Update: LG G2 leaks online, volume buttons moved to the back

Ian Hardy

June 25, 2013 8:53pm

LG is poised to announced a follow-up to the popular Optimus G, possibly called the Optimus G2. This new flagship smartphone is expected to be unveiled on July 7th in New York and come with a 2.3GH quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, 13MP camera running Android OS 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. In addition, the Optimus G2 will have an “edge to edge” 5.5-inch full HD display. A new leak has appeared online, courtesy of evleaks, that shows a unique design.

The screenshots show the volume buttons have moved from the side of the device to the back, right under the camera. Could be an interesting shift in design, definitely useful for those who talk a great deal, but might be a but frustrating for who liste to music.

Update: Quick observation on the slides. Previous rumours indicated that LG would shed the ‘Optimus’ naming scheme and these pictures, if true, bring its truth. Vanished is Optimus and the name of the device is called the “LG G2.”




Source: evleaks

  • Gsizzle

    Damn that’s something different, I can bet it will be annoying in the beginning but will eventually pan out later on.

    But 5.5” ? Why?

    Edit: I don’t understand where are you guys are getting the 5.5″ screen size from, there is nothing at evleaks. Or am I blind o_0

    • silver_arrow

      They also have the Optimus G Pro with a 5.5′ 1080p screen

    • Gsizzle

      Your right, but this is not the “Pro”. This one is simply LG Optimus G2, the Original LG Optimus G was 4.7″ Display.

    • silver_arrow

      Yes but I mean they must have 5.5′ displays they can use instead of paying to make like a 5.2′ one or something.

    • Ugslick

      LG makes their own displays, so I hardly think they would need to ‘pay’ to have it made, though development costs are real of course. Every manufacturer has a multitude of different display sizes though, and LG has already shown off numerous 5′ displays (mostly for future technology though),

    • Dylan D’Croix

      I don’t think it’s the same screen. This one seems to be a taller screen, without doubt to feature on-screen menu buttons. I guess they learned to like it from the Nexus 4.

    • Ugslick

      Some person ‘calculated’ it, more like miscalculated. The screen will be 5.0′, not 5.5′. #confirmed.

  • Dylan D’Croix

    The screen looks awesome if thats a real image, very thin bezel, and nice and big. It looks really nice and very minimalistic, I like it.

    I’m looking forward to some specs and pricing.

    • Xak

      LG has been really aggressive lately with thinner bezels. Me like.

  • Xak

    Just tried testing this on my phone by pretending that I have buttons on the back. I find the ones on the side easier to reach and operate. This could depend on the size of the device, however, because my phone is a 3.5 inch dinosaur.

    • Dylan D’Croix

      I could see it as hit or miss, it doesn’t exactly seem easier but doesn’t exactly seem out of the way either. I think it just depends on how you are holding the phone. If it’s in your pocket it might be a harder task, but holding regularly shouldn’t be to much discomfort. The only gripe in design I can see in it, is that you are that much more likely to try to press on the camera lens by accident, leading to smudges scratches etc.

  • Nathaniel James

    I still dislike LG

  • Bri

    Is that plastic? I loved the glass back..

  • Tommy Crosby

    The only thing I can say is “lol”, you call that “Convenient”?
    Also, when I play games, my fingers goes in the middle at the back.

  • Jerry Schindel

    Not sure about the volume buttons on the back and right under the camera lens. Would make for a finger print on the lens. Also for cases would make harder to access.

  • JK

    bold move putting the volume buttons on the back.

  • Ugslick

    Hmm. I loved LG’s black slate design. The front of this device looks gorgeous, but Im not so sure I like the back so much, with the plastic build.. I guess well just see when its revealed. I think ill be getting the phone regardless, Ive been waiting for it long enough anyways 😛