Sony Music Unlimited adds offline playback, 320kbps tracks to iOS app

Daniel Bader

June 25, 2013 3:45pm

Sony has added offline playback and high-quality streaming to its Music Unlimited service for iPhone.

After updating the app to support the iPhone 5 last month, Sony has reached feature parity with its Android counterpart by adding offline playback, the ability to cache songs and albums for listening without an internet connection, and high-quality 320kbps music streaming to its iOS app.

The update will go live this week, based on Apple’s review period, but the company is promoting it by discounting Music Unlimted to $41.99/year for PlayStation Plus members, and $59.99 for those without a subscription. Both deals are significantly cheaper than paying $9.99/month, which is what the company normally charges, and compares favourably to other services available in Canada like Rdio, Slacker Radio Premium and Deezer.

The main issue with Music Unlimited is that Sony lacks the design prowess of Rdio, and it does not integrate with third-party services like Deezer. If you’re looking for a cheap-and-cheerful music streaming service, you can’t go wrong with Music Unlimited, though.

Download Sony Music Unlimited for iOS.

Via: SEN Blog

  • Tech Guru

    Sony is such a fail, why not offer this rate to everyone lol

  • Aidolon

    I would be interested in Music Unlimited, but it appears to be region locked – here in Canada I can’t seem to access any of the tracks from Sony Music Japan, for instance.

    Unless they remove their region locks to make it a truly global service, I’m not buying.

  • Patrick Cuyegkeng

    I took a flyer on Music Unlimited when Sony put it on sale for PS+ members earlier this year at $12 for the first year. It’s ok. It has a pretty decent collection of music, but the big issues with the service are:
    – App is slow to load, even on Sony devices like the Vita and PS3
    – Navigation is a bit cumbersome (really does lack design polish and UX)
    – 3 device authorization limit for offline playback
    – General mobile app instability (have had the app reset, which borked my 3 device limit as one of my authorized devices got locked out and was not deauthorized)
    – No automatic way to deauthorize authenticated devices

    I still have it working on my Vita with synced offline music, but overall other services are better. I’m thinking getting a prepaid US credit card and tapping into Google Play Music All Access for $8/month is probably the best option if you’re ok living in Google’s world.

  • hunkyleepickle

    For me personally, until a competing service offers the simplicity, nice design, extensive catalog, and works universally across all the major platforms, I’ll stick with rdio. I like Xbox musics interface, but no android. I like the future apple option, but I refuse to be stuck with one ecosystem. Sony’s option sounds ok for the price, but the region locks, lack of windows phone app or web browser player is a turn off. Companies need to stop restricting ppl, and focus on providing the best possible product on as many platforms as possible. Have faith in the quality of your offering guys!

  • iRajiv

    I agree with Patrick.

    I also signed up when they had the special 1 year price of $12, and it’s been next to useless. In addition to all the points he made, the app crashes much more then he gave it credit for. Read the reviews on the Play Store. I’ve tried it across various devices, PS3, Vita, Galaxy S3, HTC Amaze, Nexus 4, and on all them it was not worth the $12 for the entire year. The selection is good, but it rarely works for more then a day.

    I have switched back to Rdio.