WIND selling nano SIM cards for $25, compatible with the iPhone 5

Ian Hardy

June 13, 2013 9:21pm


WIND Mobile will start selling nano sim cards tomorrow, June 14th. This is compatible with the T-Mobile version of the iPhone 5 that went on sale back in April. The price of the nano SIM is set at $25, but in order for it to work you’ll have to make sure you purchase an the correct model According to an internal doc we received it stats that “WIND testing has identified that for an iPhone 5 to be compatible with WIND, it must meet the following criteria. However, customers are responsible for verifying network compatibility, and that the device is unlocked.”

The iPhone 5 must be purchased after April 11, 2013, supports AWS band (1700/2100), and has the model number A1428. In addition, the serial number must end with any one of these four numbers:

– iPhone 5 Black 16GB: FH19 ($699)
– iPhone 5 White 16GB: FH1C ($699)
– iPhone 5 Black 32GB: FH1D ($799)
– iPhone 5 White 32GB: FH1F ($799)
– iPhone 5 Black 64GB: FH1G ($899)
– iPhone 5 White 64GB: FH1H ($899)

So there you have it… now you just have to hunt down an iPhone 5.

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  • Tommy Crosby

    Being a two phone user (two accounts, one on AWS and other on Rogers) I’m happy to see the iPhone getting AWS support. I just hope the next model will have official support from AWS carriers from day one.

    • Adam

      HA! The new entrants don’t have the capital to secure an iphone contract.

    • chris

      T-Mobile is an AWS carrier, you know…

    • Adam

      T-Mobile is the only AWS carrier with the funds to do so. And even they are switching to PCS. In Canada, Wind/Mobi/VT/PM don’t have the resources to secure an iphone contract.

    • manpreet singh

      actually out of all three small carriers in canada only Videotron has resources to able to get an iphone contract, since there are the only ones doing good, since wind and mobi are on sale already…

    • Adam

      Isn’t Videotron also highly subsidized by the Quebec government? It’s not like they’re swimming in cash, they’re a regional carrier, without much of the potential for expansion. At least Wind is showing signs of growth and expansion. Not so much for the others.

    • Tommy Crosby

      I don’t know about being subsidized by the gouv., but Videotron is freaking huge here in Quebec and it’s the only one of the new canadian AWS carriers to be an existing business (they have Cable, Internet and Phone services and mobile is still a small part of them).

    • Tom

      And T-Mobile has significantly more financial backing (its parent company covers the entire EU). Plus, T-Mobile is refarming the spectrum.

    • Tom

      Btw, T-Mobile doesn’t do contracts anymore. They just allow you to take $480 off the cost of your phone and pay for it in $20/month installments on top of what your monthly bill is. No “early cancellation fee” other than the remaining balance.

      Now how is this different from a contract? They don’t arbitrarily assign you a completely different monthly plan from what going off-contract gives you, so if you finish paying off your balance, early or not, you automatically see a corresponding reduction in the monthly bill, and the amount of service you get per dollar is exactly the same as what the bring-your-own-phone users get.

    • Billy

      This is smart for them not to sell the iphone since they don’t subsidize phones much, or none at all in some case. If people want the iphone, they simply go to Apple store and get it, and leave the support to the Apple guys. I wouldn’t want the new guys to get the iphone from Apple and kill themselves with huge debt like Verizon. BTW, it’s the companies that got you by the balls when they give you the iphone on 3 year contract. They’re the one that’s allowed to say “HA!” not you.

  • Sai

    I got my iPhone 5 with Telus last year in november. I was thinking of returning and getting an android phone with WIND or something, but I scrapped the idea and stuck with what I had. Now this has come up.

    I am so mad right now.

    • Super_Deluxe

      I can’t blame you for going with an inferior phone.

  • Plazmic Flame

    iPhone 5, off contract, damn. Wallet gonna cry!

    • Sai

      If they do ever actually start selling the iPhone 5 directly thorugh WIND (which I hope happens but most likely won’t) WINDTab+ will make it a good option.

    • FKnm

      Let’s do some math. 700$/3/12 ~20$/month.
      Unlimited everything from WIND 40$ + many cool features, so ~60$ in total/month.

      BigThree with same options starting from 100$/month,
      BigThree will ask you to sing weird contact with at least 50-60$/month to get this phone for 100-200$… 🙂

    • Deli

      most don’t need unlimited. $50-60 plan (and even cheaper with RET plans) will do. The $39 Fido/Virgin/Koodo plans are high value for many as well. And I cannot name a person (there must be someone though) with a $100 plan. Most are around 50-60. Friend just got $48 unlimited canadian minutes, 1gb data and the usual list of options with Rogers, so that’s good value too.

    • FKnm

      Most don’t need unlimited, but they need more data. I usually spend ~300 minutes ~100-200 messages and 2.5…3.5…4 Gb data on my phone. So 39$ deal doesn’t work for me )

    • Tom

      $39 plan here, and if not for wifi at the workplace I’d be using that much data too :/

  • Aydreean

    so wish iPhone 5s or 6 is out aws compatible day 1

  • SkAshe

    Your turn now Videotron, but please keep the same price as the micro sim.

