Apple: ‘Demand for the new iPhones has been incredible’

Ian Hardy

September 20, 2013 10:57am

Apple will most likely give insight into the number of new iPhones sold on Monday. Analysts are pegging worldwide sales to come in between 6 – 8 million units. While the company has been quiet on pre-order activity, a very basic quote from Apple gives a peak into how buyers across the world are feeling. Apple states that “Demand for the new iPhones has been incredible and we are currently sold out or have limited supply of certain iPhone 5s models in some stores.”

Lineups across the country occurred overnight and into the morning in Canada, plus carriers started selling both the iPhone 5c and 5s today. Stock in Canada has also been limited, mostly selling out of the Gold version of the iPhone 5s in all storage versions, but plenty of iPhone 5c stock in all colours is still available.

Did you buy?

Source: ATD

  • Hipster with android

    yeah, i did buy ,. A NEXUS 4! 😛
    Stahpp Apple..

    • thomas nguyen

      awe, nexus 5 coming out next month!!!!

    • erterte

      i think apple really misjudged how much 5c was going to sell.

  • silver_arrow

    Honestly was anyone expecting any less…

    • icyhotonmynuts

      I was – and I was not disappoint.

  • Max Fireman

    So incredible that they only added a fingerprint scanner and the isheep followed..

    • Brad F

      “Only”? I guess you missed the 64-bit part, the slow-mo video, etc.

    • Tadooh

      That and the fact that it’s the fastest mobile device on the market, and by a large margin.

      Edit: love the down votes clowns, they only prove me right to you haters. Go check out the benchmarks on anandtech and be ready for a big ole slap upside the head, lol.

    • Brad F

      Hey, this is supposed to be an anti-Apple circle-jerk here. There’s no room for “facts” and “benchmarks” here.

    • Tadooh

      Oops, my bad. Sorry for talking reality instead of mindless hate. Those poor bastards that don’t know any better. Almost feel sorry for them, not.

    • thomas nguyen

      I don’t know why people are all up about Benchmarking results, 64bit processor, etc. first off, this is a phone, regardless of if it has 64bit or 32bit architecture, the phone will be fast considering the iteration the OS it was designed for, and the strain it has (which is barely anything unless you run real racing, or infinity blade). what this really comes down to is future proof the IOS platform, no more, no less.

      secondly benchmarking may tell the story of how fast something can run under certain condition, but realistically, its all about performance day to day, month to month, and next year. I have found that even my old Samsung nexus s is still just as fluid as the new nexus 4 or ios 5. it may not be the “fastest” but it sure isn’t slow. we are coming to the point now where everything they do will just be incremental.

      yes people want more gigahertz, people want more ram, and it does affect the life cycle of the device, but tested under real world conditions, having multiple apps opened and then closed, speed of your browser when you are on the road, traveling, how maps handle when you have a song playing, a text about to send, and the speed of which you can swap between applications. I dont think any phone in the last year has any noticeable major “speed” increase during day to day use.

      just my $0.02

    • bionicmonk

      From the iPhone 5 to the 5s the difference in speed is quite noticeable. The 5s is really fast, no stutter at all anywhere. Saying that however the 5 is still very useable. The other big difference I noticed immediately is how much better the battery on the 5s is.

      On the sucky side: my external battery pack is not working with iOS 7 and neither are my 3rd party charging cables.

    • gmaninvan

      Based on what? Some benchmark from the Apple keynote? Android is based on the main Linux kernel which means it has had 64bit support for quite some time. With the current amount of Ram found in phones, nobody ever saw a reason to use it. Now that Apple has, the other OEM’s will, but they never actually needed to as all it does at this point is make I/O a little more efficient. The new iPhone and iOS 7 added very little when you think about it and it is horrendously overpriced. If you want to throw your money away on an iterative update then have at it

    • Tadooh

      One word: anandtech.

    • gmaninvan

      Two words, one benchmark. What about all the other ones? Plus, benchmarks aren’t a very good way to judge the performance of a phone.

