places give 50$ for them… iOS7 was an incredibly smart move on Apples part to get people to upgrade to a 5c/s… They are geniuses..

    • Peter Johanson

      I agree with you on all the points you mentioned. Androids as of late are extremely responsive. That being said, they also have their flaws eg. lack of updates or no updates at all depending on which android device you have. I guess there are pros and cons on each end.

    • Scazza

      I don’t want to attack you personally, but WHERE did I mention the word Android? That is two replies to me where you jump on me as some blind android fanboy. I never mentioned Android being better at anything. I am talking strictly about iOS7 making iphone 4 and 4s phones function incredibly slowly. No mention of KitKat, Android, or anything of the sort. Hell I could be a big Blackberry or Windows Mobile fan,

      That being said, every platform has its pros and cons, but Apple bragging about iOS7 amuses me because it makes older models incredibly unusable.

    • Bbrysucks

      It seems as though you’re clearly one of those folks who is holding the phone wrong. IOS 7 (post .0.3 update) runs just fine on each and every device its released on. Up to 7.0.2 I would have agreed, but that’s no longer the case.

    • Scazza

      As someone who deals with maybe a hundred or so a week, I will say that is not the case with ALL of the ones I have seen. But I will have to just agree to disagree on this one. Don’t get me wrong, on 5/s/c iOS7 is a buttery experience, no hate for the OS on those.

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      Ill back you up on that. Traded in two iPhone 4s at work yesterday for people upgrading to the 5s. I was shocked at how slow they were. Just to disable ‘Find my phone’ took forever. They were also updated to the newest version, if that has any meaning.

    • Alex

      .. This apple fanboy keeps trying to bash android when no one is mentioning about it

    • ReddShadoe

      You’re exaggerating.

    • skullan

      “depending on which android device”.

      This comment alone, determines that the comment about lack of updates is flawed.

      For comparing updates, you must compare it against the Nexus line, as any other slowness of update scenario is a problem of the Manufacturer (Sony, Motorola, Samsung, HTC and others).

      If you’re not using a Google Nexus, then you’ve accepted you may or may not get an update. That is a problem you need to take up with the vendor of your phone, leave “Android” out of it.

    • ReddShadoe

      Wrong, my 4S runs fine.

    • Rod

      When I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 7, it got so slow that it was almost unusable. Instead of getting a new 5s, I decided to get a nexus 5. Same fast performance for half the price.

      Apple keeps on upgrading 2yr+ devices to be able to sell them many years after their original release.

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      The coolest thing about upgrading to Android is actually the longevity of its OS. After Google stops supporting the Nexus 5, so probably 18 months, install Cyanogenmod.

      My LG Optimus One is running Cyanogenmod 10.2 almost as quick to navigate as my S3 (although programs and internet take a lot longer) and that phone is a few years old for sure.

    • Tom

      CM is awesome.

    • ReddShadoe

      Complete nonsense. No drop in speed on my 4S, and while they greedily disable some features like video zoom, 76% less usability is a lie.

  • Bwnl

    They really should have kept iOS to at least a 4S. Several of my customers are forced to upgrade to a 5c or s because of their insanely laggy 4. Its unfortunately out of my control as working at a provider.

    In conversation I don’t even offer the 4s anymore. Its quite a stark contrast for a $0 phone between it and currently a Nexus 5, HTC One, Xperia Z1 and even an S4 Mini. The upcoming year we will see Samsung turn into the #1 handset and Sony reaching the #2 Android phone.

    Keep an eye on the Galaxy J.

    • d a

      They effectively KILLED the 4/4s. I know 3 people with 4s’s that say their phone has been destroyed by IOS7. Let that be a lesson to you Iphone users. Never take an os update to an older model that comes with a new model. Only take updates between models and always wait 2-3 weeks to read how it’s going first.

    • ReddShadoe

      Nonsense. 4S runs fine on iOS7 here. Not saying that some people aren’t having issues, but your blanket statement about it destroying all 4Ss is ludicrous.

  • Gerhardt

    where are the FANDROID heads now? jackin in their mom’s basement

  • fates

    76% isn’t bad, but its not as hard when you basically only have like 10 devices to push the updates to (iphone 4/4s/5/5s/5c + ipad + macs).

    • WatDah

      Which is exactly why this entire business model and practice is so brilliant and successful.

  • Detroit Velvet Smooth


  • The User

    I’ve been following Mobile Syrup for a long time but never really entered my two cents into any of the comments, but something interesting I’ve noticed is this constant battle between operating systems where it doesn’t matter what the news update is about. Some way, some how, the direction of the comments gets into how Android is the best, how Apple is the best, how Android sucks, how Apple sucks. And when that’s not good enough, people start to insult others based on the phone or operating system they’ve chosen to use. It doesn’t even matter what the topic is. Could be “TD rolls out new app”…next thing you read is “Apple Sucks”…”Fanboy”…”Fandroid”….”iSheep”….the same thing over and over again. The funniest is when an Android user trolls a news update about an Apple story like this one and says “Whoopie. Android is better.” How is that relevant to the discussion? The update is not even about Android. And this example will go both ways. The sad part is that we have bigger things to worry about in the world than to come onto a mobile blog and insult others based on their preference of mobile phone or operating system. Oh and wait for it…I am now going to get insulted…

    • WatDah

      Welcome to the internet. Where the true colors of humanity is unfiltered. You’d think it’s a tool to bring people together and connect with each other, but in reality, this world is full of anger, hate, disrespect, hypocrisy, and jealousy.

    • Austin

      Android is better

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