Samsung expected to debut Galaxy Gear smart watch during Unpacked event next month

Daniel Bader

August 14, 2013 5:29pm

We know how much you love rumour and speculation, so here’s a doozy for you.

Samsung had admitted that it is working on a smart watch, and we’ve seen evidence that it is going to take on the (awful) name Galaxy Gear. Now, according to SamMobilewhich is fairly consistent when it comes to Android leaks, Samsung will debut the Galaxy Gear during the press conference they’ll use to announce the Galaxy Note 3.

Whether the Galaxy Gear will be mainly a companion accessory to Samsung smartphones, or work with all Android devices, remains to be seen, but we’re betting the former. Since Samsung has such a huge lead in the Android market anyway, it wouldn’t do much harm to limit it to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note family, and the Korean OEM could invoke private APIs for increased functionality.

Earlier this year, Sony debuted its SmartWatch 2, an improved version of the problematic timepiece from a couple of years ago. Though the SmartWatch 2 looks to be a huge improvement over the first generation model, it still tries to fit typical Android functionality onto a small screen. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear needs to make Android invisible in order to be effective, while retaining the information- and customization-dense nature of the operating system. Similarly, Samsung would do well to ensure optimal battery life, either by using a low-power OLED display (perhaps of the flexible variety) or, like Pebble, an e-paper variant.

  • Chrome262

    I hope it works better then its name lol. Not sure smart watches are really the way to go actually, any function other then maybe answering calls, or controlling music is just to small on a watch.

    • Josh Brown

      What about Notifications? You feel a vibrate in your pocket when you are in a meeting and instead of pulling your Phablet out of your pocket you simply “check the time” and read you SMS, MMS, IM, anything really. Awesome.

  • lengend

    Just wear a traditional watch. It’s more professional.

    • southerndinner

      Traditional watches are obsolete.

    • Josh Brown

      How cool would it be to check a text message with out pulling a phone out of your pocket.

  • downhilldude

    If they could integrate some S Health functionality, that would be cool.

  • cmariotti

    This needs to display the time, have Health functions, link up to the phone to display calls/accept calls (maybe a small barely useful speaker phone) and finally, have a bluetooth earbud module that you can remove to put in your ear to make/take calls… so my Note III can stay in my pocket, backpack or more likely, my hand… Then Samsung has the complete package… Been scratching my head for years as to why no one is making this happen… take my money!

    That’s what I hope that little bump in the design is all about… bluetooth module.

    • Josh Brown

      I hear you. I love this Idea. I just hope it is not stupid expensive. They should take a loss on the first generation to get everyone hooked.

  • Henry

    Weird, I think it’s a good name. What would you call it?