iOS skeuomorphism looks cooler in 3D (Video)

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It’s well known that the main focus of Apple’s recently released iOS 7 was the elimination of skeuomorphic references in favour of a flatter and more modern design. As much as I love the new aesthetic, a new video by a group of Kingston University animation students demonstrates what may have been lost in a rush toward flat and fluid.

The video, called Skew, recreates the discarded design cues with hand crafted 3D models. While the stated goal of the video was to “turn skeuomorphism on its head” the end result is a charming look at what happens when a modern smartphone is essentially turned into a giant muppet.

The students have also posted a ‘making of’ video, which is a perfect way to run out the clock on your Friday afternoon. Check out both videos after the jump.


  • Michael T. Babcock

    Um, am I the only one who thinks the result is still ugly? The actual process is impressive kinda but the first video just makes me bored.

    • It’s Me

      Yeah, not great. Who wants a UI that looks like playdough? Don’t think a Tim Burton UI is going to be in much demand.

      Actually, instead of being cool, that shows why skeuomorphism isn’t desirable.

  • Sequoia46.2

    This was cute :) I very much appreciate stop motion because my best friend animates it. This is fluid though so I’m not sure if it’s called “stop motion” exactly… Still nice!

    • Liberal Phone Person

      its not stop motion, since the camera is doing more than 1 frame at a time.

  • Noah Roesler

    This would be a cool theme

  • Liberal Phone Person

    Unfortunately, it doest make sense. Why does the maps app sound like a radio being tuned? How can you go from the news app straight to the alarm app?

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