    • Tadooh

      Psst, your ignorance is showing.

    • gmaninvan

      Psst your inner sheep is showing.

    • Brad F

      Look up the AnandTech review. Benchmarks galore. The A7 chip is even better at select benchmarks than Intel’s Atom chips.

    • gmaninvan

      What about quadrant? Geeksbench? Who cares that one benchmark says it’s fast. Plus, it’s quite easy to do when your phone can’t truly multi-task

    • gmaninvan

      Four is galore? I just looked at the anandtech review. Four benchmarks. The iPhone processor is fast I’ll give it that, but four benchmarks doesn’t tell the whole story

    • Ray

      A7 made by Samsung lol

    • dickgozinya

      And tsmc. The are called fab plants. They produce many products for many people. Samdung had nothing to do with the design or specs of the chip(s). They act like a dumb inkjet printer.

    • thomas nguyen

      a7 chip runs ios 7. a mobile platform, you’re comparing that with a chip that runs windows / linux desktop platform. its hard to compared the 2 considering the mobile IOS is built upon the foundation of OSX and stripped down to be more efficient and less flexibility.

      this will prove true if you can run 2 chips under the same environment / platform.

    • thusguy

      benchmark speed for what? temple run and angry birds?and AIRDROP!! sweet! really sucks when you have a fast phone and no where to apply the hardware. Cant torrent like other devices or emulate.. properly, Custom rom (unless onetouch looser breaking it counts). Slow motion vids came out on nexus last year! real innovation! Iphone has a few good things…Itunes and new ios7 corporate email. Thats pretty much it. IOS7 Really looks like keisha just threw up on it.

    • Harry Saxon

      with the A7 being made by Samsung ^^ : “Through the magic of decapping an IC, their internal shots revealed the A7 to be made by Samsung. “

    • dickgozinya

      Are you reetarded or something?

    • Jesse Laurin

      not hard to win a benchmark with a 640 x 1136 screen..

    • Tadooh

      Don’t bother speaking when yöu clearly can’t read. The benchmarks were all done equally at 1080p off screen.

    • S2556

      64 bit doesn’t benefit you in any way, shape, or form. You only have 1gb of ram! So you can open safari a couple milliseconds faster, You still can’t have games open pause on the spot, open up a few tabs in the browser, open up you tube, check email then go back to the same part of the game (or any other recently opened app for that matter) . And that is just one thing. Of course iOS is faster. It’s so stripped down and basic that it will most likely be used to power playskools new line of funphones which ironically will probably look a lot like the 5c. If Tim cook fed you sheep food and you ate it up like it was a T bone steak that’s great! but the majority of us on here aren’t blind i****s. Quit trying to sell us your preferences as religious facts. You are almost worse than the Jahova witnesses that spam my front door. We don’t care! I’ll stick to a fully featured OS that can actually make use of these great specs coming out these days.

    • DickGozinya

      Stop being a mindless clown from the eighties. On x86 and windows I would agree, but with arm and *nix it’s a completely different story. The benchmarks prove it too, so you might want to just settle it down a bit there schleppy.

    • Tadooh

      Dude, you’re clueless. Stop thinking and acting like arm is anything like x86. It’s not. The benchmarks in this case prove exactly that. Give your head and shake and take a pill. Seriously.

    • S2556

      I’ve read and learned a lot since posting that comment. Tech is my hobby not my profession as it showed above. Apologies for the misinformation and saying it like such a dick at that.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      The 64-bit part that isn’t actually being taken advantage of…oh, that part? All they did was change the file system architecture and screw over millions of apps and force them to update – when those guys won’t/can’t use the potential of 64-bit…because there’s only 1gb ram in either of the new iPhones.

      Although, if Apple doesn’t come out with an iPhone next year with 3gb+ ram next year I shall be very disappoint – because that’s the only reason I can think of that they made it 64-bit, a precursor, the open door to get developers to modify their apps so things are ready for the next build.

