Boomerang brings its Gmail wrangling Chrome extension to Android

Daniel Bader

July 6, 2013 4:42pm

boomerang-1 boomerang-2

Boomerang has long existed as a Chrome extension for Gmail users looking to wrangle a bit of productivity out of an untameable inbox. Google itself has incorporated measures to lessen the chaos of our email workflow, both on the web and mobile, but the company has yet to do anything about actionable email items.

Enter Boomerang. The idea behind is similar to anyone who’s used an app like Mailbox or Triage for iPhone. Using a gesture-based system, you can easily swipe right to archive an email, or swipe left to set up a Boomerang, which generates an email reminding you to something with that action. Either respond, continue to delay, or delete the email entirely.

The app looks great, and gives you access to all your Gmail labels (or Google Apps for Business), with more services coming soon. You can search your entire database, snooze incoming emails, set reminders for actions, set custom signatures and track responses to emails you’ve sent.

While it may not perform as well as the official Gmail client for Android, Boomerang supports multiple accounts, doesn’t contain ads, and is absolutely free. It may not replace your email client, either, but it’s worth it to pop in there every once in a while to generate some boomerangs.

Download Boomerang for Android.

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