Amber update coming soon to Rogers Lumia 920, in testing for Lumia 520 and 620

Daniel Bader

August 15, 2013 3:22pm

Nokia took the lid off its Lumia Amber update for Windows Phone 8 devices today, admitting that it is rolling out later than expected but with a few more features than initially promised.

The update, which also includes the requisite improvements in Microsoft’s GDR2 roundup, includes a number of app additions, including Nokia’s Smart Camera that debuted with the Lumia 925. Amber reportedly ups the quality of photos taken with Nokia’s various cameras, “significantly [improving] algorithms that offer better noise reduction, colour reproduction, exposure control and autofocus,” and adds ISO settings from 800 to 3200 on the Lumia 920.

Smart Camera, which can be configured to launch by default, brings new modes such as Best Shot — a succession of ten photos that you can choose between — and Action Shot, which combines a few movement photos into a cool composite.

Slower phones, like the Lumia 520 and 620, won’t benefit as greatly from Smart Camera, but all Lumia devices will take better photos on Amber.

Pro Camera, which debuted with the Lumia 1020, is also going to be available for the Lumia 920, which provides quick access to white balance, focus, ISO and shutter speed. The app also gives videographers the ability to edit and upload content to Nokia’s servers.


Amber also brings Nokia’s Glance Screen, which was a highly-touted feature on the little used N9. This allows users to add a clock to the phone when it is inactive. On devices that don’t have an AMOLED display, like the Lumia 920, it can be configured to only alight when the phone is charging.

Nokia has also added flip-to-silence and double-tap-to-unlock abilities in this update, which equate to small conveniences that users will love.

The Lumia Amber update will begin rolling out “soon” to the Rogers Lumia 920, and is currently in testing across multiple carriers for the Lumia 520 and 620. We’ll update this post when the rollout begins.

Update: Looks like Smart Cam and Pro Cam, as well as Video Trimmer and Video Upload, are available on the Lumia 920 now, even without the Amber update. Get downloading, Windows Phone users!

  • Toron James


  • JB

    Honest to god. I havent seen 1 WP8 phone where I live, and I take major transit everyday to a major canadian city. Not one.

    • Ballack

      So what?

    • saqrkh

      I see a few everyday at Dundas Square, usually Lumia 920s of various colours.

    • taz

      two of my family members have it and i see a lot of them at school and on transit.. even i have one on the side.. i find it very productive way less distracting than android with its endless possibilities and social networks.. thats why i use it at school when i dont wanna get distracted and leave my HTC ONE at home haha but thats just my situation..

    • Jonah Emery

      In Fredericton the only person I have ever seen use a Windows Phone is me. lol. Whatever. I like how efficient and pretty it is.

    • Waqqas Khokhar

      If you aren’t looking for any, you are bound to see none.

    • Ryan

      Nearly every phone I see has a third party case which makes it hard to tell just what phone it is. My 520 has a case and looks like any Android phone.

      Also what relevance is it that you haven’t seen any? I havent seen anyone in public with an iPhone where I am, should I assume no one has one?

    • MapleHoney

      Maybe you are too focus on your own phone when you are taking transit.

    • TheCyberKnight

      At my 50 people company, there are 5 Lumia 920 and a Lumia 710.
      Guess you actually see what you want to see.

  • Ballack

    Nice! Finally I will get the Amber+GDR2.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Too bad this phone has not picked up due to lack of branded apps like FB and and others. It is a nice phone for the price and for those that have not seen one it takes better pictures than the S4 does.

    • Ballack

      FB=Facebook? Are you sure you understand and know Windows Phone much?

    • David Couto

      maybe you should check it out again…..there are a lot of branded apps including Facebook.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      Well, last time I had one in my hands nor Facebook or Flipboard where there.

    • Cormang

      Facebook has always been there. It’s also built into the People Hub. Not sure what phone you were using…

      The only app I have not been able to get is Air Canada and Royal Bank. Apparently they are coming soon.

    • Mike366

      facebook is integrated better on WP than Android and iOS

  • Jim Connell

    I must admit that for me to see a Windows phone in the wild is a pretty rare thing. But I really, really like my Nokia Lumia 920 and timely updates like this are just one of the many reasons.

  • Rich

    Honestly, I’ve been tempted by the Nokia phones PURELY for the camera (well, okay and a few of their drive apps).
    I really hope Android ups their game in the camera department.

  • Stéphane Lachance

    To be clear, the new Nokia Photo and Video apps are available to download now but don’t appear to work without the update.

  • mumbo

    Will this update fix the unlocked lumia 920 rogers mms, and internet tethering issues us telus mobility users have?

    • ksbanderson

      I’ve been meaning to look up whether it were just me or not…gawd I have unlimited picture messaging and I can’t even utilize it >:(

    • Waqqas Khokhar

      All you have to do is download the “access point” app and select your carrier and everything works like a charm. I use mine on Bell and I use MMS and Internet Sharing regularly. Not a single issue.

  • Ryan

    Any word on when Telus will be getting the update for the 520?

  • kdales73

    I don’t get this constant running down of WP8 from the Android/IOS crowd. We know it doesn’t have all the apps and maybe lacks some features, but it has features that the other 2 don’t have. Why do people get such joy running down a OS that a solid 30 million people have chosen. IOS works for some but not all, Android works for a majority but not all, and WP phone works for a few, but they are happy with that. I rather live in a world with choice then you must fit either of these two norms. I get frustrated with my Windows Phone sometimes but I can’t see myself changing, just like others will never leave IOS or Android. I understand people saying its not for them, but then I don’t get why they have call it inferior. Hey some people swear by Symbian, and I’m okay with that.

    • Joseph Morin

      Android users are the new Mac Fanboys. They push and criticize harder than their predecessors.

  • RZ

    I agree with the author, Rogers is going to release it “soon”…

    • Lumia920

      I don’t think so.. While Lumia 920 update for Rogers was in it’s
      final stage (with Coming soon – status), Verizon Lumia 822 was having
      status “Waiting for approval” and today the update was released.

      How much more time do Rogers need? What is Rogers delaying the update.

    • RZ

      I agree with you. That was meant to be a sarcastic “Soon”.

    • robinottawa

      Gott give’em credit. It came out “soon”! Very happy with it. Question really is, will we ever see another update. They’ve left me hanging numerous times over the years.

  • Kevin