      I’m dreaming, I know. I thought Apple’s motto was “Think Different” – what is different with the last few iPhones? They actually need something revolutionary – none of these things mentioned in the keynote is “revolutionary”. That term is thrown around like a ripped jock strap in a football locker room in this cellular industry. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Apple to fail – it got every other cellular provider off their lazy butts to strive for better. I want to see that again so we (in the cellular industry) make more leaps forward.

    • Brad F

      If you think the only advantage of going to 64-bit is a higher RAM limit then you’re wrong. I strongly encourage you to read AnandTech’s detailed review and explanation of why the 64-bit architecture in the A7 chip is important, and much more important than simply being able to address more RAM.

    • Alex McIlwaine

      Have fun pairing it up with all those 32bit applications.

    • Tadooh

      That’s too complicated for these doofuses. Just a few words into their replies is all that is necessary to see they don’t understand Jack.

    • Ryan Matson

      A 64-Bit processor won’t do any good, as the iPhone doesn’t even have 4gb of RAM.

  • Roni Zarfati

    Ya I bought one. Went to Kingston Best Buy and there was literally no one in line. 32gb gold one

    • BB BB

      curious did best buy let you buy one outright?

  • Zeteboy

    None in Atlantic Canada bell
    Stores. Got one at Futureshop though.

    • Dimitri

      Rogers stores barely got any as well. Apple never made enough to give out to the carrier stores. They are going to claim that sales are high in which we all know they aren’t BECAUSE they never made enough to begin with.

    • thomas nguyen

      hence why they are all sold out, and in HIGH demand! clever marketing ploy that will work with many people when they read the headlines, but not to us smart folks on Mobile Syrup.

    • Dimitri

      Not only us but others have noticed this too. Every single iPhone launch, somehow Apple runs out of iPhone’s & has limited stock. I wonder if they realize that we are not dumb anymore & know the tricks they play. They had 6+ months to manufacturer & have enough iPhone’s. What they are doing is exactly what you said, clever marketing ploy to make it seem they sell a lot BUT they will not release sell numbers for the first day.

    • Franco

      It’s basic supply and demand. Which is why you usually don’t see sudden discounts for a newly released iPhone right after a launch, while other manufacturers offer discounts as soon as 30 to 60 days after launch. It’s not that they don’t make enough. It’s thtat they try to largen their profit margins.

    • Tadooh

      You’re not very smart when speaking like you are. The expectations are for 6 million plus phones to be sold by Monday. More than any launch to date. Me thinks they have the stock to cover it just fine.

    • thomas nguyen

      6 million “iPhone’s” this will include both the 5c and 5s.

      now that they removed the 5 from the equation, leaving people with options to buy either 5c or 5s as the new entry into the iPhone market, or revert to 2 generation old 4s’s.

      they may have stock to cover it, but with the news about short supply of demand on the 5s, and restrictions for existing users to be the only people to have a 5s to start with some carriers. I suspect the majority will be the 5c. still 6 million for 2 phone generation.

      it’s achievable, but nowhere to the same league as their prior releases.
      looking at the numbers: you can see why they can sell 6mil. but remember, most of it may be coming down to them selling a lower end varient. compared to all other major release where you pay top dollar for the new model (profit margin on the 5c might be alot higher, so bottom line is apple doesnt care what you buy)

      New 5’s – reported to have 6 million in three days (total skus = 19)

      5c – 2 skus in every color (10 total skus)
      5s – 3 skus in 3 color (reported to have limited supply)

      5 – Five million units in the first three days of release (6 skus)
      4s – Four million units in the first three days (4 skus)
      4 – 1.7 million iPhone 4’s were sold in its first three days (3 skus)

  • Dimitri

    Yea everyone is buying them & then selling them on Kijiji for $1,000 for a 32GB. Already seen 20+ postings LOL

    • barrist

      That just confirms the demand that they’re boasting about doesn’t it? No doubt alot of phones on Kijiji will be sold at marked-up prices.

