Android 4.4.2 rolling out to Nexus devices (Update)


We’re getting reports that only days after receiving Android 4.4.1, various Nexus devices, including the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, are receiving another update to Android 4.4.2, build number KOT49H.

While there’s no word on what has been updated this time around around — the generic update blurb is the same as the former one, indicating optimizations to the camera and “other bug fixes and performance improvements” — the 52.8-54MB file appears to be a hotfix for some tragic oversight in the former software. If you already have Android 4.4.1, the OTA update is 1.7MB.

Nexus 5 users who don’t want to wait can sideload the OTA .zip file from this link.

Nexus 4 users who don’t want to wait can sideload the OTA .zip file.

Nexus 7 2013 WiFi users who don’t want to wait can sideload the OTA .zip file.

Nexus 10  users who don’t want to wait can sideload the OTA .zip file.

Note: These OTA files are only for those who either sideloaded or received the Android 4.4.1 update. If you are still running Android 4.4, you will have to wait for the OTA update or find and sideload the Android 4.4.1 .zip file.

Update: The Android 4.4.2 update appears to fix some issues related to security, and likely resolves a recently-outed SMS bug that affecting the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. It appears Google rolled out Android 4.4.1 to a small number of users (which is why so few people received an OTA update for it) and determined that a few remaining bugs remained. After fixing them and packaging a new build, which is this Build KOT49H, they resumed the rollout.

  • guitarguy23

    I hit the update button…nothing….cleared framework data, update. Magic.

    • MarkLastiwka

      DON’T do this (current post with link is awaiting moderation)

    • guitarguy23

      Um, because it turns off location settings until you turn in back on? This is the only way I’ve received updates since the Nexus One.

    • MarkLastiwka

      It screws up Google Services royally. In essence, what you are doing is assigning your phone a new ID, which can screw up how Google Services perceives your phone. If you have problems, the best bet is usually a factory reset. Is it really worth it for a X.X.1 update?

    • guitarguy23

      I know what it’s theoretically supposed to do, but I haven’t had a single problem since Cupcake, just an instantaneous update.

    • MarkLastiwka

      Just because you haven’t had a problem since cupcake doesn’t mean it won’t royally screw up this time. You are playing Russian Roulette with your phone just to get a X.X.1 update.

    • guitarguy23

      Better not root, flash, sideload, overclock, swap kernels, flash radios, switch to ART, etc., either, on this developer phone…. :(

    • MarkLastiwka

      I don’t really care if you do bad stuff to your phone, but when people talk about using it like this, it fools other people into thinking it a good technique to use with no consequences. Even when you root your device or screw around with it, there are big warning lights and disclaimers users are given.

      This method does not seem to come with any disclaimers even though all it can do is really only cause problems to your device for very little reward. Who knows, maybe it even screws with the devices activation numbers google gets (I don’t honestly know if that happens or not, but possible)

    • Mark

      If you have the high level knowledge to root through confirmed and tested methods, why would do something random and novice like use this ‘trick’ which is positively tied to breaking the device?

    • NinoBr0wn

      Because lazy.

    • Joseph

      I’m lazy and impatient but I just sideload my updates, which takes all of 30 seconds…..

    • Tyrone Thomas

      I have to agree that playing with the framework is like playing with a bit of fire and should be avoided unless you are prepared to deal with any pending consequences. Check this post from Google Engineer Dan Morrill:

      Doing this changes the primary ID by which Google knows your device. As far as the servers are concerned, the device was basically factory reset. There are many downstream effects of this, but a big one is that this invalidates the tokens used by any app that uses GCM (which is nearly all the Google apps, and a ton of third-party apps.)

      How apps react to GCM IDs changing varies by app. With Play Store you have to log out and log back in, I think Gmail usually handles it transparently eventually but won’t get new mail notifications for a while, etc. Some apps you may have to clear data on to recover. All apps will simply stop getting GCM push-messages, until they get a new GCM ID; some do this frequently, others rarely, and some apps use the GCM ID as an ID on their own servers (as it is opaque and basically random), so other things besides push messages may not work.

