Tim Hortons adds payments to Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10 apps (Update)

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Tim Hortons is making a play for your mobile wallet with a new barcode-based payment system in its most recent Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10 updates.

Dubbed “Pay with TimmyMe,” the app uses a preregistered card to facilitate payments at the register, similar to the way Starbucks implements its smartphone-based payments. The app already allowed Tim Hortons customers to register cards and check balances, find nearby cafes and organize coffee runs. This feature currently works for all BlackBerry 10 devices (BlackBerry Q5, BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Z30), plus Android devices running OS 4.0. Timmies also notes that future development plans will see this rollout to Android 4.4 devices.

Update: Apple has just approved the same update for iOS users, bringing barcode-based payments to iPhones and iPods.

Update #2: Tim Hortons just sent out a press release that stated “Tim Hortons has also launched a barcode payment pilot program in the Niagara region in Canada and at select USA Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop restaurants in Maine, Michigan, New York, and Ohio. The barcode technology, which provides a scan-to-pay option once a Tim Card has been registered on the TimmyMe app, supports Apple devices running OS 6.0 or later and Android devices running OS 4.0 or later.” – IH

  • Lorne

    Cool !!

    • d a

      It could be If Tim’s were to get consistent with their coffee. I got tired of the burned coffee and sometimes watered down coffee. If you drink your coffee black with no sugar, Tim’s is bad more than half the time. Even MacDonald’s seems to have gotten better than them these days.

    • PewZ

      McDonalds has better coffee than Tims in my opinion.

    • Matt

      Tim’s is the Walmart of coffee shops, and they have been for a while. They have an awful product but Canadians, unfortunately, will vehemently support and defend a noncompetitive company solely based on the fact that they’re Canadian. *ahem blackberry*

    • S2556

      But those Timbits!

  • Will

    Been using the BlackBerry 10 version since Monday – love it!!

    • Bbrysucks

      Too bad the bb version isn’t even an app. Just a link to a mobile web page, lol.

    • Will

      I assume you are referring to the old BlackBerry OS version? Because the BlackBerry 10 version is a completely native app, a signature BlackBerry 10 experience.

  • Gerhardt

    bb is dead

    • Jorelle

      Not relevant to the post.

    • Jakob

      He’s just trolling.

    • Me Ted


    • Anthony

      BB will be back in a huge way! You just wait for next Friday the stock will soar to new heights, we are talking big time gains!

  • Martin Chan

    Need more uses for NFC! The capabilities of it are amazing.

  • Lirodon

    Does it require a credit card, or will debit work too?

    • Will


  • E. R

    So this app was just released?

  • rgl168

    Mobilesyrup – I believe you need to double check your source. I believe the payment method is not via NFC, but rather via displaying a bar code on the screen which would be then scanned. This would operates just like way Starbucks is currently doing.

    • expat

      NFC is not bar code.

    • J-Ro

      You may be right. It says it’s “as easy as one, two, scan”. I don’t see any mention of NFC.

      Edit : After look at the pictures in Blackberry world, it shows NFC usage.

    • Martin Chan

      NFC’s usage is available for BB10. Maybe you’re device just uniquely doesn’t support the NFC payment.

    • It’s Me

      BB: NFC
      Android: barcode
      iPhone: barcode

      MS needs some fact checkers.

    • jay

      but where do i tap?

  • E. R

    Aye don’t see NFC as well on the app. All I see is “coming soon” and the barcode option.

    • Dom

      Yup. They didn’t put it on Android yet.
      It’s cause Blackberry’s Canadian, and they want to give them something first for once.

    • Graham Fluet

      Plus all Blackbery 10 devices support NFC, the iPhone doesn’t, and Android is hit-and-miss with some variants being incompatible.

    • Dom

      That’s true. But having an Android with NFC, I feel left out.

    • Will

      It is because prior to KitKat Android lacks what is necessary for this solution to work. It is not about favouring BB, its a technology limitation of older Android versions.

  • Mac Pham

    I dont see any NFC options on Android. When you go to the Tim Card, it says coming soon and if you tap on it, you get a barcode.

  • Anthony


  • The Guy

    I checked out the “TimmyME” app, which I thought could possibly be useful.
    But then I read the following:

    This app has access to these permissions:
    Your location
    precise location (GPS and network-based)
    Network communication
    full network access
    view network connections
    receive data from Internet
    Phone calls
    read phone status and identity
    Your social information
    read call log
    read your contacts
    Your accounts
    find accounts on the device
    System tools
    modify system settings
    Affects battery
    prevent device from sleeping

    The following items in the above list I find disturbing (to put it mildly):
    Phone calls
    read phone status and identity
    Your social information
    read call log
    read your contacts
    Your accounts
    find accounts on the device
    System tools
    modify system settings
    prevent device from sleeping

    Why would all these be necessary just to pay for a coffee and a doughnut, especially since the payment will be deducted from a pre-paid Tim Hortons card?

    I removed the app, and will continue to pay cash.

    I would welcome your comments!

    • Stephen_81

      The TimmyMe app is more than just payments.

      It needs your Social information because of the connect tab, which connects to facebook/youtube/twitter if you so choose.

      Phone calls I am not sure about, But if it allows you to make a call to the locations from within the app that requires phone privileges

      Prevent device from sleeping is for when you are using the locator you want to be able to leave it connected to your dashboard without having to keep waking up the screen while you navigate to the Timmy’s location

      system tools is pretty broad, I suspect that is allow it to be plugged into the share frame work, but I’m purely speculating.

      While I don’t Timmy’s often I have told every one I know in the restaurant industry that the TimmyMe App is the app to emulate. For someone who travels this is an amazing app to have payments aside

  • Mcthibbs

    Why does it say NFC. This isn’t NFC

  • Superzar2000

    Windows Phones need love too :(

  • Graham Fluet

    Barcode? pfft. On the Blackberry version we have NFC payments

    • Many99

      Only if you are on Rogers and certain Cibc credit card

    • Shawn Harvey

      NFC payment is available to all BlackBerry 10 users, regardless of carrier

    • Many99

      must of happened recently, do you know when it happened

    • Shawn Harvey

      I meant specific to this app. The NFC payment is because it stores your Tim Card information within the app. I’ve tested it on both a Z10 & Z30 running on Telus today :)

    • Graham Fluet

      For use at any store, yeah. But Tim Hortons links your phone to a gaift card so you can pay with your phone instead of the card itself. It’s carrier and bank independent.

  • timothybrabant

    Passbook integration?

  • jay

    i like the idea and if its like star bucks then its a awesome thing you load 20$ and thats all. however only niagara region?

  • Dennis Rice

    This is somewhat neat (I’d be more excited if it happened a year ago, now it’s just keeping up), but honestly, when they started accepting paypass, I stopped using my card. It was both redundant (tied to my credit card) and slower.

    If this allowed you to accumulate points and get rewards (I’ve gotten two free sandwiches through my Starbucks app in the post few months) , then there’d be something to talk about.

  • MacMan156

    Ugh another iphone app packaged as an android one. Really guys?

  • Michael Bernardo

    Guys, I just tapped my BlackBerry 10 device and it worked. No bar code.

  • jay

    hm tried it yesterday and didn’t work where do i have to tap? using a Q10 btw

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