    • Tadooh

      Of course it does. But these lemmings have issues with thinking clearly, lol.

    • thomas nguyen

      nope, until those are bought, it doesn’t confirm there is a high demand, it just means there is someone out there trying to sell a product at an increase rate trying to increase their profit margins.

  • andyb

    What else would they say? Sorry our sales suck? They always have a limited supply every release.Its an intentional sales gimmick

    • Brad F

      You say that as if they aren’t selling every single iPhone that comes out of their Chinese factories, when in reality they just increased their orders by as much as 30% to keep up with demand.

    • Franco

      If I were a business, would I make less devices to ensure all devices will be sold out but having to make more in time keep up with demand and popularity or should I make a ton of devices risking not being able to sell them all and having to discount my product to deplete my stock. A business is a business and all business try to make as much money as possible.

  • JB

    They can say whatever they want.

    But from early reports this launch isnt nearly as big as the others. Thats a big problem and their sales may be good, but their growth will flatline….if that happens their stock will plummet. growth quarter to quarter is why the appl share price is so high.

    • Tadooh

      Sounds like you are living in the past, and with a rather large tinfoil hat to boot. Lol

    • Sean McConnell

      Why Apple stock WAS so high…

    • DickGozinya

      You we’re saying there dumba55?

  • Max Fireman

    Typical Apple marketing: Release date today! Oh we are sold-out, we only had 5 available from the beginning.

    • Me Ted

      Somehow I doubt that. They’ll easily blow out millions of them in a single weekend.

  • canuck07

    Not sure why a wool sweater is so friggin’ expensive when there are so many sheeps out there.

    • JagaJaga

      You should be a Roastmaster…

    • Brad F

      Oh, burn! It’s like you’re saying there’s millions of nerds and geeks out there who do nothing but but Apple products when really that’s statistically impossible and these are actually just customers who want something new and shiny and the most popular way to do that right now is to get an iPhone on launch day.

  • HowardJohnsonJr


    • thomas nguyen

      I was never one for a partially bitten apple, and I stand by that fact to this day.

      I also fixed your sentence:

      “Yea! How do you like them apples, Android fan-boys?”
      note the proper use of the punctuation marks, the capitalization and even the use of hyphens.

    • Yulet

      His spell-checker probably doesn’t work on his stupid iPhone, and since he can’t install another keyboard, he’s stuck with that crap

  • HoomanB


  • hurric

    nice joke..I see this on Craigslist ”
    iPhone 5s unlocked 16gb silver BNIB – $1100 (Canada line )”

    • Dimitri

      I see that on Kijiji as well. People waited outside all night to get one, then selling it for more. Paying it off & get profit. This happens with every single device tho.

    • Tadooh

      Aww, jealousy. How cute.

    • hurric

      Jealous of what exactly?

  • JagaJaga

    Did I Buy?

    LOL NO!!!

  • Tony Mihelich

    Just like i****s, they’ll keep making iPhones too 😉 hehe

  • Unorthodox

    The demand for gold variant should finally show Apple that people DO like to choose what they like, not just eat what shoved in their throat.

  • Paul Branchaud

    The words of Thomas Tusser have never rung more true:

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

    Or, in this case, an iPhool and his money…

  • Me Ted

    I think this was expected. Apple will always move millions of units. It’s a decent product with a great ecosystem if you’re committed to it. Good timing too because my mother in-law just smashed the hell out of her 5. She’ll probably get to enjoy a new 5s.

    Is it the right device for me? No. I’m all about Android for similar reasons. Great ecosystem and fantastic devices.

    • gmaninvan

      To add to your Android point….. That are cost effective. I can’t believe people are willing to support Apples ridiculous margins with h their wallets

    • JagaJaga

      You are fixating too much on “their wallets”, instead of focusing on deriving actual pleasure from using a device.
      You not purchasing one won’t make a dent in Apple’s profitability.

      iPhone is a solid product, and for those that can’t live without the upgrade, can afford it and like it, there’s no reason not to get it.

