Rogers and Swisscom announce 2600Mhz LTE roaming agreement

Ian Hardy

August 9, 2013 9:11am

Way back in January, Rogers announced a 2600Mhz LTE roaming agreement with carriers in Hong Kong and South Korea. This was the first of its kind for North America and today Rogers expanded LTE roaming into Switzerland. According to a press release, Rogers and Swisscom have agreed to a bilateral LTE roaming agreement that will see their subscribers experience 2600Mhz LTE speeds while travelling. If Hong Kong, South Korea and Switzerland are not on your travel itinerary this year, Rogers noted plans to launch “LTE roaming in additional countries in 2013,” but didn’t communicate which countries are slotted in.

In May Rogers unveiled new international roaming packages that bucked the trend and gave a tiny bit of additional data.

Source: CNW

  • TheOnlyAdvantageToLiveInQuebec

    Nice we will finally be able to get a full LTE speed at a rate of 5$/mb so something like 31.25$ per second.

  • Philippe Hamel

    At 1.25$/MB i will gladly try my 100mbps LTE connection in switzerland and skyrocket my bill… count on me rogers!

  • hfghgfhf

    Rogers still sells a lot of LTE phones not compatible with 2600 MHz

    • silver_arrow

      Well the problem is Rogers and Bell (wish Telus too) use 1700 mainly. If you want 1700 phones you go to the US where they use 700, 1700 and some other ones that are not yet in use. They don’t use 2600 so when you’re making a device you make it for the US market first, not the Canadian one.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Another offer/way for them to rip off us our hard earned cash. This year when I went down south (Latin America) for vacation the first thing I did before leaving was free unlocking my S3. the minute I got on the plane the sim was off, the moment I landed a new sim went in. got 7 days of unlimited sharable (my son just loved it) internet for 3.95$

    • abc123


      [Repeatedly slams forehead on table]

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      LOL, don’t forget that I could share it too. My son had 7 days of internet via wifi as long as he stayed close to me. Talk about a way to keep a teenager close to its parents.

  • JTon

    Soo… who’s bringing the cheese to this comment thread?

  • Matt

    I wonder how much Rogers pays Swisscom for data roaming. 5¢, 6¢ /mb? If you’ve ever read tech and business articles on the TRUE cost of data roaming you would, as Kmart would say, “ship your pants!”