      Nothing bursts into flames, but it makes a ton of nuisances on the device, including some that can look pretty mysterious. Your mileage will vary depending on what apps you use.

      All of this can be avoided by just doing an ‘adb sideload’ if you are impatient.

    • Will S.

      Works for me – I think this is how I got my N7 2012 to Jelly Bean a while back. If Google would just ensure it’s updates were sounds and roll them out like apple we wouldn’t have this issue now would we…

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      I can agree somewhat with this. It would be excellent if Google would send out updates all at once. Although, when I do get my updates from Google (usually within 24 hours) its lightning fast. My fathers iPhone usually takes an hour or more until after 24 hours.

      It would be much quicker if Google would make things faster, but they we would all be complaining about the sluggish download speeds.

    • hanscero

      just checked and im sitll at 4.4 no update available, no problems with camara and battery life is incredibly good as gold (day and a half), my build number is different than the one shown on post

    • Roker

      Same, my number is KRT

    • Guest

      Or instead of screwing up your device as Mark is trying to help you understand you could try from your stock recovery the always complicated command line input of:

      “adb sideload ” (without the quotes)

      I know I know….. I’m confusing myself with all this thinking I tend to do, some one pass me a Tylenol…

  • choyM

    Still no update on mine (Nexus 5). I haven’t even received the OTA for 4.4.1

    • Ayo

      Didn’t get the 4.4.1 on the N5 as well, but the 4.4.2 just arrived. I still can see any difference asides the better camera performance.

    • Edwin W. Lau

      How did it happen? I’m checking the updates and it says my device is up to date with the 4.4 :(

    • thas ★

      Just sideload it through adb.

  • Jesus McDongswoggle

    Still don’t even have 4.4.1 :-(

  • Paul

    I just got the OTA update for 4.4.2, only hours after i sideloaded 4.4.1.

  • theRKF

    +1 for what @guitarguy23 said. The update shows as 1.7 MB for me, upgrading from 4.4.1. Nexus 5.

  • Mr.CoolBerry

    I’m a newbie. I have a Nexus 5 but I hit update but I get nothing and what is ‘cleared framework data’ ?

    • choyM

      I just googled it and some say its a bad idea to do that as it might break some of your apps. It essentially is fooling the server that you are a new device or one that has done a factory reset, and then there’s some ID that you will need to be assigned again. Apparently it helps with the OTA update, but it could also break things. Unless you’re willing to reinstall apps all over again.

    • Mr.CoolBerry

      Thanks for info. I hope I get some updates soon for my Nexus 5. I’m still on KitKat 4.4.

    • guitarguy23

      It’s never broken anything for me, and I’ve done it for EVERY Android update since the Nexus One. Seriously, I’m not trying to harm anybody’s devices. All I’ve noticed is that it turns off location settings, and a reboot sets it back to where it was.

    • ErikRP

      I never had a problem with it until I did it on my N7, trying to get 4.4. Totally screwed things up and I had to do a factory reset.

      I won’t say it didn’t work in the past, but something seems to have changed and it’s not a harmless little workaround any more. As said earlier, people need to be aware that if they go down the “clear framework” route that there can be a lot more hassle involved.

    • dp

      Its worked for me on my 2012 N7. For 4.4 and now 4.4.2. Have not seen a single negative or had to reinstall a single app doing this process.

    • Garry

      It’s when you go to Settings > Apps > All > find Google
      Service Framework and clear the data from it. It should let you find
      the update faster.

      But it’s not recommended as it can screw things up apparently… Up to you. I am not responsible for any damage :D

      I was just about to do it but checked my phone and got the 4.4.2 update already!
      Updating now.. Didn’t even get the 4.4.1 update yet! I’m on Nexus 4 btw.

    • Mr.CoolBerry

      Thanks for info. I still have the KitKat 4.4. on my Nexus 5. Still waiting for an some updates.

  • Martin Chan

    Seems like I’ve been hit with every single Android bug out there.
    And I still haven’t got the update for 4.4.1 yet. Even after a frameworks data clear.
    N4. I’m getting to a point where pen and paper old fashion methods are quicker.

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to downgrade to say 4.3?

    • Dennis Forbes

      The framework clear thing is a very bad thing to do, and may be a part of the reason you seem to have so many issues.