    • gmaninvan

      I think you are missing the point. Apple is selling equivalent models to competition at up to $300 premiums over competitor products. This is plain arrogant. The 32gb Lte model is $990! The reason I said what I said is because as long as people justify these costs for iterative hardware, then Apple has no reason to lower them.

    • Me Ted

      Well it all boils down to the experience. If you’ve always had a fantastic experience, why wouldn’t you shell out the extra dough? Why would you feel the need to switch? It does everything you ask of it and has some fantastic industrial engineering behind it as well.

      We’re also forgetting the fact that the iPhone’s resale value is outstanding. There is a huge market for these used devices that can help to offset any incurred costs on a new one.

    • gmaninvan

      The resale is an excellent point. This, however, is only because the price was so outrageous in the beginning.

      If you want to look at experience though, the other platforms also offer very good experiences without the inflated costs. They also offer options as opposed to one piece of hardware. You aren’t locked into a single manufacturer and off contract pricing of a Nexus for example makes upgrading more frequent. IOS also isn’t as capable as android although I’m sure most people don’t care about that who are buying this product.

      Apple users are apple users plain and simple. From a consumer perspective, it makes no sense to buy the new iPhone but I get it if you are invested in the ecosystem and your contract is up.

    • Me Ted

      “If you want to look at experience though, the other platforms also offer
      very good experiences without the inflated costs. They also offer
      options as opposed to one piece of hardware. You aren’t locked into a
      single manufacturer and off contract pricing of a Nexus for example
      makes upgrading more frequent.”

      Oh absolutely. I’ll probably never buy anything outside of the Nexus line but that doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same way. You have Samsung, HTC, LG, SONY etc. etc. Take your pick and customize away.

      Why Nexus for me? Well, three reasons really: 1. Immediate updates as they’re made available by Google; 2. extremely affordable without a contract; 3. and stock Android.

      There’s also the exceptional Android ecosystem, but that’s applicable to all devices running Android.

    • gmaninvan

      I was moreso using the Nexus as an example. I think more than the reasons you stated I liked that Google priced it in such a way that they were trying to change the way people buy phones. It is very progressive. Essentially take the power from the carrier so you can buy a phone at a reasonable cost and use it on any carrier. I think that is what I hate about the iPhone. By pricing it at $900 for the top model 5S, nobody will ever buy it in any way other than a contract which has hidden hardware costs. This model only serves to inflate the average price for the consumer for no other reason than Apple maintaining 40%+ margins. I don’t care who the company is, I will never support that kind of gouging

    • Me Ted

      Solid point. At that price point, it’s not much of an option at all. The two differing revenue models – Google’s and Apple’s that is – are the major reason for the two drastically different price points no doubt. Google’s channel driven ad rev model vs. Apple’s hw sales. Because of this, it’s really in Google’s best interests to heavily subsidize their Nexus branded line; get as many Android devices out there as you possibly can. Couple that with a perfect marriage between their hw and sw and you get loyalty; ourselves as perfect examples I’m sure. 🙂

    • gmaninvan

      100% agree. I would even support Apples revenue model if they were to place margins in the twenty percent range like their competitors. They make more than all the other OEM’s because of this which creates an imbalanced market.

    • dickgozinya

      Lol, like how the 700 dollar z10 can be had for under 150 now right? Haha

    • gmaninvan

      I wouldn’t use a product that has failed to gain any traction as a good example. They also weren’t $700, they were $550. I think an HTC One would be a better point of comparison

    • Tadooh

      No actually they were 800 at release off contract.

    • gmaninvan

      From the carrier. Not to buy on your own.

