Motorola Skip for Moto X is a $20 clip that tries to do passwords better

Daniel Bader

August 16, 2013 1:20pm

When the Moto X was revealed earlier this month, one thing CEO Dennis Woodside was effusive about was a comprehensive and growing ecosystem of accessories for the flagship handset.

Now that it’s close to launching, Motorola is unveiling a few interesting additions to a list that includes SOL REPUBLIC headphones, Bluetooth speakers and cases from Incase and others.

But Skip is a bit different. It’s a small clip that attaches to your clothing — a shirt, belt or pocket, for example — and allows you to unlock your Moto X without entering a number code or pattern. It may sound trivial, but the average user unlocks his or her phone upwards of 100 times a day. While it’s not clear that briefly aligning your phone to your shirt or belt loop is actually faster than just turning on and entering a PIN code, it may give the impression of convenience, which is what Motorola is hoping.

Skip also comes bundled with three Dots — NFC-capable tags that maintain a Trusted Device status when paired with the phone. Moto X has a convenient feature that allows it to stay unlocked when paired to a trusted Bluetooth device, and the Dots emulate that with NFC — as long as the device is in contact with it. This will help get around the limitation of not being able to use the “OK, Google Now” command when the phone is locked, but it still seems a little ham-fisted.

Skip will retail for $20, though it’s not known whether it will be available in Canada, at least in the short-term. Still, it’s an interesting idea that speaks to Motorola’s willingness to experiment with user behaviour. And, after spending only $550 on the phone, you’re going to have a few dollars to spare, anyway.

  • Guest

    I can understand the purpose of this but i doubt many would buy this. I rather unlock the phone via the power button or on screen then this.

    • JB

      I agree.

  • silver_arrow

    This would be prefect for something like a car charger so then you can use the hands free Google Now

    • Justin B

      Or car suction cup mount thing or handsfree Bluetooth car deck, etc. I agree, this could be good.

    • Josh Brown

      You can do this right now with NFC task launcher and Tasker(secure settings plugin). I personally don’t bother with the NFC tag I just have it set so that when I am connected to my Car Bluetooth or my home or work wifi it disables the lockscreen. I also use tasker to take a picture with the front facing camera and gps co-ordinates, and email it to myself if you fail the lockscreen 3 times.

    • G0d5hand

      How do you make it unlock automatic when in your home WiFi ?

    • Josh Brown

      Use tasker and secure settings and set it as a task and the set a exit task that re enable it when you disconnect.

  • Philosoraptor

    “only” $550? lmao

  • Bri

    Didn’t know moto x had a bunch of accessories.. this sounds good

  • Sean McConnell

    Does it only work with Moto X or any NFC enabled device?

    • Josh Brown

      If it is just a programmable NFC tag than you can get the same function with NFC Task launcher and Tasker. But you could just make one yourself for way cheaper.

  • Savbers

    $550 is supposed to be cheap?

    • thedosbox

      Compared to the AT&T price.

  • Kyle

    Buy a 5$ money clip and 5$ worth of NFC stickers and you have the same product. This thing is so overpriced it’s awesome haha.

    • Josh Brown

      Awesome someone else that uses NFC tags or at least knows what they are.

    • Mosa Altalibi

      you obviously hold no value to your time… Buy 10 dollars worth of things (its probably more) and work on programming it yourself and making sure it looks nice and is usable and wont have a warranty.

      But hey, you saved 10 bucks, right? Just enough for a starbucks coffee.

    • Josh Brown

      Programing it? It takes 10 seconds to set up, if that. Have you never used nfc tags?