Looks like the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is coming to Canada

Ian Hardy

May 31, 2013 1:24pm

The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini was heavily leaked online, but officially announced yesterday. The not-so-mini device has a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display (960×540 resolution), 1.7Ghz dual-core processor, LTE enabled, 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB internal storage, 8MP rear camera and 1.9MP front-facing camera, running Android OS 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Overall, as the name suggests, it’s a scaled down Galaxy S4.

In their press release Samsung stated that the UK would be the first country to be graced with the GS4 mini and that availability in other countries “will be determined by market.” Well, according to a Tweet by Samsung Canada, it seems that the mini just might end up here. They stated that we should “Stay tuned for more information on its availability in Canada.”

No word on timing, prices or carriers.

Source: Twitter
(Thanks Sean!)

  • Dan L

    8GB of internal storage is going to be an issue with the OS taking up almost 7GB in the normal S4

    • Chuck

      16 GB is not enough for the full size. I am trying to find the 32 and 64 GB no luck so far.

    • Patrick Polish

      i’m pretty sure Samsung will make the OS much lighter…it would be a slap in the face if they didnt

  • silver_arrow

    Frankly if they can get this out at around $350 and free on a two year voice contract this phone will do extremely well. The S2 is sold for a similar price as well as the Ace 2X is $200 which is much lower quality. At that kind of price it makes an amazing entry level device and it has LTE support which most budget devices do not have.

  • JT


  • Sean548

    Finally, a smaller device that has decent specs. I have been looking for an Android device that doesn’t feel like an SUV in my pocket. I’m hopeful that a 16GB version will be released, 8GB isn’t going to cut it, even with a 64GB MicroSD card installed.

    • expat

      And why 64 GB is not enough?

    • Sean548

      Internal storage is different from MicroSD (external). Some apps can’t be used is they are stored on external storage.

    • expat

      Yes, everybody say that. I have a 16GB phone, and never had the need to put a card in, although I have music, pictures, work files, maps, etc… So I think 16 GB is quite enough for the software and apps.

    • Sean548

      Exactly, this is why I expressed my concern that 8 GB of internal storage on this new device might not be enough. I am hopeful that Samsung will release this device with 16 GB of internal storage more than enough for 99% of the people on the planet

    • Reg

      That’s you. I almost filled my 16GB Phone, plus I have a 64GB Media card that’s 3/4 full too.

  • ToniCipriani

    I’m thinking it’s going to be called the Ace III?

  • Kyouya

    I’ll wait for the Samsung S4 Active to come to Canada.

  • gommer strike

    looks cute, it’ll probably do well.

  • Ky Pad

    Any news of when this is scheduled to come out, or even if it is coming to Canada? It’s been quite a few months now since this article was written, no Samsung Galaxy S4 mini in Canada available on any networks, sadly.