  • hunkyleepickle

    I decided to go against the grain, bought an HTC one off eBay for cheap! Everyone gets a new phone today! Weee

  • Cottonswab

    I beleive the reason the Gold one is selling out is because all the isheep don’t want to be seen looking like they still have last year’s model. The gold is the only visible sign that you bought the 5s from afar. That and the fact they didn’t make enough to create the shortage/demand – typical Apple marketing. 🙂

    • Paul Branchaud

      Didn’t make enough or didn’t ship enough? Both create additional demand, but one is an artificial shortage that I wouldn’t put past Apple.

      It’s not like this is Apple’s first rodeo (the N4 release fiasco last year was likely due to LG’s noob status with the Google distribution model, which is still working out a ton of kinks). Apple knows demand is always high, so any shortage should be viewed with skepticism.

      If the 5s is in limited supply, but there are plenty of 5c models available, it makes me think the plastic fantastic profit margin is better, and a shortage (real or manufactured) of the high-end models will force early adopters to buy the 5c instead. (Because why go urban camping and come away with nothing?)

      Congrats, Apple, you’ve duped the iPhanz again.

  • Zee

    I really expected Apple to release a statement saying demand was lackluster. *sarcasm*

    • Tadooh

      Don’t be so naive. They are a publically traded company who’s sales numbers are a known, verifyable number. Stop stealing yo momas aluminum foil.

  • steven_bauman_7

    If you’re reading this and you’re selling an iPhone 5S on Kijiji for over $1,200 then you’re a d*****s.

    Also if someone actually buys it for that amount or more than that, they’re a bigger d*****s than you are.

    I’m not buying one, nor do I wan’t one but that’s just insanely greedy.

    • Swordfish

      Come on, that’s the fundamentals of free enterprise. The market dictates what the actual price should be.The opposite is called socialism/communisim where you pay what the government says you can charge. I hope someone buys it because it shows the system works. I personally think you would have to be crazy but as we all know, there are crazy people out there!

    • HelloCDN

      Perhaps you should move to North Korea then. There’s only one approved smartphone for everybody, no commerce allowed.

    • steven_bauman_7

      I wasn’t asking for a single smartphone for everyone.

    • dickgozinya

      You should still move to north Korea though.

    • Salinger

      There’s a difference between saying it’s not a smart move to do something, and saying you’re not allowed to do something.

    • skullan

      I can’t fault someone for selling it for $1,200. More power too them if they get it.

      It’s the buyer that allows that.

  • MXH070

    And the classic limited supply trick has worked again on all the ipoopers and media. When will these i****s clue in apple ALWAYS trickles product out to report sell outs / exhausted inventory for the media and itards to gobble it up.

    • barrist

      Didn’t Google do that with the Nexus 4?

    • gmaninvan

      Ya but that was because Google still sucks at distribution lol. You would think with a global chain of retail stores, carrier partners, and twenty plus years of distribution experience this wouldn’t happen. Don’t kid yourself, this is because Apple doesn’t see the same demand anymore. Have you seen any news stories about people camping in front of the stores this year on the news? I know I haven’t

    • Tadooh

      Turn on the TV then. BNN keeps it tape rolling over and over showing just that.

  • Hipster with android

    im just freakin amazed how apple says that its selling outrageously but in real market i dont see it that much., same happened last year with the iphone 5. i must say iphone 3GS was a big hit. After that apple has lost its innovation. And it is getting boring now.

    • barrist

      what are you referring to when you say “real market”?

    • Hipster with android

      CELL phone stores Selling iPhones and stuff. i have a close affiliation with 3 of them.

    • Christopher Robert

      saw a line outside the apple store yesterday, had a whole 4 people in it…

    • Hipster with android

      I have no doubt that it is selling that much, but its just the first day charm that works on only the iSheep. who follow apple blindly into the pit of monotonous design and closed-ended OS. sad

  • Christopher Robert

    Demand for the new iPhones has been incredible and we are currently sold out or have limited supply of certain iPhone 5s models in some stores.”

    This is the most vague statement ever. especially the “sold out or have limited supply of certain models in some stores.”

