New Moto G promo sheet conveys its differences from the Moto X

Daniel Bader

November 1, 2013 5:30pm

Yesterday, the first specs were revealed for the entry-level version of the Moto G, which was briefly leaked on Motorola’s own website earlier in the week.

The Moto G looks to share a visual design with the more expensive Moto X, but will use cheaper materials and internals compinents to lower the cost to around $200 CDN.

According to a leaked promotional card from British retailer, Phones4u, the Moto G will sport a quad-core 1.2Ghz Qualcomm processor, perhaps the Cortex-A7-powered Snapdragon 200 SoC. It will also have a 4.5-inch 1280×720 pixel display, a 5MP rear camera capable of shooting 720p video, a 1.3MP front camera, a 1950mAh battery, quad-band HSPA+, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, all running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

We’re looking at a holiday release date, perhaps mid-December, but it’s not clear whether the Moto G will come to Canada. It’s also not clear what will set the Moto G apart from the rest of the entry-level Android pack, since it appears to lack the X8 processor and AMOLED screen that facilitate the Moto X’s best features, Touchless Control and Active Notifications.

Like the Moto X, there will be both black and white versions of the Moto G, but it’s rumoured that the phone will sport replaceable colour back covers.

SourceGSM Arena
  • Shensmobile

    “It’s also not clear what will set the Moto G apart from the rest of the entry-level Android pack”

    If the Moto G has the Nexus 4’s quad-core Snapdragon Pro with 720p screen and pentaband for $200 outright? That sets it apart from the rest of the entry-level pack. What other phone BRAND NEW can boast those specs?

    • Richard Xing

      The Moto G doesn’t however have the same Snapdragon chip as the Nexus 4. Also, in answer to your question, see Xperia SP.

      Edit: And how can I forget the Nexus 5?

    • Shensmobile

      The specs here don’t specify which Snapdragon it is, but it would be easy enough for them to put the Nexus 4’s Snapdragon Pro die in there. Downclocking it will achieve better battery life. So not exactly the same as the Nexus 4, but same die with different clock speeds.

      Xperia SP is $325 at Rogers, and has the Dual-core Krait.

      If the Moto G does have a Snapdragon pro, then $200 is a solid price. I know it’s not very solid ground, but a lot of tech sites have it pegged as a Snapdragon pro. I’ll wait until the real specs are released, but there’s certainly potential.

    • Richard Xing

      The chip in the Xperia SP is the same one found in the Moto X, which is a Krait 200 with Adreno 320.
      The one in the Moto G, according to this flyer, is a Krait 200 with Adreno 305.

    • Shensmobile

      Granted, I don’t have the flyer on me, I don’t quite agree.
      According to gsmarena:
      Xperia SP: Qualcomm MSM8960T Snapdragon
      Moto X : Qualcomm MSM8960Pro Snapdragon

      Not the same chips, although I’m hard pressed to find the differences. This is of course discounting the rest of the DSP included on the X8 chip, but from a performance standpoint I would say they are extremely comparable.

      I don’t see where on the flyer it says it’s a Krait 200 chip though. It just says quad core.

    • Richard Xing

      Sorry I meant to say that both are Krait 200, the difference is in the GPU.

    • thedosbox

      Anandtech indicate the Moto X has a dual-core Krait 300 + Adreno 320.

    • Richard Xing

      Yup I made a typo and edited my original comment.

    • Richard Xing

      Anyways, I’m just assuming because it doesn’t specify which Qualcomm chip it is. But if this phone really is $200 off-contract which I doubt it is, it wouldn’t be using an underclocked Nexus 4 chip.

    • Amparipaa

      at that price, it’s probably gonna be the A7-based Snapdragon 400. no problem for me, even the quad-core MediaTek chipsets would do fine for me.

    • Richard Xing



    Lower specs than the Moto X, if that’s a Snapdragon S4 Pro even at 1.2GHz, I’ll be damned- Moto X’s X8 with S4 Pro is amazing.

    • Richard Xing

      Looks like its a Snapdragon 200.

  • Amparipaa

    now THIS is how you do a phone for the everyman! good job motorola!

  • Anaron

    Whoa. For an entry level smartphone, a 4.5″ 720p display is amazing. It’s a steal at $200 CAD. You could get a 16 GB Nexus 5 for $349 CAD but if you don’t need a high-end device, the Moto G will suffice.