Songza brings its $3.99 per month premium service to iOS, promises an Android update soon

Daniel Bader

August 15, 2013 10:02pm

Songza has finally launched Club Songza, a $3.99 per month add-on that removes all ads from the music service and engages users in exclusive content such as celebrity-curated playlists.

Club Songza is both an evolution of the core music experience creator Elias Roman envisioned when he set out to re-imagine how users listened to playlists, and a fundamental shift in the company’s revenue model. The completely optional upsell should provide the New York-based company with a steady set of revenue and a canvas on which to show their best work.

While the feature is only currently available for iOS users — the Android app hasn’t been updated since May, and is far behind in terms of features and design — the company is promising it will hit Android in the future.

The exclusive content may not appeal to everyone, but like Evernote’s model, it is paying for the opportunity to engage with a service at its fullest potential.

  • silver_arrow

    Wait. Since when has Songza had ads. I never heard any while listening to music…

    • andy c

      I use songza a few times a week. Please don’t give them any ideas

    • Mr B

      I think they’re talking about the visual ads at the bottom of the app as opposed to any audio ones.

  • Eduardo

    No need, free is good, we’re ok with free and unobtrusive ads

  • MrGreen72

    I LOVE this app. I’d happily give them some money but $48 a year is a little much…

  • Jenna

    People will still pay the 3.99$ regardless of what that entitles them to.