Floating Touch is like Chat Heads for everything on your Android device

Daniel Bader

July 13, 2013 8:03pm

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There are a lot of interesting apps on Android that, thanks to its open nature, would never be possible on other platforms.

Floating Touch is a great example of an app that takes advantage of Android’s ability to overlay apps or windows on top of the main screen, affixing a little bubble — a pseudo-Chat Head — that opens to reveal a customizable wheel of actions, such as opening apps or turning on the phone’s camera.

You can move the little “touch” around the screen, change its colour or pattern and alter the specific actions of each piece of the pie. If you’re finished with Floating Touch, you can disappear the little bubble and assign it to the notification shade, whereupon you can activate it again when desired.

It’s a simple app that may not appeal to everyone — Android’s multitasking+quick settings combination puts most essential functions within reach — but it’s free, and can be placed on the lockscreen for even quicker access to items like the flashlight.

Being in constant development, Floating Touch is updated relatively often (daily, it seems, at the moment) and we’re assuming there’s going to be a Pro/paid version at some point in the future.

Give it a try, it’s pretty neat.

Download Floating Touch for Android.

  • Eric Tackaberry

    If i were trying to troll, I’d continue on with stuff like “i gave your mom the assistive touch.”
    I was simply making a point that even down to the virtually identical floating dot they give you on screen, it’s striking similar.
    In the land that allows apple to patent rounded corners, stuff like this should be taken into consideration simply because they (apple) are prone to launch a suit at the most minuscule of things.

    Give your head a shake and realize that not everyone out there is trying to piss off you or other people, you self absorbed a*s clown…

    • TrainAss

      The point is: Who gives a f**k? It’s something that’s awesome that people will use. Who cares what it looks like. As long as it works, and is useful. That’s all that matters.