    • Martin Chan

      It was done once before to upgrade to the 4.2.2 firmware. And after that a full system reload and wipe.
      The frameworks clear wasn’t done much later after problems arrived. I did it because I was hoping to get the update a little earlier and clear some of the bugs. I swear I’m running into every bug imaginable.
      It wouldn’t detect the OTA even after one month of it’s official release on N4. I think this once, it’ll be worth living with the old bugs compared to the new ones.

    • dp

      Can you prove this instead of just saying it??

    • Dennis Forbes

      This isn’t a research paper. Look up your own citations, but there are *widely* known posts from Android engineers telling users why the clear thing is self-destructive. Search it yourself. You know, instead of just lazily asking.

    • dp

      Why would I look it up when I’ve had NO problems with this method? You took the time to post, now why not back up your statement?

    • N00bicals

      Yes, but you need to unlock the bootloader (requires reformat), download the factory Rom, and install using a program like nexus root toolkit from wugfresh (via a pc). It’s a pain to get working, I had lots of driver issues but I got it in the end.

    • Martin Chan

      Thanks, just knowing it possible is fine. I can find out the rest myself.

    • Akash Singh

      you don’t really have to unlock the bootloader if you use sideload it via adb. pretty easy once you get it started

    • Lorne

      Used same method today,went flawless in about 15 minutes…youtube video walks you through it easy.

  • MrMarvelous

    Just got 4.4.2 on my Nexus 5. Hadn’t previously received 4.4,1 so this is a nice surprise.

    • Edwin W. Lau

      How did it happen? Mine says it’s up to date with the 4.4 :(

    • MrMarvelous

      I just did this check update stuff I’ve been checking every half hour and it was there. Remember, its a gradual roll out so just be patience.

    • Edwin W. Lau

      I see! Thank you very much for replying.

    • MrMarvelous

      No problem, good luck.

  • James

    No update on nexus 4 in Vancouver

  • TomFoolery

    I just got 4.4.2, never even got 4.4.1 so I don’t know if this is a change of the former or the later, but the camera app now defaults to google plus photos instead of the gallery app.

  • jasonfearon

    My Nexus4 just got the upgrade to 4.4.2 – I didn’t get the 4.4.1 one though. (I’m in Vancouver, on Wind.)

    • choyM

      Good for you. I’m wondering why my N5 isn’t getting anything, even 4.4.1

    • Pranav

      No love for Nexus 5

    • Joseph

      Just be patient everything gets a gradual roll out and if you want to learn then look into sideloading so you can get the updates faster

    • Pranav

      How would you do that?

  • selonmoi

    I wish people would stop taking a randomly determined update order so personally. If you “haven’t even got the 4.4.1 update yet”, that really doesn’t mean that Google hates you or thinks you’re an inferior individual.

    It appears that everyone who did get the 4.4.1 update is being very quickly pushed up to 4.4.2 today, which suggests that the new problem introduced in 4.4.1 was critical. It may well be an exploitable security vulnerability, or a bug that’s bricking devices.

    I’d expect that once most everyone had been upgraded off of 4.4.1, the usual rolling update process will recommence for those on 4.4.0. All that to say, it could be a week or so until the masses are updated, assuming no more showstoppers.

    • Mark

      Ditto. Google has recently stated that they do a random 1% soak test the first week to see how everything works. Then they put it out randomly at a rate of 25% per week there after.

      And I wish people would stop clearing framework data thinking its magic only find stuff broken afterwards. That’s not advisable, folks.

    • dp

      So many comments on why clearing Google services framework is not good. But no one explains why?? I’ve had no negative effects doing this

    • dp

      So many comments on why clearing Google services framework is not good. But no one explains why?? I’ve had no negative effects doing this

    • alamarco

      What’s mind blowing is that people complain when they have every opportunity to install the update manually. No root involved either. If you want the update that badly do it yourself. Google isn’t stopping you. The Nexus line is an open line of devices.

      Personally I sideloaded 4.4.1, but I got 4.4.2 today when I got home so I didn’t need to sideload this recent update.