    That could just mean some mom and pop shop that bought 5 of them to sell and didn’t have any gold ones, now only has 3 left to sell. and it meets the criteria of that statement. What a joke? How much did Apple’s PR company pay you guys to publish this article. Hope it was worth your credibility.

    • thusguy

      I agree. Our store still has full stock…only person ive talked to bought a prepaid card.

  • thusguy

    screw IOS, screw TouchWiz, screw HTC Sense. IOS has a sweet drag down menu….cool. Android has better why cant cyanogenmod have there own OS by now. Just saying it would be better for the “Nerds” of the phone world.

  • ahcow

    If history is anything to go by…previous iPhone launches, online typically gives 2-3 weeks or more for wait time, even during pre-orders. This year, 5s is 7-10 days. Either Apple improved their inventory or less people are buying.
    We will know in a few weeks what the real numbers will be.

    • Zed

      Apple will release a statement saying x number of iPhones were sold in y period of time. But not which ones. If today is any indication, the 5C has been a flop (in terms of Apple’s expectations). All sellers which still have the 5 will give it out on special deals since it’s been practically discontinued by Apple and the 4S will sell a lot because it’s the cheapest iPhone out there

  • HelloCDN

    Funny, nobody really talks about any other “new” phone either. Perhaps because everybody realized that all of them are just a phone and there’s no need to upgrade every year unless you’re a phone nerd.

  • kroms

    iSheep all over the World are rejoicing !


  • Jeff Brassard

    Guh…. silly iSheep.

  • Chubber

    Love my 5S, had to get black though due to poor planning on Apple’s part. Would’ve preferred the gold. So fast!

    • MobileSerenityNow

      Why not just wait then? Did you not have a cell phone before today?

    • Chubber

      I told my mother I’d give her my iPhone 4 when the 5S came out, and I couldn’t leave her hanging for another 6-8 weeks waiting to get a gold one.

  • Nadefrenzy

    And why would it not be? It’s a performance beast. Go look at the anandtech review on the 5S, and eat your words naysayers/fandroids. The iPhone is a beast of a phone just as much as the Note III or Z1 are.

  • jonnny

    incredibly low

  • jonnny

    LOL. Sold out – to scalpers. Vancouver craigslist has 365 postings for “iphone 5s”

  • kakarot11

    all hype… I walked into best buy on regent avenue today… at NOON…. no one around, they had stock… she said they been open since 8am and they have sold one 5c… I also called polo park apple store at 330pm.. they still had stock…. I did buy one, but then I traded it on kijiji for cash and a moto X…. come on note 3 and lg… these apples are gimmicky at best

    • Zed

      see gold one on ebay for $2300. Lmao


    This is getting harder to believe, remember that Futurama episode “attack of the killer app”? Mom says “hurry, there’s a limited supply” then Fry runs up to a retailer asking “is there any left?” retailer replies “there may be one” and reaches in behind where there’s thousands of units.

    So yes, they probably purposely ship low supplies to make people WANT to get one. From what my friend told me, there was no line here at my local stores… lol

  • Festik

    Considering that iPhone 5S stock was low to begin with, saying it’s out of stock isn’t much to gloat about.

  • WatDah

    This site needs to be renamed to AndroidSyrup.

  • Smartphone_Expert

    Incredibly stupid that is to even think about buying one of these 2008 designed phones. Basically buying a iPhone 3g just with a few iOS updates and a bit of hardware tweaking. Nothing to be overly joyed about.

  • Cody Chapman Applegarth

    I call BS on Apple. Our store is a huge seller of Apple products in Alberta and I did not see one customer all day. Complete spin by Apple on a mediocre overpriced product. Most boring release ever. But, IOS 7 problems on legacy products kept us busy all day.

  • Allan

    Anyone down for some AppleSyrup?

  • Lucas

    sticking with my 4s and holding out for the 6… I heard it might come out in Q1 2014