One step closer: BBM for iOS and Android User Guides arrive online

Ian Hardy

August 22, 2013 11:07am

BlackBerry will be releasing BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) to Android and iOS soon. The company stated it would hit users sometime “before the end of the summer,” and the app is currently in testing within the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

A slight step forward has happened as both user guides have found its place online. These give the usual outline and finer details of how to effectively use BBM to its fullest potential, including how to invite people to BBM, how to send messages, enabling group chats, plus understanding the famous BBM sent, delivered and read icons.

BBM for Android will require OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher and BBM for the iPhone is compatible for those running iOS6 or higher. In addition, a splash page has also been created, but quickly removed from the web. Apparently there was a link that directed people to download the app in the respected app stores – so we might see them released at the same time. Earlier rumours indicated a possible release late August or within the first week of September.

Check out the user guides here for Android and iOS (PDFs)

Update: The link to BBM for Android and iOS can be found here, but the actual download links to iTunes or Google Play are not available yet.

Source BBNews
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  • Renaud Lepage

    At least they’re smart about making UI choices on Android.


  • isubedi

    Looks like monday might be a release day

    • iphoneee’s bro

      Why do you say Monday?

    • isubedi

      New apps/software tend to be released by companies like blackberry (apple too) on monday. It gives them rest of week to work out any kinks and issues they might face. And coming monday is the last monday of the summer – they did promise bbm before the end of summer 🙂

    • iphoneee’s bro

      The end of summer is officially Sept 21!

      I’d hope for next Monday but still thinking they could release in Sept..:S

    • somedoobsandbeer

      What planet do you live on where summer ends at the end of august?

    • realitycheck

      give him a break.. the term ‘summer’ usually ends for kids that need to go back to school which adults tend to adopt as well. IF you want to be a smarty pants and be specific sure.

  • JB


  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Ok I read the manual, so I’m ready to give it a try. but with so many people already engaged in whatsapp and the like making people adopt this will take some time for BB

  • Geoff Mcdiarmid

    This is the user guide associated to the Beta.

    Top of all the pages say “User Guide BlackBerry Confidential and Proprietary Information – Beta Customers Only. Content and software are subject to change”

    • Dimitri

      Its the same exact User Guide. Nothing will change unless they add pictures..

  • Chrome262

    LOL well it might be a case of too little too late, but we will see, Hell maybe it will blow Whatsapp out of the water (J/K).

    • Lamar

      ur not jking .. u know its true. No one is committed to Whatsapp like ppl are to instagram. PPL flow with the water.

    • mrdeeds72

      If this was 2 years ago, I would agree. It’s way too late in the game for BBM to be relevant, let alone surpass whatsapp.

    • J-Ro

      Blackberry already has 60 million subscribers. It won’t take much more to pass Whatsapp.

    • mrdeeds72

      whatsapp has an active monthly subscriber base of 250 million.

    • Anthony Roberts

      Are you really gonna compare crappy whatsapp to BBM?? BBM is on a much higher level than whatsapp please you know how many iphone and android users cant wait for it to come out. Plus with whatsapp you still have to give your number with BBM you dont have to at all and its safer. When the fake BBM came out on google play it got 100’s of thousands of downloads within hours…..Maybe its late for the BB hardware and BB10 ( I have the Z10 and I love it) but it is not too late for BBM which is known to be the best of the best :).

    • mrdeeds72

      I’m not saying whatsapp is better, I am saying that it will take a small miracle for BBM to overtake it in general use. BB is coming to the party late in the game.

    • Anthony Roberts

      Of course it wont happen overnight but remember after a year use they will charge 99 cents for whatsapp plus BBM has a lot more features then whatsapp. Only reason people use whatsapp cuz its the only option right now well mainstream for IM. I hate when people use the Late to the party game……like its such a stupid thing to say……..nothing is never to late in the game it all depends on marketing as we all know….things change all the time what is popular now can die later on with new players in the game…remember when MSN messenger was the thing and now its like what…..I remember when Nokia phones and Motorola use to dominate now its Samsung……so dont give me that too late to party crap puhlease….just using common sense….blackberry might die in the consumer market for phones but they will never go away in the corporate world and so on. BBM will be here to stay and it will take over other IM apps slowly but surely

    • realitycheck

      sadly that is what i think as well..