  • Mark

    I received this on my Nexus 10. It’s the first OTA in 9 months that didn’t break my tablet so bad I had to flash back to 4.1.2 just to access recovery. Thanks for getting it right this time, Google.

  • PT

    Done. Nexus 7 – 2012

  • Kickside01

    I have the N4 and i didn’t receive the 4.4.1 update but I did receive 5 min ago the 4.4.2 I am on Koodo (not that it matters) and live in Kingston On (again not that it matters) also my wife has the N5 and she hasn’t received either update…

  • Mike A

    I got home after a long day of exams, both my N5 and N7 had updates waiting , when I clicked accept it said 4.4.2 was confused but assumed it may be the fix for the sms security issue.

  • Mike Medeot

    I never ended up getting 4.4.1 but I just received 4.4.2 OTA. Hopefully there will be patch notes soon!

  • Pranav

    I didn’t receive 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 also. What is going on ???

  • kevin c

    Just downloaded 4.4.2 on my Nexus4. It bypassed 4.4.1.

  • N00bicals

    I refuse to upgrade my nexus 4 to KitKat until I am satisfied things aren’t broken (still). It looks like they need to do more work. A few people I know still have broken exchange service which we need for work.

  • Nexus

    OMFG!!! how about a fix for the exchange email???

    • Elle

      Do you still have problems with it?? Mine is fixed!

    • Nexus

      How did you fix it?
      I still can’t add inbox widget
      Exchange email still doesn’t push

    • Elle

      Mine automatically fixed after the 4.4.1 update, and its also fixed on 4.2.2 when I updated. Did you change your settings back to push for exchange? I’ve been receiving emails from my exchange account for a few days now.

      I can add an inbox widget, and it works.

      Go to settings > corporate
      What do you see there? Is your exchange account flashing the words between “last synced” and “syncing” or does is it just on “last synced”?

    • Nexus

      it is weird
      I haven’t get any updates yet
      I am still on 4.4
      But my email pushes now
      I still having issue with inbox widget

    • Elle

      Oh. Nexus 5? 4? The issue (I’m pretty sure) will be solved on 4.4.1/4.4.2. Keep checking the updates, you’ll get it soon enough!

    • Nexus

      I have both Nexus 4 & 5
      They are both still on 4.4

    • Elle

      How odd. I have the nexus 5, and I received the 4.2.2 OTA yesterday night. I side loaded 4.4.1 though. My brother has the nexus 4 and received the 4.2.2 ota from 4.4.0 yesterday night as well. Hope you get it soon!

  • SetZ

    After updating my Nexus 4 to 4.4.2, I noticed that indeed there are some improvements with the camera. It does not keep on loosing focus any more and it takes pictures slightly faster prior to the update. And the overall transition between animations and swiping are smoother. This is coming from the 4.4.0. Thanks Google!

  • Ajb.esquire

    Nexus 4 in Toronto, Just got OTA 4.2.2

    • Ajb.esquire

      ^ lol you know what i meant

    • Tiago

      how bro im in t.o and still on 4.4

    • Ajb.esquire

      Just turned the phone off, turned it back on and checked for updates in settings.

    • Tiago

      nothing :( even tried *#*#2432546#*#*

    • Ajb.esquire

      Just luck of the draw man, I’m usually the last to get updates, maybe its like in school on those weird days where the teacher decides to go in reverse alphabetical order lol. No worries seriously not much dif…for all of 5 minutes I was like “Yay!” Then it was “meh”. The nice feeling of knowing you have the newest version wears off quick when you realize its pretty much the same old toys in a new box. You’ll get it soon I’m sure.

    • Tiago

      is there anything noticeable about the new update?

    • Ajb.esquire

      Honestly no, like most small updates its just like extra polishing to the OS and stuff, a little smoother, can seems a bit more responsive, but nothing you’ll lose sleep over not having.

  • BklynJerry

    Nexus 4, NYC. I recieved both OTAs 4.4.1 & 4.4.2. Updated just now.

  • N00bicals

    Do you need to update to 4.4.0 from 4.3 before you can update to 4.4.2 using only Google’s push update mechanism?

