The fun starts tomorrow…


It’s back!

Our annual buffet of smartphone and tablet giveaways has once again returned! Tomorrow we’ll start giving away various devices from various manufacturers and carriers – Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, BlackBerry, Google, Rogers, Bell, TELUS and WIND.

Just us spreading the holiday cheer!

  • Brian Blaauwbroek

    Can’t wait to finally win one of these babies……hint!

  • Sajan Sandall

    You guys are awesome

  • Zehlek

    Can’t wait to win one of there awesome devices

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    And we love free stuff, sadly Quebec is always out on this one!

  • Stephane St-Amant

    My GS2 is getting ripe for an upgrade! :)

  • mdram

    Read the fine print…”Only employees and family members of Mobilesyrup are eligible”

    • AllanVS

      NOT TRUE. I was a person who thought the same way, until on Sept. 13th I won a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

    • mdram

      It was a joke…

      But when I Google you, I see you are head of sales for Mobile Syrup!

    • AllanVS

      Funny… as I work for myself, and am a full time ECE student. I don’t have time to work for MobileSyrup. LoL

  • RG

    So we have to spend even more time on the site? ;)

  • crocman

    z10 firesale

  • Sean Walton

    Follow them on Twitter, Facebook etc… and that’s it.

  • Desi Jatt

    Please pick me, I wasn’t naughty this year. so please pick me. LG G2 or a Note 3 would make this Christmas phenomenal for me.

    I want to Thank You in advance for picking me.

  • tankow


  • E. R

    Can’t wait. Definitely know of relatives who need a new phone back home in India.

  • Mike Medeot

    Would be nice to win just something! I need to get my dad a new cellphone for Christmas!

  • sirous sol


  • IanDickson

    If I happen to win something, depending on what it is, I will either keep it and give my phone to my oldest OR give whatever I win to my oldest son.

    It’s a win-win situation and really…that’s what the spirit of Christmas is. Tis better to give than to receive.

  • avikingdj

    Well here is hoping I get anything on that list :P

  • beyond

    If you’re already following on Twitter are you eligible?

    • mobilesyrup

      Yep! — IH

    • Sean Walton

      A user said this in the comment section, is this true? “Only employees and family members of Mobilesyrup are eligible”

    • beyond

      I’m pretty sure he was joking

  • Jonathan G.

    Oooo can’t wait to take part in this.

  • Zee

    I’ll take two thanks.

  • Hipster with android


  • KiwiBri

    looking forward to winning ;-)

  • Frederic St-Pierre

    OMGOMGOMGOMGSQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *faints from not breathing*

  • Jamie

    Hope I wine a Blackberry Storm or Samsung Galaxy 1

  • Rohan J Singh

    I want to win day 5 !

  • Changa Sjudi

    Can’t wait

  • David Foggia

    Can’t wait to enter and hopefully win!!

  • Scott

    I’ve been following Mobilesyrup news for years, haven’t won yet … maybe this year! Fingers crossed.

  • Yudha

    I just have subscribe to facebook? or do I have to “like” it every time? And last question, who should I bribe to win one of these phone?

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    What should I do with what I would win?

  • Doug


  • Ugslick

    I want an LG G2 :’(

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      I’m not picky, I just take whatever they give me!

  • YoG@

    I’m ready

  • Martin Chan

    Hee hee! Dreaming time! If I had the choice, BlackBerry Z30 or Xperia Mega!

  • Chrispee

    I’ll be waiting for one of those bad boys!!

  • Ashish Diwakar

    My galaxy young needs an upgrade
    Please do somthing

  • Ashish Diwakar

    I am really excited :D
    I am in it first time :D the giveaways :)

  • Ashish Diwakar

    Seriousely, its a best opportunity for all of us
    For an early Christmas :D

  • Ashish Diwakar

    I would like to own any device which suits me :D
    And what they decide to give me

  • Patrick Fields

    Hopefully this year, I’ve been nice enough to get a present :) Please MobileSyrup pick me! pick me!

  • hamza

    Definitely need to upgrade from my iPhone 3Gs ! This would be a great chance!

  • Alain Lafond

    For sure, one day I’ll win some… Thanks for he opportunities

  • Lorne

    Nuttin last year,but I’ve been good this year. :-)

  • mosi

    9th dec iz my birthday…wont mind if i get a birthday present

  • Jesse

    Fingers crossed that this is the year for me!

  • J. W.

    awwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh

  • Jay

    I’d love to win something at least once in one of these giveaways! Thanks MobileSyrup, interesting news and free stuff, you guys have got it all!

  • Shanyn Tuck

    I would enjoy a new device Sooooo very much!

  • ndhruve

    I would love a new phone right about now…I have a broken over used Arc.

  • Gagan Mohal


  • Harold Mitchell

    Good luck to all!

  • Mohamed Hameer

    Oh yeah! This is gonna be awesome!!!!

  • BaconTroll


  • Rich

    Time for a bunch of people that never use this site, except for contests, to come in.

  • Kern Lee


  • Jake I


  • Apocalypso

    I’m loving you guys at mobilesyrup every day!

  • Mark Thurston

    This year I’m gonna get one!!

  • Soobin Hyun

    I want to win!

  • Sean McConnell

    I never win :-(

  • DubbingHammer

    I wish I could win something this year ;)

  • Zachary Lerner-Muloin

    This looks interesting

  • anti robellus

    oh dear.. I’d really like to get some MS love.. you guys rock!

  • Rnld

    Yay! Sooner or later I’ll get a prize.

  • Jason


  • Omer Shukrullah

    Cmon mobile syrup my turn to win. I’ve been watching these contests come and go since 2011

  • alvaro


  • Kenneth Gardner

    Look forward to the gifts, I hope to earn one. :)

  • Andrw

    Won nothing last year, but hope is enough to keep me going believing I may win one of these cute babies.

  • Kei Bee

    One Sony Xperia Z please.

  • lucatenuta

    Man I could use a new phone. I can’t even see who’s calling me any more

  • Lev

    I love it!

  • AllanVS

    My aunt didn’t like the Sony Xperia I sent her… (Mind you, she was prejudiced against Sony before I sent it) … so if I could win an Android HTC or Samsung, I THINK she may like it.

  • stent00

    Yo hook me up with a device!

  • bill fraser

    like this!

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