Carbon for Android receives tons of new features and bug fixes

Daniel Bader

July 13, 2013 12:51pm

carbon-1 carbon-2

It’s been a long time since Carbon for Android was updated, and longer still since it was the up-and-coming Twitter client waiting to take the ‘Droid world by storm.

While there was a lot of build-up to the app’s release, Twitter’s overtly restrictive policies led to cooling off period for third-party clients, culminating in the removal of Falcon Pro from Google Play.

But Dots & Lines, the company behind Carbon, has not been sitting idly by, though based on the Google+ post outlining the improvements made to the app, we’re unlikely to know the reasons for their inactivity. Saying, “hopefully this will be a start of frequent small updates rather than big ones,” it appears the app is alive and well.

Carbon has received a number of important features, including an in-app browser, built-in YouTube and Vine playback, a new widget, IMGUR and URL previews, improvements to notification times, and a number of bug fixes for conversations.

The Twitter client is still gorgeous in its simplicity, with flourishes of animation that go a long way to making it feel smooth and interactive. Users can still use gestures like two-finger scrolling to jump quickly to the top of a timeline, and hold down on a tweet for advanced options. It may not have the feature list of Falcon, nor the push notifications of the native Twitter client, but it’s free and extremely fluid and worth the download.

Download Carbon for Android.

Via: Google+