  • Merags

    I just got this, 4.4.2 for the Nexus 4. (went from 4.4 to 4.4.2)

  • Aaron Llena Hernandez

    Just got the 4.4.2 for N4 in Montreal. Had 4.4.1 for awhile.

  • Taigi Maeda

    Sweet, just checked and it was already dl’d.
    installing now.

  • Samuel Oh

    Is the OTA file supposed to be 1.66MB?

    • Lazardus

      I think if you are on 4.4.1 yes

  • John

    Got my 4.4.2 update for N5 in Toronto. Never received the 4.4.1 update, now I’m waiting for the update for my N7.

  • jon

    in northern ontario on rogers and still on 4.4

  • Acitta

    I got an upgrade notification for 4.4.2 on my N4. My phone rebooted, but it reports that it is still at 4.4.

  • SLouisa

    I expected a faster update from Google. I am a little disappointed that users with N4/N7 are updated while a lot of the N5 users (like myself) are still waiting 4.4.1/4.4.2. Anyone know how Google determines who gets updates first and who doesn’t??

    • thedosbox

      They always do a staged rollout. Do a search for the androidpolice story on the Nexus update rollout with Dan Morill.

  • Mae

    Eve since I got my Nexus 5 updated to 4.4.2 my phone has been charging super slowly. Like 3% in half an hour or more. Is this happening to anyone else?

    • Elle

      Check if something is eating the battery while its charging

    • Mae

      I checked and it’s just the usual things running like the standby, screen, WiFi, android is, etc. But it’s strangely so much slower in charging…

    • Elle

      Go into settings > corporate

      Are you using exchange services? Is it constantly syncing? I remember when I had exchange issues, it’d charge that slow. If not, try different chargers, different ports, etc.

    • Mae

      I was using a different charger, not the one that came with the phone so that was what was causing the problem. I tried the stock charger and it was fine. Thank you!!

  • Nylac

    I think I from 4.4.0 to 4.4.2. Is that possible?

    • ErikRP

      Yes. From the sound of it very few people got 4.4.1. And from what I’ve read 4.4.2 is just a fixed version of 4.4.1, so you didn’t miss anything if you didn’t get 4.4.1.

      I just got the 4.4.2 update early this morning – I didn’t get 4.4.1.

    • Nylac


  • Grant Russell

    Wow, 2nd update, the only thing mentioned is camera improvements, and Exchange email is still BORKED…

  • Akash Singh

    i noticed the update for nexus 7 is around 59mb. i thought the update is only 1 or 2 mb ? i already have 4.4.1 on it

  • Canadaboy

    Went from 4.4 to 4.4.2 – just this afternoon. Be patient many grasshoppers. It will arrive.

  • Pat Simeon

    Still nothing on my Nexus 5 and WiFi Nexus 7 2013…anyone else on the same page?

    • Ryster1

      Yes, I have not received either update on my new Nexus 5 :( Im getting impatient.

    • sonny017

      Just got my update now on my Nexus 5.

    • sonny017

      Just got mine on my Nexus 5 now got it for the Nexus 7 2012 last night

  • sonny017

    Got it on my Nexus 7 2012 but not my Nexus 5

    • Guest

      Your 2012? I didn’t think it was being rolled out to the 2012 N7s.

    • sonny017

      Yeah, first gen nexus 7

    • dp

      My 2012 N7 also just got it.

  • rookie8155

    My N5 got 4.4.2 update about an hour ago.

    • choyM

      Got mine today as well. Yey!

  • Raj

    Nothing yet on Nexus 5 from Rogers. Anyone else with a Rogers Nexus 5 get the update?

  • Mr.CoolBerry

    Got my KitKat 4.4.2 OTA update for my Nexus 5 yesterday on Tuesday December 10, 2013. The camera better

    • Brian

      What the heck no update. So I bought a Nexus 5 to get updates first and the other devices in the Nexus line have gotten updated but all the N5 has not. Bravo Google!!

    • Mr.CoolBerry

      Don’t worry. You’ll get your update soon. I didn’t even get KitKat 4.4.1 when it was available for the Nexus 5.

    • Brian

      Yeah I got it at 2am last night. Phone downloaded it automatically and just asked to install.

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