Bell to offer a $25 Google Play gift card to anyone who buys the HTC One

Ian Hardy

June 7, 2013 10:14am

Bell and HTC are joining up to launch a new promo next week that will see a cool $25 Google Play gift card arrive in your pocket. According to an internal doc we received it stated that any “New postpaid customers activating an HTC One on any term with any plan will receive $25 Google Play gift card credit via SMS on July 2, 2013.” This promo will only last a week and go into place on June 10th, ending on June 16th. Pretty good deal that this is open to “any term with any plan.”

Check out our in-depth video review of the HTC One here.

(Thanks tipster!)

  • silver_arrow

    Now how about letting us buy Play Store gift cards everywhere like iTunes cards

  • ElNad

    Bell!!!! Not even if they gave me the HTC One. I will never return to them ever. They still can’t do a bill right ten years later.

    It’s sad because Bell Fibe offers great products at a great price where I live. Great internet speed (50/50), lot of bandwidth (unlimited is possible), HD picture quality is incredible, cell phone service is good. But no quality services is worth not being able to speak to a fellow Canadian that can speak one of the two officials languages of Canada if I’m in trouble. I don’t want to speak to Sanjay also known as Dave from Bell customer service (TBBH reference).

  • DJNateyD

    “New postpaid customers” So no point in me holding off renewal until Monday?