Pebble brings its smartwatch to Best Buy USA, Canadian expansion plans “remain pending”

Daniel Bader

July 2, 2013 12:50pm

Pebble is bringing its smartwatch of the same name to Best Buy stores in the United States.

The retail distribution partnership was announced today as the company, made famous by raising over $10 million on Kickstarter in April 2012, continues to fulfil backlogs from backers and pre-order customers.

Jet Black will be the first colour available in stores on Sunday, July 7th, with the Cherry Red version coming sometime in August. The company said the smartwatch will cost the same $149.95 as pre-order customers currently pay.

Pebble denied immediate plans to bring its product to Canadian Best Buy locations, saying “our current partnership with Best Buy is for US stores at this time. Plans for other countries remain pending.” We wouldn’t be surprised, given the closeness of the two companies, to see Pebble sold in Canadian Best Buy stores this year.

Canadians can pre-order the Pebble from in one of five colours.

Source: Pebble

  • L Joel

    I wonder why cross boarder shopping and online shopping keep us out of Canadian retailers????? Oh i know why… Because any new product goes elsewhere first..

    • Tony Sarju

      And usually cheaper!

  • Tommy Crosby

    With the large amounts of SmartWatches incoming and the rumors from Samsung, Apple, Google and Qualcomm, I don’t understand why they block on the expansion while they are currently the biggest player…

  • Max Fireman

    Gotta love the “USA First” mentality. Forget about where you came from (Canada). Pfff Terrible

  • Sherrf

    Meh, do not care, and will not be purchasing even when it does come to Kanata.

  • Raul Estrada

    That’s why I liked what blackberry did (launched there new phones in Canada before USA)