Google announces refreshed Nexus 7, shipping to Canada “in the coming weeks”

Daniel Bader

July 24, 2013 12:33pm


Google has announced the new Nexus 7 today, updating the look with a thinner, taller design and a 1920×1200 pixel IPS display.

The updated tablet is 2mm thinner and 50g lighter than its predecessor, but boasts a bunch of improved specs, such as a quad-core 1.5Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8064 SoC with Adreno 320 graphics and 2GB of RAM, a 5MP rear camera and 1.2MP front-facing shooter, a battery that lasts for 10 hours, and brand new Android 4.3 software. There’s also dual speakers (on the back), NFC, HDMI, wireless charging and Bluetooth 4.0 on board, in case you needed more reasons to upgrade.

The 16GB WiFi model will debut at $229 USD, with a $40 premium on the 32GB model. There is also a single LTE option for $349 for use on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, so it will likely work without changes up in Canada.

Google has just announced that, while it will be available in the United States on July 30th, it is coming to Canada and other countries “in the coming weeks.”

  • Lukeiphone

    Will existing Nexus 7 tablets receive 4.3 update?

    • jackjiarocks

      Nexus 4, 7, and galaxy nexus will start getting the updates from today.

    • Mark

      And Nexus 10. 🙂

    • jackjiarocks

      Oh yeah. Forgot that 🙂

  • Nadefrenzy

    I’m actually impressed.

    Now gotta wait for the iPad mini retina to compare, but I have a feeling I’m going to end up getting the Nexus…

  • Mark

    Drooling at Chromecast….

    • Mark

      Chromecast is $35. Wow.

    • rgl168

      I’ll definitely pick one up for $35

    • Graham Wilson

      Yes, I found that to be the most interesting part of the press thing, at least from a “would I buy / use it” perspective. Looking forward to seeing pricing/availability in Canada.

    • Josh Brown

      Take my money, please! X2

  • WoodenPickle

    Any word of a price drop for the existing models?

    • Mark

      They’ve already been discounted in recent weeks at retailers. I picked up an old N7 for my mother days ago at $40 off at future shop.

  • Sanjay Kumar

    3g or lte version price not revealed.

    • alphs22

      “There is also a single LTE option for $349 for use on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon”

    • Sanjay Kumar

      Thank you.
      I didn’t notice that due to over-excitement.
      this is the first device which has lived up my expectations.

      Checked on gsmarena, it has hspda 850 900 1700 1900 2100. so I can use my wind sim on it.

  • S2556

    So excited to check out this chromecast dongle (and for $35!?!??!) New N7 looks awesome too and at an amazing price like usual. Will be picking up both once available in Canada! 😀

  • Fawoo

    Wished that it would launch sooner but I guess that’s the usual price us Canadians have to pay for devices.

    I wonder if anyone is truly going to have a worldwide launch date.

  • Nadefrenzy

    Why not? I’m pretty sure they’ll be announcing the new iPhone and iPad 5/iPad mini retina in fall of this year…

  • saqrkh

    Sign me up for the LTE version!

  • IanDickson

    Have my Tab 2 7.0 up for sale, to help pay for a 32GB model. It will be a birthday/christmas present to myself. 🙂

  • Samuel Scott

    wish it would come out sooner in canada im gonna get it for my birthday its either this or ipad mini 2 dont know howthey compare

  • Samuel Scott

    i hope the ipad mini 2 is crushed by this or else ill be indecisive again

  • Bitekr

    lets hope it will be available next week. i do want this puppy. i own z10 and i love it and it will be awesome to own both platforms

  • Chubber

    Oh, nice, maybe the glass in this one won’t crack when you look at it the wrong way. Doubtful though.

  • Sandie

    I am an impatient Canadian – Can’t wait till it’s in Canada! !