    • realitycheck

      yea but BBM already has infrastructure secure enough for businesses(bbry was a first: CIBC NFC payments then android afterwards) and the DoD even… bbm has way more features than what whatsapp has to offer. we’ll see.

    • Anthony Roberts

      Thank you when it comes to security BB will always come out on top no matter what. They might be struggling in the consumer market but Blackberry will never go away anytime soon. The people who talk about BBM is because they’ve never used it before or just have a hate towards BB which I dont know why lol. I want competition I want the other choices besides android and apple and I dislike windows phone.

  • Max Fireman

    I loved BBM years back, but whatsapp has won my heart. Good luck to you BBM

    • Lamar

      you say that but when all ur whatsapp contacts goto bbbm, you still gonna stick with only 1-2 contacts on whatsapp. Nahh ur gonna fold to the pressures of social networking and bbm it upp!

    • guestpooper

      >You say that but when all ur whatsapp contacts goto bbbm,

      Yeah, that’s totally going to happen

    • realitycheck

      yea because you know the future right?

    • iPlunks

      I guess you can look into the future???? BBM will be on 3 platform worldwide. Whatsapp captures 5 platforms worldwide

    • Lamar

      When BBM was hot, it was more then just a messaging app. It was pictures, statuses, it was hype. Whatsapp doesn’t have that same feel to it. Thats why its gonna be hype again.

    • iPlunks

      But whose to say it will follow up and work as it did in the past. We are all thinking off BBM of the past. Lets not get ahead of ourselves and think think same reliable app will be the same on these devices. Remember the reason BBM was so great was because it was built into the OS

    • J-Ro

      I have a Q10 and BBM seems to be upgraded but just as good

    • iPlunks

      I meant more so BBOS7 and under

    • J-Ro

      The new BBM hints that it will have the function of updating status across Facebook and Twitter (It might already, I just never tried) Which will make it THE app for communication.

    • iPlunks

      For some i agree with you. Hoqever alot of people try to avoid facebook as it is. I am really upset that they have not included WP8. In a market dominated by BB, iOS Android and WP, to leave them out because they are trying/angry that WP over took 3rd ia beyond me. But i somewhat understand

    • J-Ro

      I think eventually they will make for WP but they want to focus on the huge markets first. In about a year from launch, it will be the go-to app for IM.

    • somedoobsandbeer

      Most ppl arent clueless bb drones and don’t flock to garbage in waiting. Give your head a shake.

  • djino

    Wow, still no “RIP RIM” comments! lol

    • G35

      i think people are realizing bashing BB is getting old……………i believe if it where not for the media and analysts negative speculations on BB they would be doing much better plus the inverters who keep shorting the stock does not help. there should be a law against that.

    • somedoobsandbeer

      I almost shed a tear for you there. Not.
      RIP BBRY!!!!!!!!!!

    • IJustGotaTan

      It should be “RIP Blackberry” 🙂

  • 2dfx

    Give me one feature WhatsApp has that makes it superior to BBM.

    Read message confirmation? Nope.

    Video chat? Nope.

    Paid subscription required to access premium features? Nope.

    Lightweight? Nope.

    • Faizan

      Available now ? Yes
      Cross platform [windows phone/java/symbian] ? Yes

    • skullan

      So, your argument is that it is available now?

      Okay, stop the presses, we no longer need Android since obviously Apple was here first.

      We no longer need Apple, because Blackberry was here first.

      We no longer need Smartphones, because features phones were here first.

      The point is, new stuff arrives all the time, by your logic, we should still be riding around on stone wheels.

      Cross-platform? So, you choose their closest competitor (Microsoft), I wouldn’t give them an advantage either. Android and Apple, you pretty much have to if you want cross compatibility.

      Then you choose Symbian, an end of life product, to build for. Why would they waste the money on it? Sure there may be quite a few people out there on it now, but it would be financially stupid to have built one.

      Java phone, can’t speak to.