    • Tommy Crosby

      Videotron SIMs cost $5 (but I guess that’s for current customers).

    • SkAshe

      Yep but they still don’t sell nano sims so we are obligated to cut our micro sim.

  • Simon

    The big 3 charge $10 for their nano sims. Why does wind charge more than double?

    • Aydreean

      well if you are buying a 699 – 899 phone does $25 really matter?

    • Johnny

      I completely Agree with Aydreean ….

    • kroms

      L M A O. YOU SIR ….. are 100% correct. Unfortunately People of the APPLE world just don’t understand. They do not see your LOGIC!

    • truthndeeds

      i cut my standard sim and made it mirco and it works fine.. i am going to try to cut it to nano :P.. i hope it works……

    • truthndeeds

      i just saw on ebay, there is a 2 in 1, micro and nano sim cutter with adapter too to go back to the original sim… wow

    • That Guy

      I’ve cut countless sims from standard to micro, then to nano. With scissors no less. None have been ruined. If you want an exact template google for one and print it out.

    • FKnm

      big 3 charge you at least 60$/month, why don’t you complain ? LOL

    • Deli

      $25 for a SIM is ridiculous. but they have to make it up with their low plans.

  • kroms

    WOW Look at the PRICES of the Iphone !!! $700 ? for a 16GB Iphone5. Man that is just Crazy. Glad I escaped from the APPLE Blindness after the Iphone2.

    • wildspin

      Open your eyes, dude. The 16GB S4 and Q10 also sell for $700 off contract.

    • MrMastodonFarm

      *cough* nexus 4

    • That Guy

      Like it or not, the s4 ain’t no iPhone. People that are chest deep into quality apps can’t stand android for the simple fact the apps are either unavailable, or subpar quality. The phone itself isn’t everything. That and some people like to put their phone in their front pocket and be able to sit down. Lol.

    • Billy

      Change the tape. It’s getting old.

    • That dude

      Face reality and like it.

    • Stephen B Morris

      Then stop wearing tight pants.

  • wildspin

    As a side note, does this mean that Wind has cut some sort of deal with Apple already? I heard people were having issues with SMS/Facetime on WIND network.

    • Adam

      No. They’re just supporting it if you want to bring a compatible phone on their network. THey’d be foolish not to at least give you the ability to use your iphone if it works.

  • RoboBonobo

    So where can we find these iPhones models?
    Do Canadian Apple stores sell them??

    • Aydreean

      yes apple canada stores sell them. just make sure to ask for the ones that work on aws band

    • That Guy

      Unless you’re getting a refurb, all new gsm variants are aws compatible.

  • Jose Sanchez

    Amazing. best news ever. I’m a Wind user, got an iPhone this week and I was actually going to cut the micro sim card myself. lol

  • Paul d’Ottawa

    Do they even have LTE? Plus, WIND sucks because once you leave the urban centres, have fun paying roaming fees within our own country!

    • Tom

      No LTE, and Wind appeals to people who know they’re unlikely to do much traveling outside a major metropolitan area.

      Personally, I’d rather have 3G speeds and no data cap than to have LTE and a low data cap. The only reason I haven’t switched is the lack of coverage in my workplace. If Wind ever expands into that area though, I’m switching right away.

    • Philosoraptor

      I have LTE disabled anyway to save battery.
      And roaming in one’s own country is not that uncommon abroad.

    • Tom

      Same here. In fact, when I have a WiFi connection, I use an app called Toggle 2G to automatically lock my mobile network into 2G mode when the WiFi is on. Really sips battery with a drain of less than 1% per hour.

    • That Guy

      People whine and complain about no lte when they forget you can still get over 30mbit on 3G. Lol. Like you currently need more than that on mobile.

    • Tom

      Plus, I had a few cases where HSPA+ was faster than LTE on Fido’s network, using my Nexus 4 and speedtest. All depends on the congestion and other factors. For the most part, HSPA+ really is more than enough – faster than most home networks in fact.

    • dubleduble

      Wind Mobile “roaming Charge” $0.25. My telus “roaming charge” AKA long distace $0.40. Hmmm whats a better deal? USA Wind again $0.25 and Telus $1.50.

    • Tom

      Fido, Virgin, and Koodo eliminated the $0.40 long distance calling charges. If you frequently travel domestically outside major cities and make a lot of calls and/or surf a lot in those areas, then maybe Wind isn’t for you due to the charges in the “away” zones.

  • John

    It should disply wind home not only wind .lol

    • Tpickles

      actually all new sim cards only display WIND, almost every one has been upgraded as the term WIND home isn’t used anymore.

  • Skazzberry 2.0

    Finally I can use my Iphone on Wind! Anything apple makes is trendy, chic and fashionable. Unlike all those other buggy bricks people carry around!

  • GT

    The easy way to check compatibility……….go to settings choose carrier turn automatic to off and see if Wind shows up in the list.

  • hmcheetah

    You don’t get 4G/LTE from what I hear. Iphone 5/5S/5C are restrcited to 3G.

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