MasterCard, MaRS, Rogers and CIBC team up launch mobile payment developer challenge

Ian Hardy

July 3, 2013 11:11am

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MasterCard has been doing business in Canada for 40 years and today they’ve announced a partnership with MaRS Discovery District that will see a new outdoor patio space open up called ‘The MasterCard deck.’

In addition, a new 2-day challenge for developers, sponsored by Rogers and CIBC, has been unveiled. “MasterCard N>XT” is the the first payment network developer challenge in Canada and will take place September 28th and 29th in Toronto. This aims to find Canada’s next great developer who will create “breakthrough payment solutions.” According to the press release, developers will work in teams and leverage MasterCard’s SDK and open API to build any type of app with a payment connection. Devs will be given all the hardware they need to provide a working mobile payment proof-of-concept, plus given ample amounts of energy drinks to pull all-nighters.

$30,000 is up for grabs: A $10,000 prize for the professional app developer category, a $10,000 prize for the student category, and a people’s choice prize of $10,000. Registration for MasterCard N>XT starts on July 18th.

This developer challenge will only increase the adoption of mobile payments in Canada. MasterCard recently launched their MasterPass payment platform, plus Rogers and CIBC joined together for the Suretap mobile payment system (available on select BlackBerry and Android devices).

Check it out here at MasterCard

  • silver_arrow

    How about Google joins in…

    But really how about we get one that works across all carriers not just Rogers and lets us use both credit and debit cards…

    • Mayoo

      For probably the same reason Google Music is not available in Canada – companies see a missed opportunity to make money.

      So instead of us all using more often their cards through Wallet, we will all look at that and say : “Screw that, too complicated to have 5 apps for the 5 cards I own. I’m not using it at all”. That is what will happen.

  • Rich

    *cringe* Rogers and CIBC in partnership. Two terrible companies joining forces…

    • canucksfan

      I guess two wrongs don’t make a right…


      It could have been Rogers and Scotia.

  • Mayoo

    And the winner is … Google Wallet … like 2 years ago … but companies refuses to use it … so they do a contest to build it from scratch … and make it less effective … and bring fragmentation … because why not?

    I’m not into that whole hashtags thing but let’s try this : #uselessjunk #stupidcompanies #reinventingthewheel #fragmentation #angry #stupidcompaniesmakestechonologyregress


      This is Canada, your logic is not welcome here.