    • realitycheck

      anything else? didnt think so.

    • Stanley Lu

      Screen share.

    • realitycheck

      screen sharing is HUGE… wait till all the moms and grandma’s need help… BBM is going to ROCK!

    • somedoobsandbeer

      It has absolutely NOTHING to do with that company. That in itself is worth gold.

  • southerndinner

    Too little too late. Even the corporate world is shifting away from BB, no one I knew with BBM used it anymore. Friends don’t let friends buy BlackBerry devices

    • skullan

      That’s odd, most of my colleagues have Blackberries. I can go to about 10 people in my immediate area and play with a Z10, one guy with a Z10 and a Q10

    • somedoobsandbeer

      And I can go into my immediate area and find a little Asian girl to play with. Your point?

  • skullan

    How many other messenger apps take the time to write it?

    • Faizan

      Online FAQs are much user friendly

    • skullan

      So, you’re saying because they chose to create a PDF document, that this is a reason for trashing them?

      I’m the opposite, once I see that there is only online support, I feel that the company is lazy and doesn’t take into consideration that perhaps I want a local copy on my desktop.

    • Ryan

      Let’s be honest. If you need to read the user manual in 2013 to figure out how to use an app, it’s poorly designed.

    • J-Ro

      No one reads, which is why the BB enterprise app has such bad reviews.

      A few people were too busy living in 2013 to realize it wasn’t BBM

    • skullan

      Let’s be REALLY honest, the fact that a user manual is needed for an IM app is a reflection on users, not on Blackberry.

    • somedoobsandbeer

      Its not needed, bbry just made it since they’re sooooo efficient with their use of resources. Not.

    • realitycheck

      BBM is an enterprise class service. Have you used any enterprise level equipment/service that didn’t have any documentation?

  • Randolph Morrison Jr

    Android is a mess compare to IOS

  • J-Ro

    Here is why I believe BBM will do well.

    On Whatsapp, it works with numbers. BBM works with pin codes. For those who want to communicate without giving out their number will get their pin instead.

    With Whatsapp, you cannot do this.

    • mrdeeds72

      This is a valid point, but people are already using kik who might not use whatsapp.

    • J-Ro

      It will be the best of both worlds from Kik and Whatsapp with a smoother UI.

      You must understand that both Kik and Whatsapp were made to fill the void of not having BBM. Now that it is back, there will be no need for them.

    • somedoobsandbeer

      Since this story is about MANUALS, had you READ said manual you’d notice that bbm no longer uses PINS, and existing users can no longer do direct pin to pin messaging. Its all based on an email address of

    • MXH070

      BBM still works on PIN ID number… We all get it you hate blackberry and have to make up B.S comments to give yourself some sense of accomplishment in life.

    • somedoobsandbeer

      Lol, read page 13 of the manual and it clearly states that you can no longer use pins for communicating. I guess there’s a reason for manuals after all. Eh, frenchie?

  • stevedion

    At this point it’s just too late. This should have come out at the same time as the Z10 and BB10 to help build momentum. Now it’s just too late. Even I who bought a Z10 at launch date (later sold it) have given up on BB.

  • dean

    tbhi am surprised they didnt think of this b4 considering i bin with blackberry for years i had them all and each time i had problems with them either broke or malfuntioned or battery drained to quick since last year i swapped to iphone and had no problems had the 3gs for 8 months no problems i had the 5 for 4 months and its even better and to have bbm on ios will be better at least i can log out when i cant be bothered with it but it will be there and android phones are far worse then blackberries full stop once u go iphone u never go back

  • dracos

    I hope this lives up to all the hype I hear about BBM, I have never used a Blackberry so I have no idea what this will be like, I will give it a try would love to get rid of Facebook. But I hope this will not turn out like Google+ sure it has millions of subscribers but not many use it, I have a few Facebook friends and none of them are in Google+ so I have to use Facebook, the same thing here will have to happen, People are used to using something already, they might try it but if their friends do not use it this will be a flop.

  • PT

    Nobody care! Rip!

    • MXH070

      Obviously you care to read the article and comment…….

  • Lamar

    lol they made the manual for you