Nokia’s Android phone reportedly leaks online

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Before making Windows Phone “its primary smartphone strategy,” Nokia was actively testing Android as a Plan B. Several weeks ago, reports emerged that “a team within Nokia had Android up and running on the company’s Lumia handsets well before Microsoft and Nokia began negotiating Microsoft’s $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone and services business.”

Now new evidence of Nokia possibly coming to market with a low-end Android-powered device has surfaced online. According to The Verge, coupled with a November leak by evleaks, “Normandy” might be running a forked variant of Android on a Nokia smartphone, a heavily- customized version similar to Amazon’s Fire OS.

Apparently Nokia employees are “full steam ahead” with this project and plans are to release this entry-level Asha device sometime in 2014.

As for the device, the image shows it looking like other Lumia smartphones the company has released in the past, but lacks capacitive buttons and a camera flash. Of course, “Normandy” may not happen at all, as Microsoft just might scrap the idea when they fully integrate Nokia’s business.

Source: The Verge, evleaks

  • Tommy Crosby

    So I was like: OMG! NOKIA AND ANDROID!
    Then: BS! That’s an ASHA Phone!
    But after reading at the source: WTF IS THAT CRAP?

    Still hope that a unicorn would give me my Nokia true Android phone one day…

  • Felix

    holy bezel batman

    • kdsmanu

      Iphone 5S has more bezel than that.

    • Matt

      It also has a real push button down there to justify it…

  • Super_Deluxe

    A Nokia Lumia pure Android phone. Hopefully that dream becomes a reality one day!

    • J. W.

      Nexus L, perhaps? Nokia just needs to make some beautiful hardware and let Google handle the software. As much as I’ve already gotten used to WP8, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Nokia Android device if it happens.

  • Sequoia46.2

    Source says it’s going to be an Asha device with access to Android apps similar to Amazon’s Kindle

  • grantdude

    This is somewhat disappointing. If it was Nokia running pure Android, or just a skin on top, I’d be all over it.
    But it’s a bastardized version. And may not even happen. Boo.

  • beyond

    I can see people point about Android on Nokia. WIth its popularity combined with Nokia’s build quality and innovation, for example a phone like Lumia 1020 on android would have totally killed Samsung Galaxy S4.

  • Balls O’Steele

    Why bother? How is this revolutionary? Any new phone today has to have revolutionary features, price, or battery life or else it won’t get any market traction. Just look at BB.

    • Dylan Kuehl

      Nokia has always had legendary build quality and amazing cameras on their devices, both points few other OEMs can claim individually, let alone both at once. A Motorola-esque Android experience (almost stock) on a Nokia phone, that would be something.

    • J-Ro

      These days, its all about marketing. I have used the Q10, the Z30 and the 1020 and loved them. They work just as good, if not better than Android (Samsung) and iOS. THey just don’t market properly. Microsoft should be marketing how simple it is to use their phones and Blackberry needs a clue when it comes to marketing.

      A Nokia phone running Android would be way better than most but wouldn’t catch on because of the poor brand management happening today.

  • rtg_500

    This is good news if it turns out to be true, Nokia has always made nice quality phones prior to the WP brain wash. Maybe they are just testing the waters with this low end device and than surprise everyone with a high end device.

  • BB BB

    Can’t wait to buy one from the Microsoft store.

  • MatroXX

    This proves that when you add android to anything it will succeed…


    • whatever

      no it doesnt
      look at the number of people here still bitchin about what version ( stock versus customized) of android it should have, the camera…

    • MatroXX

      hence my */S*

  • Garrett Cooper

    Ugh, why low end? Well it “would” be a start, I’d like to see Nokia get into the Android game. That said, I’d only get one if we’re talking about one with a camera of Pure View quality.

    • J-Ro

      You never know. The Moto G has the same specs as the Nexus 4. This low end device could be just as good.

    • Garrett Cooper

      The Moto G is solid, but the rendering above definitely doesn’t have the same camera as the 1020, which is really the only reason I’d pick up a Nokia Android device. That said, it could be something we see in the future. Them getting into Android first will be the tough part.

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